Mariah Carey Tries to Delete Her New Year’s Video from the Internet

'Mariah Carey New Years Eve 2016 2017 Video': Deleted from YouTube
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Looks like Mariah Carey is taking some drastic steps following her disastrous New Years performance.  That includes ‘deleting the internet’ of the video…

As Mariah Carey’s entire career goes onto life-support, there’s a new survival strategy: delete the internet.  Just this morning, Mariah Carey and Dick Clark Productions started ripping down a number of YouTube videos showing the flop.  The video pictured above, posted immediately after the performance, was viewed millions of times before getting ripped down.

Mariah Carey’s Career On Life-Support After Lip-Synching Disaster

Previously, Mariah Carey and her manager blasted Dick Clark Productions for intentionally screwing up her performance.  Now, it looks like both camps are trying to scrub the infamous clip from the interwebs.

Meanwhile, endless versions are getting re-uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  And those are just the big ones, with the disaster already viewed hundreds of millions of times.

You’re doing it wrong

Not only are more copies popping up, but some of the original versions are still floating around.  Like this one on YouTube, which has already gained 800,000 views (and counting).  But that’s just one sliver of the ogling masses.  Indeed, this one is just too fat-n-juicy to kill.

(of course, this might be deleted by the time you read this…)

This… Is… WAR

Already, waste product is hitting the fan.  According to details shared this morning, Mariah Carey has already axed her creative director.  Other brutal firings could be next, with supplicants clinging to their jobs under Queen Carey.

Mariah Carey Could Face Major Lawsuit After Times Square Meltdown

But the bigger bloodshed is happening with Dick Clark Productions, with Carey declaring all-out war.  Already, Mariah Carey’s manager said Dick Clark botched the entire performance with faulty mics, non-existent monitors, and other snags.  Then, Carey accused the company of deliberately sabotaging the singer for ratings.

Ruthless and dirty accusations!  “She was not ‘winging’ this moment and took it very seriously,” Mariah Carey rep Nicole Perna told Billboard. “A shame that production set her up to fail.”

That generated a sharp response from Dick Clark Productions.  The company quickly blasted the singer for failing to practice and prepare for the event.  Taking things a step further, the company labeled the accusations as ‘defamatory,’ which is often paired with another word: ‘lawsuit‘.

Of course, the video itself continues to proliferate, with uploads, downloads, and even parodies popping up everywhere.  Like this one from the Santa Antonio Spurs’ mascot.


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    It’s probably a lot easier to just sing and perform as planned.