But Will They Switch? Apple Music Launches Another Drake Exclusive

Apple Music Launches Another Exclusive, Thanks To Drake

First Apple Music launched an exclusive music docu-series called The Score.  Now, Drake has helped them score another.

The new music exclusive comes from Canadian R&B duo DVSN.  The mysterious duo comprises of producer Nineteen85 and singer Daniel Daley who are signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label.  It was Nineteen85 who actually produced Drake’s Hotline Bling.

Drake has always been a keen advocate of Apple Music since its launch last year, so it’s hardly surprising that DVSN’s music is being released exclusively through the platform.  Drake was present at Apple Music’s launch in San Francisco last year, the start of the ongoing relationship.  Since then, Drake’s hit song Hotline Bling was first released on Apple Music before any other streaming service, with reports saying that Apple Music actually funded the video of the song.

Drake’s OVO Sound radio show is also an Apple Music exclusive, and currently only available on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station.  All of which is great for Apple and Drake, though limiting the availability of music will always cause an outcry from fans who pay for competing streaming services.

Accordingly, DVSN fans took to Twitter to show their disappointment at their music not being available on Spotify.

Apple Music Launches Another Exclusive, Thanks To Drake

Apple Music Launches Another Exclusive, Thanks To Drake

The question is, will Apple’s exclusive content encourage Spotify subscribers to jump onboard?  Or, do platforms trump exclusives in the end?

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  1. Daniel Vasquez

    I’m a fan of Drake’s music and a Spotify Premium user. I’m dissapointed knowing that I can’t listen to Drakes new music with no clear timeline on a release to Spotify (if there are plans at all). Will it cause me to switch…probably not, just taint my experience a bit.