Playboi Carti Allegedly Choked Pregnant Girlfriend, Arrested on Felony Charge

Playboi Carti allegedly choked pregnant girlfriend
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Playboi Carti allegedly choked pregnant girlfriend
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Photo Credit: The Come Up Show / CC by 2.0

Playboi Carti was arrested in Georgia for allegedly choking his pregnant girlfriend during an argument over a paternity test.

Rapper Playboi Carti was arrested on a felony charge in Georgia early Tuesday morning for allegedly choking his pregnant girlfriend late last year. According to the arrest affidavit, the woman says the rapper grabbed her by the throat and pushed her, holding her neck until she could barely breathe. She told cops that she even thought she might die.

Police say that the woman told officers she’s been in a relationship with Playboi Carti, whose real name is Jordan Carter, for two years and has lived with him since July 2022. She says she was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of the alleged incident on December 20. 

The woman told cops that she wanted to talk to Carter about the baby, and a discussion about a paternity test led to an argument that escalated into a physical attack. She told police that a witness jumped in to try and break up the fight, leading to her escaping Carter’s grasp and running to her car — where she says he attacked her a second time.

She told officers that Carter tried pulling her out of the car and put his hand over her mouth as she tried to use the vehicle’s SOS feature to call 911. When cops arrived on the scene, they said the woman had visible neck, chest, and back injuries. Carter was arrested for felony aggravated assault.

“Mr. Carter was falsely accused,” says his attorney, Brian Steel, who also represented Young Thug in his RICO trial. “Pursuant to my communications with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, this case will be dismissed without any prosecution or litigation.”

When news of his arrest surfaced, Playboi Carti’s ex-girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea, tweeted her unsurprised reaction, alleging that he “rarely” visits their two-year-old son, Onyx, because he’s busy “running from whatever problems ya got going on in Atlanta & the press with your serial abuse of (women).”

“Been there. Done that. Warned you,” Iggy tweeted. “Imagine having a pregnant girlfriend and pretending they don’t exist until it comes out you like to abuse them too.”