Aurous, the Popcorn Time for Music, Is Now Live

The industry’s next worst nightmare has now arrived…

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18 Responses

    • Anonymous

      Aurous just issued a patch, they emailed DMN with the following:


      We hope you have been enjoying Aurous thus far. We just wanted to stop by and let you know we appreciate all your support. So to keep you up-to-date here is some great news!

      We’ve introduced an auto updating function into Aurous for all platforms, we’ve also built native bundles for OSX and Windows. Linux x64 support is here as well!

      Remove your currently installed version and head over to the site to grab the latest version. After that, enjoy future updates without ever needing to redownload again.

      We hope to make Aurous your first choice for music.”

  1. so

    Could someone please find out / report whether they are sourcing their music from YouTube or any other paid entity? And if so, if YouTube or whomever would be paying for these “offsite” plays? Would it work like embedding?

    • Guest

      They’re sourcing from, VK, and from what I can tell. The metadata (mostly art, but sometimes track/album/artist names) is sourced from There doesn’t seem to be any torrenting going on, like with popcorn time.

  2. Julia

    damn windows isnt letting it run and after a force start it shows a trojan :/ wtf

  3. Versus

    The creators of this unethical project apparently have little sense of irony:

    A copyright notice with “all rights reserved” right on the front page. They want protection from the same law which the entire project violated.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      So happy you noticed that! What a complete lack of self-awareness, right? This reminds me of when a band started selling Napster shirts back around 2000 or so (maybe it was Offspring?), and they got threatened with a lawsuit from Napster for trademark infringement.

    • GGG

      I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch someone in the face more than these Aurous dudes with that one.

    • Come home to roost

      If you notice also… it has their address as well. Nice place to start some “head-hunting” searches…

  4. Jon Hockley shares the same IP address ( as this website

    I tried to test the app on MAC osx but it failed. Could be something to do with Java.

  5. DVZ

    I don’t think Aurous will be a threat at all because it absolutely sucks. It does not sort by album. It streams slowly. It has limited tracks. I consider this to be an epic fail. Why anyone would leave Spotify Free for this is beyond me.

  6. t cooke

    Warren Buffet talks about incenticizing people. Maybe we could incenticize people to opt out of access to piracy sites through their isp. If isps’ offered a voluntary opt-out, it would give the consumer a simple way to resist temptation and they could be rewarded with a rebate to apple music or netflix.

  7. tcookemusik

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    Fabric is constant