Chris Brown Facing $20 Million Lawsuit for Alleged Sexual Assault in Florida

Chris Brown lawsuit
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Chris Brown lawsuit
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Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi / CC by 2.0

Chris Brown is facing a $20M lawsuit for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in Florida.

The alleged sexual assault took place in December 2020 onboard a yacht. Chris Brown’s management hasn’t responded to requests for comment about the lawsuit, but the rapper himself has seemingly responded via Instagram. He says every time he is about to release new music, someone sues him.

“I hope y’all see this pattern whenever I’m releasing music or projects,” the rapper writes. “‘THEY’ try to pull some real bullshit.”

The lawsuit was filed by an unidentified Jane Doe, who is a professional dancer and a musician herself. The documents related to the case detail five separate allegations against the rapper, including sexual assault, violation of the Gender Violence statute, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment. In the court documents, the woman claims she fears for her life and her career.

BBC reports that the woman was invited to a yacht party at a property owned by producer Diddy. She says she was offered drinks by Chris Brown when she arrived on the yacht. The lawsuit says she discussed her music career with Brown, who “offered her tips about starting a career in the music industry.” Brown then allegedly fills her cup a second time.

She says after accepting these drinks, she later felt a sudden, unexplained change in her consciousness. She says she became disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep before she found herself being led to a bedroom by Brown.

The woman alleges that Chris Brown undressed her and then raped her. She also alleges in the lawsuit that Brown contacted her the next day and told her to take an emergency contraceptive like Plan B.

Chris Brown has faced numerous charges of sexual assault and violence towards women. He pled guilty to one count of felony domestic assault for beating Rihanna in 2009. In 2017, his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran won a restraining order against him after she claimed he punched her in the stomach and pushed her down the stairs. Brown also faced a rape allegation in Paris in 2019, but no charges were filed due to insufficient evidence.