The Chemical Brothers Ink Expanded BMG Publishing Deal Ahead of New Album Release

bmg chemical brothers deal
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bmg chemical brothers deal
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The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, who are expected to release their 10th studio album next month. Photo Credit: BMG

Days after increasing its stake in the work of Snap!, BMG has announced that it’s been tapped to represent the “entire publishing catalog” of UK-based electronic duo The Chemical Brothers.

The Bertelsmann subsidiary just recently revealed the (presumably global) expanded agreement with The Chemical Brothers via a formal release tied to its UK operations. According to this concise message, the Manchester-based act, which had in 2015 inked a futures deal with the Berlin-headquartered company, has opted “to consolidate” its “entire publishing catalog at BMG.”

Now, besides The Chemical Brothers’ releases from 2015 onward, BMG likewise represents the decades-old duo’s first seven studio albums, beginning with 1995’s Exit Planet Dust and running through 2010’s Further. These projects include much-streamed tracks like Surrender’s “Hey Boy Hey Girl,” Push the Button’s “Galvanize,” and Dig Your Own Hole‘s “Block Rockin’ Beats,” to name some.

With The Chemical Brothers set to release via EMI their 10th studio album, For That Beautiful Feeling, on September 8th, the duo’s longtime manager in a statement emphasized that 2023 has proven “a significant year.”

“This is a significant year for The Chemical Brothers with a new album coming and substantial live activity both at festivals and with a UK arena tour,” said Robert Linney. “BMG are very proactive and we get the attention we need. We are delighted to further extend our relationship with BMG.”

Meanwhile, in remarks of his own, BMG SVP of UK publishing Hugo Turquet relayed: “The Chemical Brothers are among the most successful, influential and best loved electronic dance music artists the UK has ever produced. To progress from a futures deal to winning the opportunity to represent their entire body of work is a significant vote of confidence and we look forward to justifying their faith in us.”

Last year, BMG finalized publishing agreements with Halsey, Elvis Costello, and the George Harrison estate, among others. And specifically on the electronic front, 2022 brought with it the business’s buyout of the publishing catalog of electronic “pioneer” Jean-Michel Jarre.

More recently, BMG and London-based indie publisher Minds On Fire in February of 2023 detailed a comprehensive tie-up, including global administration as well as plans to co-sign new talent. Minds On Fire was founded by Simon Harris and James Pitt, who’s worked with high-profile acts such as Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, and The Chemical Brothers themselves.