MANANA Is Cuba’s First Electronic Music Festival

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MANANA is a non-profit festival that aims to bridge Afro-Cuban Folkloric music with the global dance community. The event is slated for May, with a Kickstarter in the early stages.  If everything goes as planned, it will be Cuba’s first electronica music festival.

Here’s a quick video that discusses the mission; the Kickstarter is here.


4 Responses

  1. QvoleVero

    Another amazing opportunity to show the world that Cuba is a top musical purveyor while opening up many doors for the arts community.

  2. Fifer Garbesi

    This is not Cuba’s first electronic music festival. Cubans have been throwing electronic music festivals for a long time now – and they’re free for anyone who wants to come – unlike this festival which my Cuban friends could never afford.

    Check your sources. Time for some truth in journalism.