Apple Quietly Extends AirPods Pro Repair Program for ‘Crackling Static’ Issues

AirPods Pro repair extended
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AirPods Pro repair extended
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Photo Credit: Auguras Pipiras

Apple has quietly expanded the AirPods Pro repair program for ‘crackling static.’

Digital Music News covered the service program introduction in October 2020. That’s because multiple users were reporting issues with their new AirPods Pro, including static, crackling, or problems with active noise cancellation. Apple launched the program and said it would cover AirPods Pro for two years after the retail sale of the unit.

Apple has now extended the service program for AirPods Pro experiencing cracking static. Support documents have been updated and a new section labeled ‘Additional Information’ says affected AirPods Pro are covered for three years after the first retail sale of the unit. That means early adopters who purchased their AirPods Pro at launch in 2019 will be covered until October 2022.

Do you have a pair of faulty AirPods Pro? Here’s how to tell:

  • If you hear crackling or static sounds that increase in a loud environment, or while talking on the phone
  • Active Noise Cancellation not working as expected, loss of bass sound, increase in background sounds, like street or airplane noise

Apple says most affected AirPods Pro were manufactured before October 2020.

Anyone who has an AirPods Pro unit with these issues can bring them to Apple or an Authorized Service Provider free of charge. A technician will examine the headphones to verify they are eligible for the program. If either bud is exhibiting the issue, it will be replaced – but not the charging case.

This issue only applies to AirPods Pro and not the original AirPods or the new AirPods Max. It’s worth noting that the repair is also contingent on the technician finding the earbuds at fault. Make sure it’s an issue that you and others can hear, since the service program requires technicians to verify. Apple is refusing to call it a product recall, but extending the warranty quietly is a taciturn admission of a problem.