Twitch Offers Guaranteed Monthly Payments to Steamers – Here’s How

Twitch monthly payment guarantees
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Twitch monthly payment guarantees
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Twitch is aiming to give streamers guaranteed revenue streams with is Ads Incentive program.

Making a living by streaming games, your music, or any other form of entertainment can be hard. Much like live touring, if you’re not doing it every night you’re not making much money. Twitch is hoping to address some of the burnout fatigue that top-earning streamers report on the platform. The Ads Incentive program will offer certain creators a flat payout. Here’s how it works.

How the Twitch Ads Incentive Program Works

At launch, the program is only available to select creators. Twitch says it will present those creators with personalized offers of a flat payout for a certain number of hours streamed.

  1. Stream for the specified number of hours.
  2. Run ads on your stream while live.
  3. Receive a flat revenue payout monthly.

Twitch says the goal is to offer its creators a predictable monthly income through ads, with no ceiling on earnings potential. The Ads Incentive program contains special scheduling tools for ad insertion. “Once you set your ad schedule via Ads manager, you’re done thinking about ads and you can focus on making awesome content with your community,” the official blog post reads.

If you’re a Twitch streamer, you’ll know if you have an incentive offer in the Ads Manager dashboard. If you accept the offer, simply streaming the required number of hours will grant the incentive for the month. Streamers will continue to earn at their normal ad payout rate for any additional hours broadcast during the month.

Twitch says the Ads Incentive program is only available for select partners and affiliates at the moment. It hopes to expand the program with additional offers to help creators streamline the money they’re making online with a reliable income. It’s an interesting ploy on Amazon’s part to keep people streaming on Twitch.

With Instagram Reels and TikTok becoming so popular – many non-gaming creators are set up to live stream on those platforms. Guaranteed ad revenue for a certain number of hours streamed can also help take the guesswork out of how much monthly payments will be from month-to-month, too.

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