Tidal Just Handed Out 1 Million Free Subscriptions in Poland…

Jay Z and Tidal Shore Up 1 Million Paid Subscribers in Poland
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Jay Z and Tidal Shore Up 1 Million Paid Subscribers in Poland
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Image by godwin d (CC by 2.0)

Tidal subscription numbers still pale in comparison to Apple Music and Spotify.  But all of that changes in Poland (sort of)…

Jay Z’s Tidal just added 1 million new subscribers.  And they’re all coming from Poland.  That’s according to Polish site Telix.

The article says reads that total Tidal subscription numbers came after the company launched a major campaign.  And that included tons of freebies. So now, roughly 0.025% of the country now has a paid Tidal subscription.

Well, only a few seem to be paying for it.  The article, roughly translated from Polish, reads,

“A year of free promotion of Tidal Play has proven that at least one million Poles want to promote legal music.  Poles love music, and if you just give them the choice, they are willing to give up piracy. Evidence?  From November 2015…521 389 497 [users] reached for music [in] TIDAL and spent a total of up to 2,454 [total listening time]…provided by the service…”


It’s a strange bit of news at a rough time for Tidal.  Last May, the company reported 3 million subscribers.  However, in just 18 months, Apple Music now has 20 million paid subscribers.  Spotify currently sports over 40 million paid subscriptions.

Tidal also faces a copyright infringement lawsuit after uploading Prince’s music catalog shortly after his birthday.  Since May, the streaming service has not reported any new numbers in the United States.

4 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    19.99 (PLZ) or Polish Zloty sub is actually a standard price for premium subscription in Poland.
    That equals to $4.75 USD – still much better than AppleMusic deals in China at below $2.00 per month.

    HALF a BILLION of music subs will have to come from all corners of Earth and average price of sub below $4 per month is the most likely outcome.
    That makes at the best $4×12 x1/2B = $24B music industry.
    STOP now UMG induced streaming suicide!

    • Anonymous

      Note that one million TIDAL subs in Poland are FREE to the users for two years!

      • Anonymous

        Exactly! Something that the article fails to mention… If it was not for free Tidal could only dream about 1m paying subs in Poland. Nevertheless Play is one of the most innovative and forward-looking mobile operators in Europe so good for them and their subscribers 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I feel bad for the people wanting to support Jay Z to become the 1st billionaire rapper (will he, who knows?). It’s only a matter of months before Tidal files for bankruptcy and shuts down (No one is really going to buy them and deal with the pending lawsuit, huge piles of debt and competition with Spotify, Pandora, Apple which are 10-20 times larger in paid subscribers). Sadly the few paid Tidal subscribers will have to switch over to something else and re-learning / customizing whatever app they end up going with. I think the problem with Tidal was they had 2 messages in the beginning, to offer the best quality sound and to promote artists. Problem with # 1 is that sound quality cannot be much better to the common person’s ear and so that “technology advantage” was very hard to prove out. The 2nd part of promoting artists, is that the elite artists such as Jay Z, Kanye, etc. are already incredibly rich so for THESE elite artists to become wealthier, isn’t a good message. Not to get too political, but in the U.S., one of the reasons why Trump won for president is because many people (especially those forgotten in the midwest states like Michigan, etc. where politicians from both sides really didn’t care for them at all over the last 2 decades) were tired of the political elite (whether it’s republican or democrat, people were tired of the elites like the Bush’s or Clintons). So back to Tidaly, if they had individual artists promoted more heavily, offered unknown artists a real model to get their names out there and become huge, then that would have helped people see that small unknown artists are really being helped.