Post-Astroworld Concern Spreads – Morgan Wallen Fans Worried About Crowd Surge

Astroworld crowd surge concerns spread
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Astroworld crowd surge concerns spread
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Photo Credit: Rob Curran

Eight people died at Astroworld Festival in Houston – now fans are concerned organizers and venues are not taking crowd surge seriously.

Fans of Morgan Wallen are selling their tickets to the concert in Mobile. That’s mainly because there is confusion about how many people will be attending the concerts. Promoters of the event leased out the Grounds, with the concert happening on the Midway.

Mobile Police and Fire-Rescue have also made a statement, hoping to assuage fan fears. “The Mobile Police Department and the Mobile Fire Department are working with the venue organizer to ensure there is an adequate plan to provide for the safety of the citizens of the city. As always, from a public safety standpoint, the MPD will have an operational plan to address any potential criminal behavior or disruption that may occur.”

The Astroworld Festival operational plan didn’t include a plan for addressing crowd surge, according to recent reports.

Thirty thousand tickets were sold to the Morgan Wallen concert at the grounds in west Mobile. However, only 9,000 parking spots are available. Police are warning concert attendees that parking will be scarce, so they should plan to rideshare to the concert.

46 Entertainment Event Producer Nathan Baugh made comments about the size of the planned  concert that may have concerned Morgan Wallen fans after the Astroworld Festival tragedy.

“Obviously it’ll be one of the largest shows Mobile has ever done in any recent years. We probably could have sold 100,000 [tickets], to be honest. The demand is that much, is that insane for Morgan,” Baugh told Fox 10 News in Mobile.

“So obviously, event safety, especially in the light of what just happened in Houston, is extremely on the forefront of everybody’s mind, but we believe we have the right teams in place to make this event safe,” Baugh says.


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