DMN Pro Is Coming — World Class Business Intelligence, Weekly Industry Analysis, Events, Proprietary Data, and Always-On Networking

DMN Pro: Business Intelligence for the Music Industry
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Digital Music News has been a fixture in the music industry for two decades, dutifully covering deals, breaking developments, and trends as quickly as they emerge. Now, we’re taking our publication to an entirely new level, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busily preparing for the formal launch of DMN Pro — a premium business intelligence service tailored to professionals across all facets of the music industry. Wherever you find yourself in the music industry ecosystem, DMN Pro will have actionable information and analysis to help you accomplish more.

With DMN Pro, we’re providing even more value to our core audience, helping those in the know to increase their bottom lines and stay ahead of the curve. The music industry is now embarking on a new chapter, and fast access to data and intelligence is more critical than ever.

Best of all, we’re not paywalling anything you currently enjoy and expect from DMN.

Our same great coverage will continue to be free. That includes all of our daily articles, exclusive stories, on-site event coverage, and our Daily Snapshot morning email. For those who join DMN Pro, we’re adding an entirely new tier of analysis and proprietary data — above and beyond our normal coverage.

Ahead of 2024, we’re offering Pro in beta form for early adopters. Those who jump in early will enjoy 50% off subscription costs for individual accounts. Enterprise and team accounts are also discounted for any number of seats greater than four (see below for more on company and organizational sign-ups).

So, what’s inside DMN Pro? Here’s a quick preview. speaks at DMN Pro's inaugural industry event in Los Angeles.
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  • Save speaks at DMN Pro’s inaugural industry event in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Evatt Carrodus

DMN Pro members take home more than the daily news blast. This industry moves fast, and we’re committed to ensuring you have the ammo to keep up.

As part of the rollout, we’re excited to host and moderate quarterly webinars featuring the industry’s most dynamic decision-makers. For our members, we will highlight valuable, expert insight into the many forces impacting the music industry and the intersection of music, technology, and gaming.

We recently wrapped up your inaugural event in Los Angeles on AI and are teeing up a slate of new events for 2024.

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On the report side, Pro subscribers will enjoy a weekly deep dive into the most pressing industry topics.

Our Weekly Reports have already picked apart fast-moving changes across artist-centric streaming, voice cloning, AI, and music IP, with more topics ahead.

For an even deeper plunge, our Quarterly Whitepapers will feature more extensive analyses of critical industry topics, complete with expert opinions and detailed visual breakdowns to put things into perspective.

Want a simpler, more accurate way to research music industry funding, chart movements, new releases, litigation, and other arenas? Enter our unique DMN Pro member-exclusive Databases.

These sortable and filterable datasets are industry-specific and always updating. Initial datasets will include our ‘Industry Funding Tracker’ and a daily-updated New Music Releases breakdown. Future datasets will include a comprehensive rundown of active litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and music IP deals.

DMN Pro’s top songs chart also offers a unique spin on the usual Top 100 songs. We’re calling it ‘The Cool 100’ with Chartmetric powering the data. Tracking top songs across platforms that matter, we clear out notorious manipulations that cause charts to juice up certain tracks — including tricky, ever-changing rules.

Track how the industry is changing day-to-day and month-to-month.

We’re also gearing up to create a breaking news alert system for those who need it right now. We’ll deliver fast-breaking developments directly to your inbox and allow you to save articles for future reading. But we’ll also be taking a step back and making sense of the flurry of updates that can overwhelm industry professionals. DMN’s coverage of the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency trend in music is just one example of trends our editorial team has recently highlighted.

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Become part of the core group that drives music industry news.

Then there’s the community aspect. DMN Pro subscribers will also receive an invite to join our digital networking community — where industry professionals gather and discuss moderated topics online or facilitate one-on-one connections.

Network with industry professionals to discuss trends as they emerge — instead of waiting for those trends to become tomorrow’s headlines. This moderated and vetted community of like-minded readers offers expert insight into trends, what impacts engagement, and sensing new headwinds in the industry before they become mainstream news blasts.

DMN Pro Individual Accounts: Monthly, Annual, or Bi-Annual Plans Available

DMN Pro subscriptions are available monthly, yearly, or bi-annually. A 50% early-bird special is now being offered for early adopters and long-time supporters. This discount will apply to all subscription tiers, though the deal ends in just a few days.

Require DMN Pro access for your entire company?

We’re also actively signing up companies and organizations to group accounts. If you’re interested, please send an email to and ask about enterprise pricing. Whether it’s for 5, 500, or 5,000 seats, our volume-based discounts will make it cost-effective for your whole company to gain an edge — with member-exclusive insights, critical info, and much more.

Gain better data and insights to improve your teams’ bottom line. See you on the premium side!