Live Nation’s Veeps Launches ‘All Access’ Paid Subscription With Live Concerts and ‘Carefully’ Curated Original Content

veeps all access
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veeps all access
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Veeps founders Benji and Joel Madden. Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight

Veeps has officially launched a subscription service through which fans can access “all” available livestream shows and on-demand replays for $11.99 per month or $120 per year.

Live Nation-owned Veeps, having sold a majority interest to the Ticketmaster parent about 32 months ago, just recently detailed the buildout. Established by individuals including Good Charlotte co-founders Joel and Benji Madden, Veeps (and a number of other live-entertainment platforms) became increasingly popular at the height of the lockdown-prompted pause on concerts and festivals.

But with in-person crowd-based events now back in full swing – Live Nation, for its part, hasn’t hesitated to tout record financials – more than a few formerly high-flying livestream offerings have been scooped up by competitors or shuttered altogether.

Since becoming majority owner of Veeps in late 2021, though, Live Nation has generally treated the company (and livestreams/recordings themselves) not as a standalone earning opportunity, but as a means of squeezing extra revenue from existing operations.

To be sure, the Beverly Hills-headquartered business promptly went ahead and began installing cameras and sound equipment in venues after becoming the parent of Veeps, an app for which can be used on a variety of devices.

Enter the initially highlighted “Veeps All Access,” which is said to afford subscribers access to 3,000 or so hours’ worth of concert footage as well as livestream shows.

Already live in the U.S. – execs are plotting a global expansion at present – Veeps All Access will also include “music documentaries, comedy specials, exclusive Veeps-only interviews, original content, talk shows, and select historical content” moving forward, higher-ups signaled.

Expanding upon the point, the first “two original content series” on Veeps All Access are the newly greenlit Sidehustles (about which little information is currently available) and “a successful music interview podcast-turned-filmed talk show” entitled Artist Friendly. Hosted by the aforementioned Veeps co-founder and CEO Joel Madden, the first video episode of the latter, a sit down with Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, released today.

Addressing the subscription product’s rollout, Joel Madden said in part: “An all-in music service like All Access is breaking new ground and we’re committed to setting a standard that is accessible for fans, compensates artists fairly, and continues to deliver the high-quality shows that we’ve become known for.

“All Access is the next iteration of Veeps as we head towards a future where every concert will be streamed,” continued Madden, whose fellow Veeps co-founder Sherry Saeedi in May of 2022 debuted a VC-styled music startup called Verswire.

In September, Amazon streamed the 2023 edition of Life Is Beautiful, and YouTube is set to keep on streaming Coachella through at least 2026. Meanwhile, notwithstanding the above-noted consolidation of livestream platforms, Snoop Dogg in March co-founded Shiller, a self-described Web3 livestream service.