Lefsetz, 2008: “I seriously doubt Adele can make it in America. Because she’s FAT!”

An excerpt from ‘The Lefsetz Letter,’  February 21, 2008…

“I was inundated with e-mail about this act Adele.  At first listen I loved her, then when I downloaded all the tracks I realized that she was just a bit too jazzy for me.  But I applaud where she’s coming from.  But although she’s a smash in the U.K., I seriously doubt she can make it big here in America.  Because she’s FAT!


Yes, you can be a drug addict.  You can be stupid.  But don’t be FAT!  In America it’s all about appearances.  Fat girls don’t get a chance.  Hell, the girl on “Ugly Betty” isn’t even ugly!


But when was the last time you SAW a record.  Oh, that’s right, MTV made music a visual medium.  Well, it’s NOT!  Music is something you hear, check Adele out through your ears.  Then maybe watch some video footage.  Because it will be a shock.  We never see ANYTHING like this on television in America.”

The full post, here.

Image from Canadian Music Week, 2009, snapped by Christopher Harte (CC by 2.0).

22 Responses

  1. dom

    This guy’s an idiot who is a failed music executive.

    He’s also a paid consultant to companies.

  2. Name2

    She also has boobies. Jimmy Iovine is very very concerned she will be unable to find music.

  3. PotcallingtheKettleBlack

    Did he ever say the same thing about The Alabama Shakes? What a hypocrite. It has frightened me since 2010 that this man was being paid to consult the music industry. Has he ever been involved in the discovery and development of a successful music artist?

  4. GGG

    Not to defend this guy, but how many white female pop stars do we have who don’t have “ideal,” or very close to “ideal” bodies? Adele is one. Megan Trainer is two, though I don’t even think most people would consider her fat. She’s just not cocaine thin like many others. I guess Kelly Clarkson?

    Even though he was clearly wrong about Adele, it’s not like we have had in influx of artists not flashing tits and ass, even in the last couple years of body positivity and women’s empowerment.

    • Ritch Esra

      I agree with you 100%. I believe that’s what Bob was saying. In 2008 we HAD NONE!

      • Frederick

        ‘But when was the last time you SAW a record. Oh, that’s right, MTV made music a visual medium. Well, it’s NOT! Music is something you hear, check Adele out through your ears. Then maybe watch some video footage. Because it will be a shock. We never see ANYTHING like this on television in America.’

        I hadn’t heard of this guy before now but to me this is negative commentary on the industry and a positive opinion of Adele.

  5. DavidB

    I’ve seen Bob Lefsetz described as a music industry legend. But only by Bob Lefsetz.

  6. Man from 1998


    Bob Lefsetz is still pontificating 10 YEARS from now?

  7. Rick Shaw

    Bob’s comments confirm what we already suspected. What a moron. Why is anyone listening to this guy still?

  8. Ummm Paul

    … not one for censorship but this lunatic is not quite on topic.

  9. JeffS

    I read this as a tongue in cheek knock that a medium once based on audio stimulation, has become video/appearance driven. Seems like a “stir the pot” headline..

  10. Paul Lanning

    The guy spews out of control like a broken water main, but he’s terrific fun to read and is right more often than he’s wrong.

  11. Jonesy

    This Uncle Fester stupid-ass loud-mouth know-it-all mother f’er needs to stfu, already.

  12. BL=Fool

    I have always been stunned that people listen to, or god forbid pay for, anything this guy says. This is one of several hundred statements this guy has made that turned out to be false.