Rockettes Dancer ‘In Tears’ After Being Forced to Perform Trump’s Inauguration

Rockettes dancer Phoebe Pearl
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A distraught Rockettes dancer is now in tears after being forced to play Donald Trump’s upcoming Inauguration.  “After we found out this news, we have been performing with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts…”

After finding out that she and her fellow dancers would be playing the upcoming Donald Trump Inauguration, Rockettes dancer Pheobe Pearl broke down.  And, blared her frustrations in a (since deleted) Instagram post:

“Finding out that it has been decided for us that Rockettes will be performing at the Presidential inauguration makes me feel embarrassed and disappointed. The women I work with are intelligent and are full of love and the decision of performing for a man that stands for everything we’re against is appalling.

I am speaking for just myself but please know that after we found out this news, we have been performing with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts.

We will not be forced! #notmypresident.”

But will she be forced?  Whether Pearl — and other dancers — will actually back out of the gig is uncertain at this stage.  So far, the Rockettes union has said a boycott would violate their rules.  According to contracts, the Rockettes are basically obligated to play whatever gigs come along.

As long as there aren’t bullets flying or other dangers, you have to play the gig.  Well, let’s hope that description doesn’t stick to the upcoming Presidential Inauguration.

The Rockettes performing for US Navy sailors (Image: US Navy)
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The Rockettes performing for US Navy sailors (Image: US Navy)
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The Rockettes performing for US Navy sailors in 2006 (Image: US Navy)

At this stage, we’re not sure where the Rockettes will fit into the broader Inaugural lineup.  We just know they’ve been signed up to play, and will likely perform in a prominent role.  The Rockettes are as American as apple pie, and previously performed at both G.W. Bush’s Inaugural bashes.

Official Statements

So far, the Rockettes’ union has been stern on the matter.  According to Broadway World, the American Guild of Variety Artists has stated that every dancer is ‘obligated’ to play.  They also took it a step further by personally blasting Pearl for speaking out.

“The ranting of the public is just that, ranting. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but this does not change your employment status for those who are full time,” the AGVA wrote in a leaked email. “This has nothing to do with anyone’s political leanings (including AGVA’s), it has to do with your best performance for your employer, period.”

The Madison Square Garden Company has also issued a stern statement, ensuring that the group will perform:

“The Radio City Rockettes, an original American brand, have performed at Radio City Music Hall since 1932 and, as treasured American icons, have taken part in some of the nation’s most illustrious events such as Super Bowl halftime shows, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades and presidential inaugurations, including in 2001 and 2005. We are honored that the Rockettes have again been asked to perform in the upcoming inauguration festivities.”

What next?

If Pearl is serious, a distraught group of singers could stage an ‘illegal’ boycott in protest.  But that could cost them their livelihoods, and shake up the group forever.  Then again, it could also shuttle the group to a new level of prominence, and ultimately boost revenues.  Just recently, cast members of hit Broadway show Hamilton publicly lambasted Vice President Elect Mike Pence.  The group’s soundtrack subsequently hit number one, and the show remains heavily sold out.

The Rockettes rebuttal is the latest in a string of defections and declinations.  Earlier, prominent tenor Andrea Bocelli backed out of the Inauguration, fearing all-out career suicide.  Others have flatly declined to perform or participate, including Elton John, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, and David Foster.

In response, Trump has blasted A-list celebrities for refusing to play along.  Earlier, Trump Inauguration coordinator Tom Barrack said Trump ‘doesn’t need celebrities’ because he’s already famous.

Fun times in America!

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  1. Irwin Leba

    KKK Marching Band to Lead Grand March in President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade.

    (Under the direction of Sir David Duke)*


    The 100 members of the KKK MARCHING BAND have agreed to lead the Grand March in President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade, Saturday January 21, 2017, in Washington, DC.
    Music to be played includes: “A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight,” “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition,” “Hallelujah,” “Joy To The World,” and “That Old Rugged Cross.”
    Bandsmen will wear traditional white robes and hoods while marching double time, similar to Kim-Jung-Un’s North Korean Army at 180 beats per minute. All are trained in Martial Arts at Black Belt level, except Maggie Snodgrass on bass drum who weighs 280 lbs.
    According to Conductor Sir David Duke, “this musical and visual display by the KKK MARCHING BAND will show “a kinder, gentler and more responsible Ku Klux Klan, reflecting the more than two-million members in the United States who have abandoned their former history of lynchings, fire bombings, robberies, murders and kidnappings.”
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    There are presently 37 million unemployed people who have signed up with the WPA project, to earn the minimum wage of $10 an hour, minus local, county, state and federal taxes.
    Many members of the KKK MARCHING BAND have had experience with both their high school and college bands. A few of the principal chair players have played with town bands such as those in War, WV, Mineral City, OH and Beebee, AK .
    Further information on the band’s tour will be available soon.
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    • Remi Swierczek

      His is in EGO brotherhood with Sir Lucian Grange at UMG – the navigator of $200B music boat to $25B streaming and Tube-tising SWAMP – we hope by 2025!

      My advise: LET’S DRAIN THE MUSIC SWAMP NOW and start fresh on dry land.

  2. Pythagoras

    You get the honour to participate in a significant ceremony, one of the highest honors for a citizen of the greatest nation on earth and you behave like that and shoot your mouth off as well? Deport her. Ignorance and presumption; arrogance.

    • Anonymous

      Agree – let’s deport ignorantos!

      LAND OF FREE does not need them.

    • Larry Budwell

      Get real, Trump will destroy America. At least one dancer can see that.

    • hermdite

      Hooray for the wonderful KKK MARCHING BAND willing to lead the Inaugural Parade on January 20th in Washington,DC Those musicians are all true Americans!!!

  3. Remi Swierczek

    Paul, Let’s stop harass D. Trump!

    Music industry is managed by wimps caliber .3 OBAMA and there is no hope in
    foreseble future for EXIT from UMG created SUICIDE.

    Daniel Ek style STREAMING and YouTube ARE CANCER on $200B annual music business OBVIOUS TO TOTAL IDIOT.

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    Time for Sir Lucian and his semi-retired, self adoration team to roll up the sleeves and start $200B music harvest.

  4. Larry Budwell

    Forced to perform for the orange idiot, shame on this country.

    • Anonymous

      It is enough for idiot like Obama to be ashamed of USA for last 8 years!

      New, bright times in front of us – worse blackout in US history is almost over.

  5. Irwin Leba



    Newly appointed Press Secretary Monica Lewinsky has announced that President-For-Life Trump will hold weekly luncheons at the Algonquin Hotel, similar to those in the 1920’s with Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, George S. Kaufman and other luminary wits.
    The cost for an outsider is $100,000 and Jay Leno has been the first to make a reservation. For additional humor, George Carlin’s statue from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum will be seated and wired for excerpts from his record albums. Ditto for Don Rickles and Joan Rivers.
    Due to a lockdown on press media, only rumors can be released. For example, when Mitt Romney visited President-For-Life Trump they allegedly discussed creating a NATIONAL DOG WARDEN, with Romney as Director and his new nickname, “Mutt.”
    Trump-For-Life Television is scheduled to program an hour special on Trump Tower, sponsored by Victoria’s Secret and Viagra, with Caitlyn Jenner and Anthony Weiner hosting.
    Reports of the Mexican Wall falling down are sheer speculation. It is only tilting, due to shoddy labor and cheap materials. Reconstruction is under way with sponsors, including A.T.&T., VERIZON, SONY, APPLE, VERSACE and DUTCH TRADING.
    Three additional stories are being planned for THE WHITE HOUSE, to accommodate overnight guests willing to pay $10,000 for this experience . Building funds will be supplied by THE SALVATION ARMY, generated from their enormous CAMP DAVID store.
    The SUGGESTION BOX on the White House fence has been discontinued. If you have any ideas on how to run the Government, please keep them to yourself. And try to have a nice day.

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