Coldplay Says Its Touring CO2 Emissions are Down 47%

Coldplay reduced emissions
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Coldplay reduced emissions
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Photo Credit: Raph_PH / CC by 2.0

Coldplay says its touring CO2 emissions are down by 47%, narrowly missing their 50% target and setting a new standard toward eventually achieving carbon-neutral music events.

Coldplay announced reducing carbon emissions by 47 percent on their Music of the Spheres tour compared with their previous stadium tour in 2016-17, just narrowly missing their 50 percent target goal. 

The band reports that green measures have included implementing an electric battery system to run their entire show, utilizing electric vehicles and alternative fuels where possible, and reducing waste and plastic. Coldplay also reports funding planting more than 5 million trees — one for every concert attendee.

“This is a good start — and something that our incredible crew should be very proud of — but clearly, there’s still room for improvement,” the band says. “Now that we’re into the second year of the tour, we’ve started to run the entire show (audio, lights, lasers, etc.) from an electric battery system that allows us to use 100% renewable energy as efficiently as possible.”

“Thank you to all the brilliant people and creative minds who’ve helped us so far,” the band continues, including thanks to everyone who’s attended a Coldplay show. “You have helped charge the show batteries on the power bikes and kinetic dance floors; traveled to shows by foot, bicycle, or public transport; ride-shared; used the recycling bins; brought refillable water bottles; returned the LED wristbands after the show. 

“And just by coming, you have had a tree planted and helped a range of environmental organizations like The Ocean Cleanup and ClientEarth (a team of lawyers who defend the environment). Thank you all, and hopefully, this time next year, we will have made big improvements.”

Professor John E. Fernandez of the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative further endorsed Coldplay’s work as an “important and substantive step toward a new era of eventually achieving carbon-neutral music events by major artists.”

“Based on a detailed review of the work of Coldplay’s sustainability team in assessing and advising the band and management on the CO2e impact of touring, we fully endorse this effort as critically important, scientifically rigorous, and of the highest quality.”