Spotify Closing In on $320 Million FC Barcelona Naming Rights Deal

Spotify FC Barcelona
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Spotify FC Barcelona
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Photo Credit: Raymond Klavins

Spotify is close to securing the naming rights to FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou and shirt sponsorship.

According to reports, the agreement with FC Barcelona is over three years. Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams would carry the company’s logo on their shirts. Spotify would also gain the first holders of the title rights to Camp Nou – FC Barcelona’s newly revamped stadium.

The FC Barcelona Spotify deal would come into effect this summer, after previous contracts expire. The football club has offered no comment on the rumored deal, which is expected to be announced later this week. But not everyone inside the organization is happy with the upcoming Spotify sponsorship.

Barcelona Chief Executive Officer Ferran Reverter has resigned, according to ESPN. Reports indicate that Reverter was not happy about the club’s sponsorship deal with Spotify.

It was just one of many disagreements between Reverter and FC president Joan Laporta. “Reverter had played a fundamental role in negotiations with the Swedish company, but he was unhappy with the final terms of the deal, many of which had been revised at the last minute,” ESPN reports.

Spotify is in the midst of a huge social controversy over its failure to label misinformation by creators like Joe Rogan. The campaign to #DeleteSpotify sprang up on social media in the last two weeks as artists like Neil Young have pulled their music from the platform. The FC Barcelona deal with Spotify will see both men’s and women’s teams wearing the Spotify logo.

ESPN reports that the CEO had been in Miami recently seeking alternative sponsors to Spotify. At least one of the alternatives considered was cryptocurrency-linked. ESPN also reports this isn’t the first time that Reverter had considered resigning from his position with the football club.

Reverter was brought on board to help FC Barcelona get its finances back on track. The previous board may face criminal charges of misappropriation of funds after the club was left €1.35 billion in debt with €600 million in losses in recent years.