Donald Trump Will Make Punk Rock Great Again

"Donald Trump Will Make Punk Rock Great Again:" Amanda Palmer
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"Donald Trump Will Make Punk Rock Great Again:" Amanda Palmer
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Image by erin m (CC by 2.0)

Not only will Donald Trump “Make America Great Again,” but according to Amanda Palmer, he’ll also Make Punk Rock Great Again.

American singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer has called the past few months in the States a “total sh—t show.” However, she’s incredibly optimistic about Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency.

She spoke at a press conference during Woodford Folk festival in rural Queensland. She first announced that Australia granted her and her husband, writer Neil Gaiman, granted five-year working visas.

Being an optimist … there is this part of me – especially having studied Weimar Germany extensively – I’m like, ‘This is our moment.’ Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again. We’re all going to crawl down staircases into basements and speakeasies and make amazing satirically political art.

The Guardian stated that The Dresden Doll, solo artist, and cult cabaret icon invoked “the flourishing art and culture in Weimar Germany.” According to her, this art style is proof that “frightening political climates make for really good, real, authentic art.”

The Weimer Republic is the period in Germany between both World War I and World War II. Germans during the Weimer Republic period elected Hitler as chancellor.

She expects the political climate in the United States to become ugly. Thus, instead of fighting vocally or politically, art will answer.

“If the political climate keeps getting uglier, the art will have to answer. We will have to fight. It’s already happening – the artists in my tribes have been like, ‘Alright. This is not good.’ We are sharpening our knives for a large buffet.”

Palmer is currently touring Australia on a stripped-back acoustic tour. She’s celebrating both her and husband’s Australian talent visas, and their first child, Anthony.

“We started this [visa application] process long before the spectre of Donald Trump, before his orange head was even a speck on the horizon of our lives.

“We have a brand new baby, who’s a year old, and I’ve been looking around at the world, the political climate, the art scenes, my friends, our whole situation, trying to figure out where we should land. And Australia does look pretty tasty.”

While Palmer believes a Donald Trump presidency will boost art, that doesn’t mean that the singer supports him. She won’t attend his presidential inauguration.

“I actually feel quite guilty that I’m not going to be in the States on January 20. I feel like I really should be there in Washington with the millions of other women who are going to give the giant finger to the orange man. But I’ll do what I can from over here.”

6 Responses

  1. Trump is the best!

    There are Makers and there are Takers. Liberals are Takers and America is done with them. Donald came out of nowhere and bypassed the entire sick political system to lead it to health, like a savior. America had become sick and contaminated by the parasites and it’s now time to heal.

    • John Pass

      Your right to say America has been contaminated by parasites-but those parasites aren’t who YOU think they are. Instead, much to your dismay, it will be pointed out over and over again for the next 4 yrs that the true parasitic element in our great nation is the wealthiest non-contributing ,tax dodging individuals in Trump’s peer group and the multi-national corporations who are so eager to take money from hard working Americans but at every given turn but will always find a way to avoid paying taxes and giving back to those who make them the successful entities that they are.I believe if those of us who are not on the right play this as we should, it will be glaringly obvious just who this guy and his cronies really side with/stand for and it is not the American people!

  2. Operation Overlord

    Take note, when someone compares anyone to Hitler, you are dealing with an ‘ignorant’. They do not know the first thing about AH and the founding of the Reich. What a terrible insult to those who suffered in the worst way at the hands of Himmler and of the Wannsee Conference for the sake of a convenient and glib political jab–disgraceful.

    Good advice: read Mein Kampf and reconsider the Hitler schick, or take your mouth and shut it hard.

    • John Pass

      ” Good advice: read Mein Kampf and reconsider the Hitler schick, or take your mouth and shut it hard.” Well according to one of his ex wives, Trump was a big fan of Hitler’s speeches and kept a book by his bedside.

    • Monroe Doctrine 1823

      What is worse it that Stalin and Mao were bigger butchers than AH and no one says a peep.