Kanye West Suffers Meltdown on Stage, Disses Jay Z and Beyoncé, Cancels Rest of Tour

Kanye West Suffers Meltdown On-Stage, Praises Trump, Calls Out Beyoncé and Jay Z
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Kanye West Suffers Meltdown On-Stage, Praises Trump, Calls Out Beyoncé and Jay Z
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Image by Ian Freimuth (CC by 2.0)

Kanye West suffers on-stage meltdown. Refunds included. Kanye for President!

Kanye West cut his show early on Saturday night. After just three songs and to thunderous applause, Kanye introduced Kid Cudi. He then likened himself to Donald Trump and went into a 17-minute rant. He addressed radio programmers, MTV, called out Jay Z and Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and more.

At one point during his rant, he said,

I am putting my career, my life, my public real standing at risk when I talk to y’all like this. This is the moment in the Matrix, bro…[expletive] might feel a way about this tonight. Beyonce, I was hurt, ‘cause I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and over ‘Hotline Bling’.  In my opinion, now don’t go trying to diss Beyonce.  She is great.  Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people.  We are all equal, but sometimes, we be playin’ the politics too much, and forgetting who we are, just to win.  [Expletive] winning…looking cool… [expletive] all that…

“I’ve been sent here to give y’all my truth, even at the risk of my own life. Even at the risk of my own success, my own career. I’ve been sent here to give y’all the truth. Jay Z, call me, bro. You still ain’t called me. Jay Z, call me. Hey, bruh, Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.”


At yet another point, he said,

It’s a new world, Hillary Clinton, it’s a new world. Feelings matter. Because guess what? Everybody in Middle America felt a way and they showed you how they felt.

He affirmed Black Lives Matter as well as women’s rights. Kanye then praised Donald Trump’s “method of communication,” saying it’s “very futuristic.” Going further about the 2016 Election, the rapper said,

A lot of people here felt like they lost. You know why? Because y’all been lied to. Google lied to you. Facebook lied to you. Radio lied to you.

He wondered why Drake is promoted but not Frank Ocean. He also questioned why he’s frequently overlooked at awards shows.

At another point, Kanye said,

Obama couldn’t make America great because he couldn’t be him to be who he was. Black men have been slaves. Obama wasn’t allowed to do this and still win. He had to be perfect. But being perfect don’t always change [things.]

Kanye ended his rambling monologue and dropped his mic amidst crowd boos.

I’m not always going to say things the perfect way, the right way. But I’m going to say how I feel…

“Right now, press, get ready to write your passive-aggressive Lebron James, racist comments. Season four racist comments. Get ready to have a field day, press. Get ready, get ready. Because the show’s over.


Fans immediately took to social media, denouncing the rapper and asking for refunds. They also filled the arena with “F**k you, Kanye” chants.


Following the rant, West cancelled his Los Angeles make-up show on Sunday just hours before the show was scheduled to begin.


According to Los Angeles Times reporter, Kanye is ready to cancel the rest of the Saint Pablo Tour.  There’s no word yet on 2017 European dates, however.

Updated: Looks like the entire tour is getting canceled.


Fans who attended the show received good news on Sunday. The Golden 1 Center in Sacramento is refunding tickets in full through Ticketmaster.com or at the original point of purchase. Here’s the official statement.

“Tickets to last night’s show are being refunded at the original point of purchase. All original online orders purchased through Ticketmaster.com or by phone are being refunded automatically in full, including fees – with the exception of any UPS delivery surcharges. Refunds will post to the original payment source within 5-7 days. 

For additional information, contact the original point of purchase directly.

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