Apple Music: It’s Like Your Old Boyfriend Who Used to Make You Mixtapes

The latest Apple Music ad, broadcast during Sunday’s Emmy Awards…

14 Responses

  1. Andre

    “It’s like your old boyfriend who used to make you mixtapes”

    But then you dumped him because of his shitty taste in music.

  2. sarah

    a playlist has nothing to do with a mixtape!

    the 3 ghetto girls in the ad suck!

    • Dave Chappelle

      The three ghetto girls?? wtf?? someone’s a racist. They’re all super famous and successful.

        • Name3

          Yes, probably one of the hundreds of DMN staff(ers?) who don’t know the talentless wastes of human life you take the time to memorize.
          Enjoy your meaningless existence as you vapidly obsess over contrived popularity.

          • Dave Chappelle

            Let me get this straight: You follow music industry news but don’t know who Mary J Blige is?

          • Universal Indie Records

            Regardless it was an obnoxious comment by an asshole. Because it’s three black women, they have to be “ghetto girls”?

          • Universal Indie Records

            …and you don’t have to know mainstream “R&B” to know who Mary J. Blidge is. I’m not an Alt Rock fan but I know who Meg Meyers is. I’m not a country music fan but I know who Brett Eldredge is.

            The other two women, Keri Washington and Taraji Hhenson are both actresses in top rated television shows

            so please stop trying to make excuses for what is basically an asshole comment.

  3. Remi Swierczek

    AppleMusic is no more than Eddy Cue on Daniel Ek’s dope pushing music wagon to $15B subscription SWAMP!

    The blind man can see at least $200B of annual music revenue for grabs.
    Obviously Apple and the labels are in urgent need of DETOX!

  4. Bingo

    meh……RDIO’s collaborative and shared playlist feature blows Apple Music’s curated short lists out of the water. At least your real boyfriend can actually make the tape for you.

  5. Rickshaw

    Your old boyfriend had no life plan and was more flash than substance?