BTS Death Threat Update: Honda Center on Heightened Alert; Label Responds

Honda Center: BTS Performances Slated for April 1, 2; Death Threats Against Jimin Issued
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Death threats against Kpop superstars BTS have now prompted heightened security measures at the Honda Center.  The group is playing in just a few days but will not be canceling. Here’s the latest.

Please note: the following is a developing story.  Please check back for ongoing developments.  Last updated: March 27th 11:15 am CA time.

A series of nasty and specific death threats against BTS member Jimin is prompting security alerts at the Honda Center.  The venue in Anaheim, California will host BTS for two sold-out dates on April 1st and 2nd.

The attacks coincide with an ambitious, far-reaching BTS global tour.  Recent dates include Japan, South America, Mexico and the United States, among other markets.  Separately, the group has been collaborating with rapper Wale and pop singer Charlie Puth, all part of a meteoric 2017.

The Honda Center, managed by Anaheim Arena Management, has a capacity of nearly 19,000 for music events.  Fans will come from all over Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego.

The shows themselves have not been canceled.  But Honda Center security has responded and will be elevating alerts.   BTS just concluded a string of successful US dates, including shows in Chicago and Newark, NJ, without incident.

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Nature of the threats.

The threats themselves have been directed at BTS member Jimin.  They also include specific information about methods for killing Jimin during an upcoming Honda Center performance.  That includes shooting the singer from the rafters, with seats specified.

Earlier, trolls started accusing the BTS member of hating international fans, and disrespecting them on tour. Exactly where the accusations are rooted is unclear, though heated exchanges ultimately led to threats.  Though the troll (or trolls) remain anonymous, the threats included pictures of guns, knives, a bloody hand and a murdered pig.

These aren’t garden variety threats.  Instead, the hatred includes the creation of specific Twitter accounts dedicated to Jimin death threats.

Here’s just a sampling of the threats captured by Allkpop; Twitter has deleted the accounts in question.

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Reaction by Honda Center.

On the ground in Anaheim, Honda Center officials have also committed to stepped up security.  “We are aware of the situation and have notified our security team,” the Honda Center responded.  At this stage, we’re unclear whether the arena has examined threats involving specific seats.

Undoubtedly, intensified entrance checks are being ordered.  Bags will be thoroughly checked for knives, guns, and other suspicious contents.

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Big Hit: Taking This Seriously?

The group’s label and management firm Big Hit Entertainment has now responded.  And frankly, it doesn’t sound like the label is taking this too seriously.   In a statement issued over the weekend, Big Hit noted that the entire thing is probably a joke by ‘anti-fans,’ but is taking precautions nevertheless.

“We believe that it is a joke by an anti-fan.  But just to be sure we are taking measures,” Big Hit told Soompi.   “We are working with the local staff and police to enhance the security.”

So far, no reports of arrests or suspicious activity.  More as this develops.

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  1. my name is

    I’m so scared. I hope this wouldn’t happen. And BTW people are taking this seriously especially BigHit because BTS is one of their boy band groups.

  2. BTSARMY;)

    Why would anyone say stuff like that?! POOR JIMIN!!! Of course people are gonna take this seriously because it sounds legit! But like, ARMYS will protect BTS!! <3 DONT HATE, just LOVE!

    • jimins wife

      i will protect you park chim chim dont be afraid because we are here for you the loyal armies……… right/////////

    • BTSfangirl101

      BTS is bulletproof boy scouts and they have a whole ARMY to protect the. Jimin we are here for you. In V’s words ‘together we won’t die”.

  3. Anonymous

    And the biggest troll spreading rumors about BTS is none other than Paul Resnikoff. I’m surprised he didn’t end the article with, “frankly, they deserve it.”

    • ding dong

      Yeah. Hate to sound like a badass but I was searching for that too. But found nothing and like errr lol

  4. Kookies and Milks

    Why would you people want to kill park jimin?! WTF have the poor guy have done to you?! Kill your family?! I just want to f*cking kill those people that want to kill poor jimin, those people should just die in hell, they are just f*ck up people! Whats so good death threathing people? Dont you have other things to do in your lifes? Play games! Text your family and friends! Is your life that sad and boring? Do something nice dont do those lousey shit! Im so mad now! Those people are just jelly because jimin is way handsome than you more rich than you! Just take the L is right there! Those people than death threats Bts or jimin are just stupid people! Just get this krama is a b*tch and it is coming for those people that death threats Bts and jimin!

  5. ArmyBTS

    Even though it might be fake, we, Armys are still worried. I really pray that Jimin will be safe. And so are all the members. There are alot of haters as they might be jealous of BTS. Pls be fine!!!! ??

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    This should be taken seriously. If you go to the airport and scream that you want to create violence, you are arrested.

  7. Rebecca kim

    grabe naman yang mga yan dapat na kahit na ANTI-BTS sila dapat D sila nag bibiro ng ganyang kalala tulad nyan d na kaya yan biro

  8. Vca kim

    i hope na karmahin ka malaman laman ko lang talaga kung siono ka uunahin kitang papataying hayop ka

  9. army's...

    army fans are army has enough stuff going on that they dont need this anymore army plzzz be nice and treat all members equally they work really hard for us all to be happy so plzz dont harm them.

  10. 사태

    Hi, Sorry to bother,but please stop writing hateful comments towards bts.Instead, write like the positive! Like their achievements,etc.Trust me, you’ll love their songs.And the fandom,people like to stereotype.We army’s are actually really supportive and nice.Its just the people who hates on us and then makes us look like the ‘worst fandom’. Listen to some of their songs! You’ll enjoy it! Anyways take care;God Bless~From Army☺️?

  11. Taehyung

    Let’s just love BTS, no hate, please. I love our smol mochi Chimchim! What’s not to love? There is seriously something wrong with people who make threats against other people. We’re all human, so stop hating! If you’re gonna be an ARMY, you must appreciate ALL of BTS.

  12. plzz stop the nonsense

    haters are confused fans it’s ok they will continue to live the famous life and if they realize it or not BTS has a humungous army and fans to keep jimin alive.

  13. Suga lover

    Bts will keep jimin a live and army’s pray for jimin???


    KILL ? ND JIMIN ? HAHAHAHHA ,, WHAT A STUPID JOKE ,,, U DONT HAVE GUTS TO DO it ,, remember this! if u harm my jimin ,, u will die ,, no no u wont die ,, u will beg for death but u wont get it ,, ,, I GONNA COME ND THE HELL WILL COME WITH ME ,,, SO ,, MIND UR OWN BUISNESS ,, DONT F*CK WID OUR BTS ,, Armys will protect em ,,