Donald Trump Demands Snoop Dogg’s Arrest Over Assassination Threats

Snoop Dogg Assassinates Donald Trump in Mock Scenario in 'Lavender' (Screenshot)
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This is what you might call ‘serious f—king beef’.  Donald Trump has now personally responded to Snoop Dogg’s mock assassination video, demanding justice.

Rapper Snoop Dogg is now facing serious heat for releasing ‘Lavender,’ a music video that simulates an assassination of Donald Trump.  After initial warnings from both Marco Rubio and Donald Trump’s attorney, the President has now personally responded to the video.

In a rage tweet issued this (Wednesday) morning, Trump demanded justice, including ‘jail time’ for the rapper.

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Threat of felony charges.

The timing of the tweet may not be accidental.  And given Snoop Dogg’s stature, serious felony charges may be next.  At this stage, involvement by federal law enforcement seems likely, with Class E Felony charges potentially filed.  That could potentially put Snoop Dogg behind bars for decades, if not for a life sentence.

Separately, YouTube itself may face pressure to pull the video, based on direct threats to assassinate the president.  At present, the video still stands.

Trump Attorney Issues Warning Against Snoop Dogg Over Assassination Video

A threat of this nature, from a rapper of this notoriety, is a first.  But there’s already precedent for clamping down on perceived threats.  Earlier, little-known rapper Renizance was interrogated after releasing ‘Trump Dies,’ which contained detailed plans to kidnap and murder the President.  The hair-brained scheme was almost laughably impossible, but still attracted federal enforcement scrutiny.

Inside the White House, fears may be escalating over continued, high-profile death threats.  And into that climate enters Snoop Dogg, an extremely high-profile and influential rapper.  Accordingly, the Trump Administration, FBI, and Secret Service may opt to press charges against Snoop, if only to create a stark example for others.

Meanwhile, the video now has 2.3 million views (and counting) after 48 hours.  The mock assassination happens shortly after the 3 minute mark.

More ahead as this develops.  

17 Responses

  1. Marc Anson

    I fear you’ve been smoking too much of whatever Snoop’s been inhaling.

    It’s a pop video and it’s designed to provoke. It’s art.

    MIA didn’t get decades in prison for threats to gingers.

    • Charlie Honeysiota

      that’s not freaking art – would it be art if I pulled the trigger to OBama’s head? I’ll bet not! Art my arse!

  2. 5 cents

    Please don’t use the blanket excuse of “Art” for this..

    It’s horrible and inciteful..

  3. rikki

    he should make a second video shooting Ohbahma, that uncle tom oreo cookie excuse for a president… a punishment for not being arrested

    • Wooly

      It’s easy for people to write ugly, racist words when they hide behind anonymous user names on the Internet. Say those things in public to people and you’d be in for a surprise. What loser you are.

    • Chris

      Wow. Racist much? By all means – be a conservative/republican (we’re all entitled to our differing views) … but try to consider not using slurs to put down another person, no matter who they are. And for whatever it’s worth, oreo cookies are amazing.

    • Eric

      Why? Obama was a kick ass president despite your cousin-loving, redneck, racist ass.

      • Danny

        excuse me but Obama was a disgrace. What is wrong with you?

  4. Bob

    Once again Paul you’ve just made up another bulls*t fake news headline, “Breaking: Donald Trump Demands Snoop Dogg’s Arrest Over Assassination Threats.” Donald Trump did not “demand Snoop Dogg’s arrest” and you know it. That is not what his tweet says.

    I’m neither defending or condemning Trump or Snoop Dogg but rather commenting on your continued sensationalism, inaccuracy and simplistic opinions masquerading as news.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Paul is simply flat out lying in this headline.

      That’s actually shocking.

  5. Anonymous

    Paul, why do you lie in this headline?

    Exactly what do you think you’re going to achieve?

    You get that click, but exactly how do yo think we’re going to respond to your next “breaking news?”

    This is really, really stupid.

  6. Shitty Boy

    It’s working for , Snoop , and it’s working for , Bow Wow ! All this free publicity and focus on two artist that’s not about to give up the royalty life to kill the president of the United States of America or pimp out the First Lady who was raised in the red light district of , Stalingrad. . .

  7. WTF

    I’m so confused! Earlier this week I saw an article on this site reporting that Snoop “facing felony charges.” If he’s already been arrested and charged with a felony, why would Trump no need to demand his arrest via a tweet that in no way demands his arrest? Please help.

  8. 5 cents

    You know what.. America is in a very unfortunate state of decline and as much as the president wants to make America great again it’s going to be very difficult because things are so divisive within the nation.

    The super wealthy can insulate themselves from some of it by living in high security condos, gated off mansions and sailing around the world on super yachts but
    ultimately everyone becomes affected by dangerous streets, crime, pollution and
    unhealthy sentiment.

  9. The Unknown

    I hope snoop gets trump and trump ends up in the dump next to a rump made of skunk that turns into a hump backed camel.

    -ryhm master