Concert Promoter Andrew McManus Busted On Cocaine Trafficking Charges

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Concert promoter Andrew McManus has now been detained in Australia on drug racketeering, money laundering, and obstruction of justice charges.  McManus was detained at Melbourne Airport last night, Australian time, according to official statements from New South Wales law enforcement officials.  The charges are tied to the importation of 300 kilograms of cocaine, among other allegations and charges, though McManus’ role in that shipment has not been clarified.

McManus, whose One World Entertainment promotes mega-groups like KISS, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, and Lenny Kravitz, among other huge names, is believed to be part of a larger drug racketeering ring that includes several other individuals, also in custody.  Three other men were arrested in Sydney with possible ties to McManus, including Craig Haeusler, attorney Michael Croke, and confectioner Zeki Atilgan.

New South Wales authorities have been coordinating their efforts stateside with the FBI, who nabbed a fourth individual, Owen Hanson, Jr.  Hanson was arrested while playing golf in San Diego.  “Mr. Hanson, was arrested by FBI Agents assigned to the San Diego FBI Field Office who have been working with the New South Wales Police Department,” an FBI statement read.

“New South Wales Police Department Detectives were present during the arrest of Mr. Hanson.”

The 300 kilogram load was allegedly shipped from Mexico to Australia, and follows the discovery of more than $700,000 in cash in a Sydney Hilton in 2011.  That cash was eventually claimed by McManus, who said it was part of a payout for a recent ZZ Top tour.  That sparked a broader investigation, and subsequent raids unearthed roughly $70,000 in additional cash and assets.

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