Adele’s “Hello” Is the First Song Ever to Hit 1 Million Downloads In a Week


Adele’s ‘Hello’ has just sold 1.11 million downloads in one week, the first time any song has sold more than a million downloads in seven days or less.  The data comes from Nielsen, with a large bulk of the downloads coming from the iTunes Store and Amazon.

Adele is utterly crushing the record books on this one.  Previously, the closest anyone has ever come to hitting one million in a week is Flo Rida, whose ‘Right Round’ sold 636,000 downloads during its debut week back in 2009.  Adding to Adele’s accomplishment is the continued slide in overall song download sales, which are quickly losing ground as music fans shift to streaming music platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, Adele also holds the record for the biggest one-day play count on the platform.  Just 24 hours after its release, ‘Hello’ was viewed 23.2 million times, easily edging out the previous record-holder, Taylor Swift.  ‘Hello’ is also the second-fastest to reach one million YouTube plays, behind PSY’s ‘Gentleman’.

The smash song will be released with Adele’s upcoming, highly-anticipated album, 25.  As of this writing, it remains unclear if the album will be available on Spotify or other streaming music platforms, including YouTube’s newly-launched premium service, Red.

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    • Me

      No, you’re not alone. But this is more about hype for a brand than it is the actual song. People love Adele and are so excited for new music from her that they’ll eat up anything she feeds them. 25 already has 615 5-star ratings on iTunes, and the album doesn’t even come out until November 20th.

  1. Ari Herstand

    Why no mention of the 73+ million Spotify plays which has netted her (label) nearly the same amount of money as the downloads?

  2. Rick Shaw

    Well, Adele’s management team downloaded it 800,000 times, so who were the other 200,000?

    • GGG

      You really think her team needs to game the system? The internet collectively lost their shit at Beyonce-like levels. People love Adele. End of story.

      • name3

        How do you think Adele’s song got on to the front page of all the streaming and download sites? You buy it, you get it!

      • Rick Shaw

        Obviously I was exaggerating the numbers, but you don’t honestly think there is no marketing/promotion behind Adele?

        • GGG

          Of course there is but it’s Adele, and XL’s approach as always been fairly bare bones. They don’t need to buy any substantial numbers of DLs or streams to hit those highs. She’s proven she can sell. We’re talking about an act that rarely tours, can’t imagine sells much merch since I’ve never seen an Adele t-shirt in my life, and doesn’t exactly stick her face on everything like all the other pop stars out there. It would not benefit her label to cut a huge chunk of money out of their major rev stream for her. If she was juuuuust passing these records, maybe I’d say yea, they bumped up the numbers to cross a million or whatever, but she’s crushing them.

          If you don’t think that’s legit, then you must think literally nobody has ever bought music ever and everything is a lie.

  3. Man from 1998

    Wow! Just wait until storage sizes come down, this will be 10 million downloads! I hear Apple is thinking of getting into this game… yeah right! Song downloads on my Mac? So silly…

    • Bag of Douche

      Those sneakers you wore in gym class today were really cool. You even take the time to tell the rest of us what we should be listening to, which is so generous. I wish I could be hip and cool like you. Snarky, snark, snark.

  4. Anonymous

    not surprising. if you didn’t take time out of your day to watch the video or hear the song, you’re a liar. her music is legitimate and spans demographics. good for her.

  5. Anonymous

    Internet is full shitty people
    Adele proved it she is not one of them
    she is special like her song

  6. indie dude

    it’s actually a pretty good song (not great but really good) and the fact that people are buying it hopefully signals that people will pay for quality…streaming AND downloads? that could actually work to support an artist doing very good work and sustain them enough to carry on..maybe even raise the bar so the subpar would either step their game up or possibly even leave the game altogether..

  7. eve

    Adele’s unique and I can never get enough of her. I love her!