Warner Music Group Strikes Partnership With Twitch for Artist Channels & More

Twitch Warner Music Group
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Twitch Warner Music Group
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Twitch and WMG logos

Twitch and Warner Music Group have struck a partnership for artist channels & more.

The partnership will see the two companies launch recording artist channels and create a standalone music space “featuring premium music-centric programming.”

This is Twitch’s first partnership with a major recording company, bringing new ways to interact with music-related content. WMG is the first label on board with this initiative, though other major labels could soon follow suit.

“It’s clear that Twitch is an indispensable space for all types of creators to connect with their fan communities,” says Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer and EVP, Business Development at Warner Music Group.

“Our partnership creates an on-ramp for artists to come onto the service with strong support from Twitch, opening up an entirely new source of incremental revenue. Between the artist-specific channels and the premium shows we’re planning to launch, music lovers will get a refreshing new view into the world of music and the lives of their favorite artists,” Ruxandra continues.

The partnership with Warner Music Group’s recorded music business will see the launch of WMG artist channels on Twitch.

That includes channels for Bella Poarch and Saweetie, as well as Atlantic Records’ breakout singer Sueco. Twitch has a unique creator-driven model, giving artists additional income opportunities and access to Twitch’s myriad of fan engagement tools. Plus, the gaming-centric audience of Twitch is well-versed in supporting their favorite creators with its virtual currency, ‘bits.’

WMG says its space on Twitch will offer “professionally produced original programming curated by leading social-first digital media company IMGN.” WMG acquired IMGN last year to help cultivate social interactivity and music discovery among next-gen music heads. Some of the planned programming through this partnership includes:

  • The Drop – A hangout where hosts and the audience talk about the latest news from the world of music with special guests and performances.
  • Freestyle Throwdown – Twitch rappers have to impress the panel with their skills, while playing the hottest games. They’ll have to concentrate hard since the audience chooses their topics and have a say in who wins.
  • The One – Every artist has ‘the one’ – the combo of another artist and song that inspired them to become a part of the music world. Guest artists will perform these songs and take audience questions, as well as meet up-and-coming Twitch musicians that they have inspired in turn.

So congratulations on Twitch and Warner for launching MTV 2.0 for Gen-Z. Who’s the new Carson Daly?