Rowdy Rebel Says Epic Records Hasn’t Paid Him a Dime Since 2014

Rowdy Rebel Epic Records
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Rowdy Rebel Epic Records
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Photo Credit: Instagram

Rowdy Rebel says his label Epic Records hasn’t paid him a dime since he was arrested in 2014.

“I’m not dropping no more music until Epic Records pay me,” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “I haven’t received not one check for all the music I put out since 2014. I been patient but enough is enough.” The post has since been deleted.

The rapper was released from prison in December 2020 after six years behind bars. Rowdy Rebel (real name Chad Marshall) will be on parole until 2025 to avoid returning to prison. Rowdy Rebel, Bobby Shmurda, and Flea Montana all pled guilty in September 2016 to conspiracy in the fourth degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. Rowdy Rebel received a prison sentence of six to seven years and served about four years.

In a parole-board interview obtained by Vulture, Rowdy Rebel said he was considering leaving New York. He also talked about his contract with Epic Records – which was redacted at the time.

“I feel like there is nothing there for me anymore. It’s just people that don’t like me. If I go back to New York, I am going back to what you just read about before all the music.” A parole board commissioner asked what the rapper’s plans were after release.

“I am a rapper, a rap artist. I am a signed artist to [redacted],” Rowdy Rebel told the board. “I signed a $1.5 million-dollar deal, took a $225,000 advance. Just my past caught up to me.” The parole board also asked the rapper if he would be doing projects alone. “Right now, it’s me and my co-defendant, [redacted],” Rowdy Rebel told the board.

“Stop right there,” a parole board member told him. “You just got to make sure you watch yourself with if you guys want to hook up again, you got to be on the same page with your parole officer, do you follow me?”

Since his release in December 2020, Rowdy Rebel has dropped a few singles, including “Re Route,” “9 Bridge,” and “Jesse Owens.” The rapper has also teamed up with Doe Boy and 42 Dugg for “Aint My Fault.”

Fans who saw the original post backed the rapper, telling him, “You need Jay-Z lawyer team gang.” That might not be such a wild idea – Roc Nation manages Bobby Shmurda.

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