Amazon’s Live Radio App ‘Amp’ Gets Newly Launched Creator Fund

Amazon Amp Live Radio Creator Fund
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Amazon Amp Live Radio Creator Fund
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Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon’s live radio app ‘Amp’ is establishing a creator fund. Here’s what we know about the program and who is eligible.

Amazon says the new program is designed to give Amp creators a way to get paid for the content they create. Qualifying creators can earn money; no application needed. Those who have already qualified should have emails waiting for details on how to redeem those rewards. So who is eligible to earn with the Amp Creator Fund? Creators must meet these requirements:

  • Host at least one live show each month.
  • Adhere to all Amp terms of service, community guidelines, and music guidelines.
  • Must be at least 18 years old to agree to ToS; 13-18 must have parental permission.
  • Must be located in the United States.
  • Must have a US bank account.
  • Must have an email address associated with an Amazon account.
  • Cannot be an employee for Amp or contract with Amp.

Amazon says it rewards qualifying creators based on how well their shows perform. What goes into the calculation changes every month, but the shoes are “assessed based on listener engagement and show performance metrics like popularity with new and recurring listeners.” As the creator fund program evolves, Amazon says those metrics may change over time.

One thing to note is creators should be on the ball with their payment methods and emails. If a creator receives a reward from Amp and doesn’t have accurate payment and tax information provided by the 15th of the month they qualified, the creator forfeits that reward.

“If you receive an email notifying you of your reward on July 8, you have until August 15 to upload your payment information. You are responsible for ensuring your payment and tax information are up to date at all times,” the Amp FAQ about the program reads.

Amp also offers creators a few social media kits to help promote their live radio shows. It will be interesting to see if this creator fund can help Amp make headway against alternatives like Spotify Live, Clubhouse, and even Twitter Spaces.