Spotify Introduces Songwriter Promo Cards

Spotify Songwriter promo cards
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Spotify Songwriter promo cards
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify introduces Songwriter Promo Cards, a promotional tool to enable songwriters to highlight their songs and get discovered by new listeners and potential collaborators alike.

Spotify announced the launch of Songwriter Promo Cards, a new promotional tool for songwriters to highlight their songs and get discovered by potential collaborators and new listeners. Songwriter Promo Cards are customizable social media assets that songwriters can create using their name, selecting a profile, and choosing a background color. The card is linked to the songwriter’s Spotify profile and can be directly shared on social media.

Songwriter Promo Cards don’t require a login, so anyone can make a card, meaning fans can create cards to celebrate and share their favorite songwriters. Spotify says that each Songwriter Page will feature a new “Written By” playlist, enabling listeners to quickly discover all the songs an individual has written.

Initially, Spotify introduced Promo Cards in 2020 to assist artists in promoting their work on social media and further develop their fanbases, especially during the pandemic. The feature can also be used for podcasters and authors.

“Since the introduction of Songwriter Pages in 2020, we’ve seen Spotify users dive deeper into some of the creators behind their favorite songs,” says Spotify in a blog post. “We have continued to evolve how your music is discovered, appreciated, and enjoyed around the world.”

Spotify adds that since it began publicly displaying song credits in 2018, distributors and labels credit songwriters on their new releases more frequently. The company also said many labels, publishers, management companies, music supervisors, and artists go to Spotify to discover new songwriters.

Spotify’s launch of Songwriter Promo Cards comes just after Spotify rolled out Showcase, a tool enabling artists to promote their songs directly in the main home feed.

Songwriters have long received a subpar level of credit for their endeavors. In 2021, songwriters Emily Warren and Justin Tranter — who have written songs for artists like Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez — signed an open letter demanding better treatment in the industry. Spotify’s Promo Cards enable songwriters to utilize a new way to advertise themselves and receive the credit they deserve.