Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

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Justin Timberlake didn’t need ‘NSYNC anymore.  But would Rap Monster be anything without BTS?

Rap Monster is the biggest and most visible member of fast-rising group BTS.  But does that mean he can venture into treacherous solo waters?

For now, that looks like a sure-fire path to career suicide.

According to data on the just-released ‘Change,’ Rap Monster carries little weight outside the BTS group.  The track, a collaboration with DC-based rapper Wale, has garnered a modest 4 million views after about 10 days.  By stark comparison, the Bangtan Boys’ two previous videos are both approaching 60 million views — each.

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Those videos — ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Not Today’ — were both released in February.  But both smashed one-day viewing records for a kpop group, and blasted interest ahead of an ambitious tour.  The Wale track, meanwhile, garnered far less attention and hype from the loyal ARMY fanbase.

‘Change’ is a solid track, and Wale a charismatic rap partner.  But without the full-blown Bulletproof cast, the track simply lacks the explosive energy that BTS brings.

As a collective, the Bangtan Boys want to conquer the world.  As a soloist, it seems that Rap Monster almost has one-fifth the energy.  As a result, dedicated ARMY fans failed to show up!

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Meanwhile, global recognition on BTS is just getting started.  So naturally, people are finding out about Rap Monster only after becoming BTS converts.  And despite a big surge, name recognition in major markets like the United States is almost nonexistent.  All of which explains why interest around ‘Change’ was dramatically lower.

So take it from me, kid.  Don’t ditch out on your Bangtan Boys just yet, Rap Monster!  You need them a lot more than they need you.

Written while listening to Future and Lil Uzi Vert.

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  1. bryco

    This article lacks professionalism and is pure bias. Seriously?!

    • Srsly

      OK seriously what is wrong with these articles? The last you wrote about something that 2yrs ago with Rap Monster. And now you say he’s nothing???? Get a grip and stop being so biased.

      • BTSArmygirl20

        This person is obviously a hater. Rap monster is good solo and with bts. This must be that selja chick again or another anti. This better learn not to mess with the BTS Army. We should report this article to bighhit for basically defamation.

        • Hate life

          ,????u????r???wrong???the ?? article�?is ??right?

          • Common Sense

            Coming from someone named, “Hate Life” hah.. quite an optimist, I see your opinion matters ( tell yourself that in the mirror) Peace !

          • BTS

            To. Hate. Life. You’re. A. Dick. This. World. Can. Do. Better. Without. You. Sincerely. Me. :3

          • Nobody

            How come it’s right. This is a type of journalism. An article should not be biased. Do you know the word biased? Or maybe not. Tsk.

          • ?Army?


          • NAMJOON MY KING

            Actually, RM can be very successful if he decided to go solo. But we all know he chose Bangtan boys over going solo. Just because his song didn’t rack up millions doesn’t mean he won’t be successful. Look at MONO, it was pretty successful. Now go stream Mono and DNA for positive energy, because you need some sweetie.

          • rias g

            What the f***!?!?!?!??! Why do people hate namjoon!?!?!?!? What the F did he ever do to you??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!

          • let Be nice BTS Army

            Guys let not spread anymore hate uk what Bts always u dont know like me but u know my name

          • Snakeu

            no its not, he didnt attempt to go solo, he just released a mixtape like yoongi and hobi did.

          • Namjin shipper

            Wtaf you agree on this post and you call yourself army?! Its either you didnt read the whole thing or youre a fake fan who doesn’t know anything about bts

          • Haters gon' hate

            This seems rather biased. Namjoon would be great as a soloist, but without his guidance, help, caring and happy vibes BTS may have struggled to get where they are now. Don’t get me wrong I love BTS but this is just my opinion, haters gon’ hate.

        • Ms.Don'tMindMe

          I think so too.I don’t think this is right.Even though Im not a BTS fan/army (i think it’s a little bit,no i mean THIS ARTICLE IS SO STUPID.They need each other.Same goes for other groups (ikr jaypark left T_T).My friend always talks about how a member comforts,teaches,corrects etc other members.Without one member (or more) they might feel sad about it ( i dont know the exact word for needing each other).So yah this is so stupid.Whos selha anyway?

          • Arxy°3

            Yeah and at the end how they say that he needs them more than they need him isn’t right. Without a leader? BTS wont be the same and they may even disband if he left..so please they need each other equally and at the moment Rm can do just fine on his own just like hope on his Solo Mixtape:)

          • an intellect

            It’s not that he’s GOING solo
            he just has a solo mixtape that legitimately everyone sleeps on (even though it’s so good)
            like hopeworld and agust d lol

          • Multiplefandomstan_

            What the hell is this? Just because his solo songs didnt rack up millions doesn’t mean he is nothing without BTS. BTS supports eachother, and help eachother through tough times. Before you go writing a fake article, check toyr facts beotch

        • BTS

          He would be nothing without them??he made bts he’s the leader So Like?Get Your Facts Straight Sis This Article Is Nothing Without Mentioning BTS..

          • Bangtan boyz ?

            Yeah right
            This article :rm ‘s solo is a flop
            Mono album : am I joke to you
            And also just saying there is no bts without rm so if you are gonna say shit like you need them more than they need you you better get your facts right ?‍♀??‍♀

          • Manami H

            Namjoon is a seriously talented, amazing artist.
            This article is fake news.
            ❤️U, Namjoon!

          • Manami H

            Namjoon is a seriously talented, amazing artist.
            This article is fake news.
            ❤️U, Namjoon!

        • CestLaV

          Poor uninformed soul, if you were concerned about your education as much as you’re concerned about BTS you would understand that’s not how defamation works.. Music is subjective my love, and that’s the beauty of art. While I agree the last paragraph was particularly……..shady, the numbers don’t lie.. The sing didn’t do nearly as well as other BTS solo singles.. If it makes you that angry, but the music instead of whining and threatening people online..

          • Rude

            You’re wrong.
            Each member of bts have their own fan base.
            Each fan base includes at least 4 million fans.
            So no, Rm can be successful whether he’s working solo or with bts.
            And lastly, nobody asked your opinion on what would happen to them in the future. Stop wasting your time on “poor uninformed souls”, as you said.

        • WWH

          I’ve been a proud BTS ARMY member since 2015, and I agree with @BTSArmygirl20 and everyone else here defending BTS, all the members are unique and work VERY hard. (together and solo) RM’s solo had no flaws, and this article is obviously someone just trying to put others down to make themselves feel better. I love the song Change and it’s obvious that this article should be reported and taken down for deflamation.
          And to @Hate life, nobody asked you for your opinion, and you clearly do hate your life to mess with BTS’s ARMY.

      • yourarticleisbogus

        okay. i stopped reading half way around the point of rap mon “going solo”. Firstly he never went tried to go solo, its more in the lines of doing an individual project? Also judging by the content of the song its most probably Rap mon was going for the soul of the music what the lyrics represent instead of the view counts on youtube. You are ill-informed and where do you get your “data” from? It sounds like you just made them up.

        • jungkookie

          I agree. Not that the other members do not write music (because they do) but a lot of the lyrics for BTS’s songs come from RM. While they are amazing alone, they are AWESOME together, and it’s not like RM is trying to leave. T_T

          • Maria

            Your comment was so well put and I agree with everything you said. The writer of this article just sounded ignorant in my opinion and clearly knows nothing about RM nor BTS as a whole.

        • Maria

          Your comment was so well put and I agree with everything you said. The writer of this article just sounded ignorant in my opinion and clearly knows nothing about RM nor BTS as a whole.

      • Linda gamez

        Wtfff is yout fucking problem??im sick of people who under appreciate kim namjoon aka rap monster. He’s such an amazing person not just a artist i just don’t get it he deserves waaay more attention hes such an amazing person sad to see PPL dont APPRECIATE him and what he does like who tf are u and other ppl who write dum article’s just to say mean stuff about him…it breaks ma heart he’s a person to uk who has feelings and im also speaking for other singers/rappers who are having to put up with this kind of crap imagine him having to read and scroll down this page how you think he feeels??like when ppl finally write stuff about him yall just like to talk smack huh?why don’t find something useful to do with your time?rap has all ma respect cuxx you dont know his life or his struggles that he had to overcome i admire him not just cuxx he hot or cute (cuxx oh damn right he is)that man is GORGEUS inside and outside, hes smart,sweet,there for his group, an amazing leader ,i would be honored to meet him in person and tell him all this maslef cuxx he deserves to hear positive things not negative things .i hope one he can read this cuxx he inspires me .im intrested to becoming an artist one day.so i look up to him alot ma name is linda and for the person who wrote this article and erryone who’s like u i pitty yall. Beaides the fact yall all haters apparently yall can’t find smarter ways to waste time in your hands hope yall can get a life .and for rap monster who’s ma fav from the bts group much luv for ya and nv stop to hear what ppl say about u .you are strong you are smart,talented beautiful person inside and out .you have all ma support follow your dreams and don’t let your haters get to you cutiee ??may you get lot’s of love blessings take care rap monster ❤

      • Anonymous

        seriously. obviously, this person has NO IDEA what they’re talking about. there was another article that was all “Is BTS addicted to plastic surgery?” and yes, namjoon got work done on his nose BECAUSE HIS NASAL PASSAGES WERE MESSED UP AND HE COULD HAVE DIED.

      • King Namjoon

        Good grief this article is so stupid. Honestly I think it was only made to get reads from triggered ARMYs

        • Facts

          I’m a hundred percent positive it was. I know, because every time I try to Google anything about Namjoon or bts, this article has been popping up. Annoyingly. They’re sponsoring it, most likely. I only took the time to click it after seeing it a dozen fuckin times, jeez. At least write well if you’re going to promote your writing. This was a piss poor excuse for journalism.

      • Anonymous

        Whoever writes these fucking articles is a literal dumbass

      • IWant2FrickingSlapU

        This article is so biased and unprofessional, everything about it is just straight-up stupid. Just because RM’s solo didn’t rack up millions, you attack him of being a failure. I’m not sorry to tell you that your article is trash. No one needs it and maybe you should just go and improve your writing skills before you go typing up some garbage like this. I am ridiculously unsatisfied with this piece of crap.
        People like you are disgusting.

      • BTS

        What’s wrong with the author of this article?!?!? He would be fine on his own! What’s ur problem, he is an amazing artist even without the rest of the boys!

    • Ttch

      I agree, Rapmonster wasn’t even trying to go solo or leave BTS, all he did was a collab. He maks amazing music, with or without BTS and you’re just here making shitty articles about things THAT ARE NOT TRUE. BTS FORMED because of him. HE wasthe FIRST MEMBER to join, Get your facts straight.

      • BTSArmygirl20

        He has another song called do you. It’s amazing.

      • Cndie

        It seems to me the writer lacks credibility and is writing this to create noise and draw attention to his site. Benefiting off the popularity of BTS. Individuals from groups break away from time to time to collab, but rarely with intention to leave. Especially KPOP groups. The writer writes a trash article without understanding the kpop culture. Lame.

        • Doreen

          EXACTLY!! You took the words right out of my mouth.

          • MADDD

            FAKE! You really don’t know or understand what you just typed to you? How do you agree with such ignorance?

          • Namjoons bitch


      • BTS❤Army

        He’s amazing and very talented. First of all there wouldn’t be BTS if there wasn’t a Rap Monster. Without Rap Monster BTS would be just like any other group . He is a part of BTS ,they’re family. BTS needs RapMon and RapMon needs the members of bts when they’re feeling low.They need each other’s support in whatever they do.
        Honestly, this article is just lame and disrespectful. Saying that he’s nothing without BTS is just lame. Whoever made this article should think about his/her own life and stop thinking about RapMonster because he’s very successful and happy. ~Army

        • Namjin shipper

          now this is what I call ARMY. You rock girl

          • Person

            What the hell!? I wholeheartedly disagree and think this is rubbish. It seems just to gain attention from upset army’s. I literally cried reading this. HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.

    • taehyung

      also the mv came out so suddenly and the fans all over the world with different time zones mind you, did not prepare for it like when spring day or not today came out bc those dates were announced and fans satued ul late and know when its coming out like seriously stop being biased.

      • Really now?

        This wasn’t even a solo, it’s a collab with Wale. If you’re gonna insult him Resnikoff, at least get the facts right.

    • Grazie

      I believe that RapMon has a strong skill and the one who wrote this is just a hater trying to defame a Bangtan member. This post is so biased and very judgmental. This is not true.

      • Potanaydamo taka

        Has anybody told you your article is a trash? it was so terrible i vomit everything i consumed today. You disgust me being a human and share the same world with you

    • Daniela Arvizu

      Yes like why would someone write and publish this i just they take this down or atleast apologize for this lack of professionalism ugh i swear sometimes people go way to far it’s not like namjoon is already leaving bts gosh get the information first before posting stupid articles.

    • justice

      You are right I personally only visit this site to cuss. The crew of this site are without any douth insane .

      • Ddaeng

        Tbh, I feel like they just let any random person write and it ends up like this: a false, stupid, inaccurate load of crap, dissing someone who has worked hard to get where he is today. Some people honestly don’t have lives and just spend their time trying to bring others down. Well, guess what hoe? It’s not going to work because BTS has ARMY to support them. Which is way more than you petty haters. Some true poetry, and I quote: “Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. Live a life man. Good luck” Thank you. <3 (I'm saying this to the article writer and any other haters)

    • Jin_and_his_dad_jokes

      I agree with you this lacks any professionalism at all clearly they don’t realize how amazing rap monster is and he doesn’t need to go solo because he loves the BTS just as much as they love him

    • Bangtan sonyeondan

      Really? Are you saying this because you want to gain attention from your article for many people will react or are just stupid cuz you dont even know how each of the members will be doing without rapmon huh? Or how theyll all be doing without each other. Think boi this is Bangtan and your dealin with the Armys

    • Army

      No, you’re nothing. Without writing this shitty piece of article you’re nothing. Now that your getting attention bcuz of you stupidity what’s next? Writing another trashy article about bangtan 2 years from now? That aint gonna happen no

    • IGOT7

      my favorite bias in the bts is rap monster but the news fuckkkk

    • Kim Nara

      I laughed so hard everytime i read this article.
      It just, whats wrong with a MV? A music isn’t only about the ‘visual’ right?
      If he can’t listen to the song well, and can’t recognize how daebak the lyrics are, so he better keep silent and re-think about his entire life.
      Just say that he can’t enjoy a rap song so the problem solved and he doesn’t had to say that Namjoon was nothing without BTS. And Rap Monster NEVER failed his solo attempt
      Really, I think this is about his fav kind of music, not about Rap Monster.
      Because if you love to listen a rap or hiphop song, you’ll know Change is one of the great songs.

    • BTS ARMY

      If he knew anything about BTS, he would know their solo stuff IS NOT any member leaving, unlike American groups. They dont do everything together, and Agust D, Jungkook’s covers, and the various things they do alone get about the same amount of attention as Rap Monster solo. This is so pathetically researched and written that Im laughing. He thinks Rapmon is going solo, leaving the band when they have all made wishes to stay in BTS FOR A VERY LONG LONG TIME. I will be there for it as well, and idiots like him will just be smothered by army.


      omg right? they should make cypher 5 about this guy

      BTS – Bts Cypher Pt. 5 – RESNIKOFF STFU

    • DY

      okay, so RM is nothing without bts? Then, what is is whithout nothing? Oh yeah, YOU WHEN U LOSE UR JOB! take these stupid fake rumors of this page! please, even if u get all of our attention, ur just getting urself into trouble! even if this is thru, we still love our kim namjoon, plus, hes the leader and he was the one who managed to get some of the other members into BTS, so before u post these stupid nonsensical blogs, do ur research, army aint dumb u know!

    • Elle

      You’re right. This article is incredibly rude and biased. It says that his song garnered about 4 million views in 10 days and say that BTS song’s garnered 60 million but don’t mention how long it took to get to 60 million. I’m not saying Rap Mon did amazing on his own, but did it warrant an article this cold? C’mon man.

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      1) rapmon did not even intend to go solo or leave bts, he just collabed with an artist he admired, so go research before you go around spreading false rumors.

      2) armys all over the world have diffrent time zones and the date for this was not told in advance like for their official mvs

      3) we armys actually took time to enjoy the music and understand it instead of just streaming, since the meaning behind it is really amazing.

      4) your articles are all very negative and unprofessional as you dont even do proper research before publishing them. Why do you focus on all the negative things (which arent even true) and not focus on their achievments? This is supposed to be news about music, and yet youre writing articles about plastic surgery. Seriously?

      5) rapmonster is nothing without bts? YOU are nothing without writing these negative articles about bts. Dont mess with us and go get a life you idiot.

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      Guess whos starring in cypher pt 6….

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      “I like hate comments better than no comments”

      Dear paul, i highly suggest you to go and get a life because no matter what you do, youll always just be a puny hater compared to bts and rapmonsters success. Hope you have a good evening 🙂

    • Eunsol

      i know man like rap monster is extremely talented and this is disrespecful this reporter can kiss my ass.
      So please get your facts straight

    • this article is straight trash

      agreed, this “writer” can’t even call himself a writer if this is the work he is putting out

    • anonymous

      I agree. He’s thirsty for attention (and hate, which is really stupid).

      • Namjoon’s Bitch at it again ?

        Okay this will be my second time educating you attention seekers. NAMJOON IS A KING. I don’t think you ever went UNICEF to present a speech to the United Nations. I don’t think you made 2 solo albums that reached the charts and hit the souls of many people. I don’t think you’re an attractive person like namjoon who can make girls want a new daddy. SIS NAMJOON IS POPPIN RIGHT NOW I DONT KNOW BUT YOU SOUND LIKE AN UNCULTURED SWINE WHO DONT KNOW TH GENUINE TRUTH ABOUT TALENT FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. I HAVE NEVER SEEN NAMJOON BE AN ATTENTION SEEKER IF ANYTHING PPL DON’T PAY ENOUGH ATTENTION TO HIM. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT MY MANS.

    • Peace

      Do your research! Poor student!
      This article is just gibberish!

    • AngryArmy

      AGREE! This article is assuming that RM wanted to go solo; RM is still a part of BTS and he doesn’t want to leave. HE JUST WANTED TO MAKE HIS OWN STYLE OF MUSIC AND COLLAB WITH AN AMERICAN ARTIST. LET HIM MAKE HIS OWN MUSICAL DECISIONS.

      Digital Music News, you have made every ARMY your enemy. I can’t believe you would disrespect Rap Monster like that. BTS was FOUNDED on RM! He was the first member to enter BigHit, and he is the leader, the backbone, the center of BTS. Disrespect him again and you’ll never rest.

    • Hhgv

      Rapmon is a racist and plagarizer…fuck him like he does to jungkookoo in the ass

      • A

        Sorry dude, stop being a total loser, you sound like you’re 5 and a total cliche. Racist? Clearly you’re not culturized but his comment about ‘looking black’ is a phrase about skin tones and being tan, nothing about it was racist considering they grew up not knowing it was that kind of racist. Plagerism? Give an actual example.

      • go crazy aghh go stupid w/ namjoons bitch ??

        bitch where? you haven’t given me the receipts to prove that. HE IS LOYAL. AND A GOOD MAN SISTER Bang PD pulled a prank on namjoon saying that he needs to go solo but NAMJOON said himself that he can’t do that and he could never leave his group behind and he wants to continue being the leader of BTS AND LOOK WHERE THEY ARE TODAY ….. MAKING HISTORY SIS. I mean if you’ve watched the boot camp episodes they did you can see NAMJOON flirting with hella people of color and talking about the importance of them ( that doesn’t seem like a racist to me ) sis you are a h8ter no one likes h8ters so therefore i hope you fall into a sewer drain

      • Kola

        1. How is he racist?
        2. Nobody’s perfect.
        He started from the bottom and worked his way to the top. He’s a multi-platinum Rapper, songwriter, and producer. When he started he didn’t even encouragement from his own mother. This article is extremely incorrect in my book. According to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), BTS has 2 Albums and 5 songs all of which are certified gold & Platinum. An Rm had a part in making all of these tracks that are certified gold & Platinum. His solo career is not a failure he has put out 2 mixtapes and has worked with some amazing artists such as Waren G, Wale, Honne, Tiger Jk, MFBTY, Fall Out Boy, and many others. If anything his solo career is more than successful. And as a person of color, I have not seen him be or act racist. If you’re referring to him saying ”naega” in songs that is a commonly used word in Korean that means I. As if you were talking about your self. It is not racist in any way, shape or form. I understand if you mishear it and think he’s saying the N-Word. As a conclusion don’t say things about other people if you don’t have evidence to back up what you’re saying.

      • iamconfused

        What is this? What good is this going to get you in life? Whatever this is it is gross and uneducated.

    • RMisLife

      Wtfff, what kind of sh?t article is this? Its true that BTS as a whole is very popular and it would be hard to break from that mold, but RM would make a great solo artist. Seriously, the question should be what would BTS be without RapMon? Because he’s the one that’s written most of BTS’s most popular songs, so BYE Felicia.

    • You said RM is nothing without BTS but it's the other way around

      This article infuriates me like I don’t even know where to begin. There are other aspects to consider for it’s popularity like promotion (barely promoted) and of course any new artist to venture out of a group would receive far less attention than the group’s projects itself. Is that even an issue? Who even wrote this? This is not qualified journalism, not even for entertainment. Goodness gracious, he’s not even planning to go solo, it’s just an individual project. Back then, when Bangtan wasn’t even that famous yet, he was given a choice to continue with BTS or go solo and he chose BTS in a heartbeat. If that was his choice before they were even famous, how do you think now? He loves the boys with all his heart and wouldn’t consider leaving them. This just spreads misinformation, please delete this article.

    • anon

      I seriously hope that Namjoon never sees this article because it is SO disrespectful. BTS wouldn’t be the same without Namjoon! He’s an incredibly talented artist, perfectly fit to do solo work, but also strengthens the group with his skills. This article should be deleted, honestly. Totally unprofessional.

    • A

      Ugh this article. From the fandom’s point of view, this extremely disrespectful. From a journalist point of view, this is completely S-T-U-P-I-D.

      1. This article is seemingly irrelevant considering the fact that not one person has said anything about leaving BTS. Basically what I mean is, the backbone of this article isn’t there. It was founded on a imaginary base.
      2. Your data/statistic’s are not incredibly solid. What I’m reading is just “If you go onto YouTube you see this and this” Not to mention the fact that you were comparing the Rate of Views in a song. 4 Million in 10days is compared to 60million (no time limit isn’t announced). And that was the ONLY piece of data’s that you used to support your article, that’s not a solid claim at all!
      3. It seems as if you’re trying to explain something and be ‘cool’ about it, this article is just plain ridiculous! “Take it from me kid, don’t ditch your Bangtan Boys just yet” Seriously?! Are we talking about the same Namjoon who stuck with BTS through thick and thin? The one who had to watch everyone come and go? The one who never said a f*cking word about actually leaving? This article seems to have absolutely 0 knowledge on ARMY and BTS, and they idiotically tossed out claim. The funniest thing about all this is the fact that’s RM actually has said something about staying in BTS, and about how he never lost hope for the group. That contradicts your entire article.

      Take my words of advice and don’t quit school just yet. Kid. -A

    • P I S S E D

      Exactly. That last sentence got to me. “You need them more than they need you.” Really?!?? (Not in a rude way.) BTS wouldn’t have happened without RM and RM produces most of the music. So, in conclusion, if RM wasn’t here you wouldn’t hear half of the songs you listen to. (By BTS) This is very unprofessional and I want this taken down. (Not your comment, the article.)

    • 1

      Lmao its funny because namjoon is a hundred times more famous than whoever wrote this will ever be. Try again boo because he’s on top of the world and nothing your sad ass can say is gonna bring him down.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. This is a grown adult? I dunno. This is the opinion of someone who puts others down, AKA a bully, and bullies have been torn down before.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck off
      Namjoon is the glue that holds BTS together.
      His mixtape was the shit.
      And you can go suck my ass

    • This website SUCKZ ASS

      This ppl need to get their act together.
      While BTS is making millions they’re here writing these wack ass articles. Are you even a adult?

    • ermmy

      who’s here after mono became the korean album with the most #1 on itunes, surpassing the ly:albums.

    • IKR

      The article lack informations. I think the write just write bs to pissed off readers to get responses.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely agree and they make it seem as if rm wants to leave bangtan, which is so incorrect it made me cringe

    • Hello.

      Yeah, what is wrong with this reporter?! Why is he so intent on listing flaws he sees in BTS/Kpop? He’s probably just jealous that Kpop is so popular- that’s why he wants everyone to see what HE THINKS are flaws. He needs to get a life and understand that he wouldn’t be able to do what BTS did, and what did he say? That Namjoon is nothing without BTS? Uhh Hello Namjoon made BTS, He is their Glue. So reporter guy- QUIT YOUr JOB AND GIT A LIFE.

    • H8 Biased BS Music News

      This is pure BS leave RM alone. Stop being biased. RM is the leader of BTS. Get your facts right Digital Music News. Wait, it’s not Digital Music News its Biased BS Music News.

    • Sofia

      A year later….
      RM from the group BTS breaks BTS selling record, with new solo album

    • LMAO

      They have been posting negative reviews about K-pop as far as I see. Especially BTS because that’s probably the only K-pop group they know. They’re probably salty about the growing popularity of foreign pop lmao

    • LMAO

      Also this entire album was filled with songs that have lyrical meaning. Not a diss track, not a track to the haters, not a track for ‘charisma’ but about soul and meaning. Clearly they didn’t ‘research’ right

    • RM bias

      exactly, this article is rubbish and should be take off, who are they to diss RM my bias.

    • Anonymous

      eye had to laugh sis, wtf is this shit. A year kater and Mono released. And it SLAPS. i’m nog even gonna waste

    • Stream Mono ?

      eye had to laugh sis, wtf is this shit. A year kater and Mono released. And it SLAPS. i’m not even gonna waste my time posting a comment on this bullshit. I hope that the person that wrote this is gonna see a doctor soon, it’s clear that the person that wrote this is not in the right state if mind 🙂
      Anyway everyone that commented nice things and disagreed with this. I purple you lol

    • To journalist wannabe

      Well Mr founder and publisher of music news, your article comes from such an evident ignorance and obvious null research that it looks like you’re just looking for clout. So sad it’s the only way this website can get views instead of trying to make a little real journalism. Now we are doing the web a favor and report you as a defamation site to BTS’ company. They are taking legal actions against such trash but on second thought you are so worthless that your site might be discarded. What a shame that just about anyone can call himself “publisher” this days.

    • Angela (RM STAN, SO FIGHT ME)


    • A BC

      I know, right?! His solo album “mono.” broke the charts and is still garnering streams on multiple platforms.

      His collaboration wasn’t promoted much, which is why it didn’t get as much attention. Half of the fandom doesn’t even know about it because BigHit didn’t focus their resources on promoting it. I’m not bashing BigHit for that–they obviously know how to manage idols. But this?! This article is pathetic and ridiculous.

    • Bangtani

      Ya so true! The author cant say it cause rm released solo with lil nas x seoul town road

    • Beach

      Disgusting writing. What a way to put someone down. So unprofessional. Maybe give up writing? For sure, RM can write better than you and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like K-POP.

    • Dallas Spelman

      Exactly, they shouldn’t say that kind of stuff, without giving true facts

    • Dallas Spelman

      they shouldn’t say that kind of stuff, without giving true facts

    • Anonymous

      I agree, honestly its just hate on joonie :(.

  2. ten

    1) i’d hardly call 4 million views a failure + most of the solo stuff by other members does similarly well.

    2) rap monster isn’t even trying to leave bts. he just happened to have the opportunity to collaborate with an artist he admired, and he hopped on the chance.

    3) bts also wouldn’t be as successful without rap monster, who produces and writes many of their songs.

    4) i’ve noticed that your articles about bts all seem to have this negative, salty tone to them. seems like you don’t even really like them – not sure why you’re writing about them, then. guess you need bts to get yourself some views too!

    • Fabloid

      5) he’s an anti and all of these articles should be reported to Big Hit for defamation

      • lol

        This isn’t even close to defamation, but if you want to waste the company’s time by sending them opinion articles you disagree with, then go ahead.

        • Beca

          You’d be surprised at what constitutes defamation by Korean policies. Not that it wouldn’t be a waste of time since this isn’t published to a Korean domain and these tasteless, ill meaning “articles” will keep on being just that.

        • shut up

          Then stop reading articles. So if you won’t say something that would help, shut up!

    • Kai Kai

      Ikr look at Suga he seems pretty successful to me. even if they did not make it in the US, they are still popular in Korea!

      • Anti Remover

        what makes you think that Namjoon isn’t successful? Yoongi’s music videos did the same thing in terms of views in youtube. don’t talk shit when u don’t know shit about their popularity

    • j

      lol honestly. Namjoon had plenty of great side-projects outside bts, and they might not have hit it the way group projects did because bighit never intended them to. Minimal production + minimal promotions, etcetc, these projects were never supposed to be an attempt at going solo. They were done for fun, pleasure and to indulge his desire of artistic expression (or for bsns, tbt fantastic 4 aka ppl PAYING for a performance of Namjoon, solo, because a. he delivers & b. Namjoon, by himself, SELLS). And for what they were, they hold themselves up just nicely imo lol

      Regardless of what petty & irrelevant web article authors have to say, and whatever unprompted & pointless web articles they write, Namjoon is doing just fine, thank you. If he chooses to go solo, backed up by BH, he would be tremendously successful. Already is. There you got your views, your comments and your attention. Now stop saying dumb shit lmao

      • Army

        don’t start that back up, someone’s already confirmed that Selja was hacked

    • Hate life

      Lol ????????r u trying to prove it …..4million<<<1billion. …

  3. Lulu

    Are you really pathetic enough to make this article? After reading all the other utterly disgusting things you right, I shouldn’t be surprised that you had stooped to this level. What exactly do you have against BTS? Namjoon has no plans to leave bts, and we can already see the views on the music video without this half-assed article you wrote just to get negative attention and to click with people into reading your garbage. So before you try and judge people in the music industry, I suggest at least having a wiki page. You say Namjoon is nothing without BTS, but you’re nothing without then either, seeing as you gotta make money with these click-baity articles to get people riled up and pay more attention. Do everyone a favor and stop while you’re here, because trust me, if you’ve seen anything army is capable of doing, you’re going to want to.

    By the way, spreading fake rumours about BTS and bighit WILL get you in court by bighit themselves – just wanted to tell you that so you know, seeing all you pay attention to is YouTube views. 4M views is bigger than you’ll ever have fans on your page. Bye!

    • SUZzy Q

      You are dumb. You do realize OUTSIDE of Korea Big Hit has ZERO POWER in the United States? Or are you too far up BTS ass to realize this. Big hit would have to petition the US gov and even then it would fall under OUR laws and this is NOT slander or anything if the like this is an OPINION. I suggest you Army’s finish your Education first before you decide to say things you clearly don’t know about.

    • BTSArmygirl20

      And this person could go to jail for defamation by basically writing a bunch of articles.

  4. J

    When you write articles about BTS, can you stop making them sound like they’re doing rude things? It’s hurtful and disrespectful, and if you continue on like this, you might get sued. Please take them into consideration.

  5. HOpe_Sunshine

    he is not and won’t leave his team–or should i say his family. What are you doing to the man who asked –which one will you choose, solo or bts and answered not in second, i choose bts–? Don’t post anything if you know nothing. Don’t make this world more complicated as it seems. If you want to post anything related to bts, please do more research. News is all about fact. Don’t embarrass yourself.

  6. Anonymous

    You know what? I’ve had enough of these articles. What does everyone have to do to get it in your THICK HEAD that your articles are utterly biased and stupid? No one even wants to read your articles. 4 million views is actually impressive, for a solo, and other groups garner the same amount of views. You need to rethink your whole life and find out what went wrong, because you’re a disgrace, really. You make me ashamed. Before bashing idols that are on top right now (let alone ANY idols), why don’t you TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF and realise that YOU ARE NOTHING in comparison, except for an overly jealous obsessed BIGBANG ‘fan’ (they deserve much better btw, they’d probably be UPSET if they knew you were a ‘fan’ of them). It also makes me laugh, really, that you’re resorting to hate articles just because BTS are beating your ‘faves’. Also, don’t bother replying, or even showing your name in the comment section, because it’ll just prove you’re needy for attention (and you have nothing else to do with your life). Actually, go ahead and spam the comment section, BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE.

    • .

      This is so true- like the only reason I clicked on this article was because it was about RapMonster and I’ve never even seen this site before.

      • BTSArmygirl20

        I’ve never saw this site before when i saw this article i was so mad. Rap monster is amazingly talented with or without BTS. The collab he did with wale is amazing(youtubers are even reacting to the video) and his other solo hit ‘do you’ is amazing.

    • SUZzy Q

      Army’s are just immature brats who spew empty threats. News flash for you, this is an OPINION and as I said above you little shits need to stay in school. Always talking shit about how big and powerful your fandom is. Powerful on what Twitter? Ohhh big people on campus. Shut the fuck up

      • BTSArmygirl20

        I’ve never saw this site before when i saw this article i was so mad. Rap monster is amazingly talented with or without BTS. The collab he did with wale is amazing(youtubers are even reacting to the video) and his other solo hit ‘do you’ is amazing.

      • BTSArmygirl20

        SUZzy Q you do realize people like you(the antis), are basically going to jail because of shit like this article. And army’s don’t throw threats, it’s antis and selja. You really don’t think bighit takes things seriously??? It doesn’t matter what country you live in, you slander their musicians, they will take action.

      • Choke on BTS' success

        Someone’s a bit salty today, don’t get your panties too twisted though.

      • Choke on BTS' success

        Someone’s a bit salty today, don’t get your panties too twisted though lmao.

      • Common Sense

        My Gooddness, Suzzy darling, all my life I’ve been searching for a Queen like you. ‘Queen of hypocrites !” On one hand you bash people about keeping their opinions to themselves and on the other hand you go on spewing your shitty ones out in the open. Really. Can I applaud you ? Can I ? If anything, I would suggest you take a look at yourself first before going on hating others. Clearly, there is a way to put forth your opinion – in a respectable and a civilised manner (but what would you know ?) And may I point out that since you’re reaching out to a large audience on this platform, your opinions should be neutral, the aggressiveness subdued and honestly… this article has none of that. Sorry to say that i had to stoop down to your level to make you understand, I don’t usually bother about pests like you but today, I just wanted to release all my frustrations and fortunately for me, you were the perfect target.

      • Paul fu*k off

        Can you just shut the fuvk up if you don’t know anything about us ? Will you?

      • ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

        Big hit have once sue some of the american youtubers if their contents are violating their copyrights. And its the internet,everything can be done with one click. America law or Korean law,if its wrong,actions will be taken. I really beleive that you didn’t read the other articles this site posted. Its kind of trigerring opinion. But keeps pn supporting hates, its fun ,ik?

  7. Paul= lowlife ;)

    I hope u lose your job, and never find one ever again 🙂

    • ARMY

      Lmao right such dumbass people behind this article 🙂

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      Ikr he has nothing to do besides slander bts, he should go get a life.

  8. Boi not today

    Guys, just report his articles to bighit!! He is spreading hate, I don’t even understand how he still has his job?!

    • Anonymous + wtf

      What is Bighit’s email? I would like to contact them about all of this.

  9. wtf

    lololol why don’t you write articles about the amazing things BTS have done? oh right, you’re a hater. the fact that you said Namjoon needs BTS makes me laugh because it’s actually YOU that needs BTS to get your articles recognition. without BTS no one would read your stuff. Also have fun, because I’m gonna spread your name throughout the fandom on youtube and other places. have fun when bighit sues your ass.

  10. Your career is failure Paul :)

    Rapmon’s career is more successful than yours so… :/
    I think you’re having a hard time loving yourself Paul, I sincerely pity you.

    Like RM said “I prefer hate comment than no comment”.
    And I apologise to Rapmon for even comparing him to someone as low as you.


    Rap monster’s reason for collabing with Wale isn’t an attempt to go solo you ignorant little bitch. Go get some quotes from him like you did in your last “article”.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re the founder of this dumb ass news company cause you can’t write shit
    Mrs. Resnikoff should’ve killed herself

  12. The Good Writer

    I don’t know about the writer but you are very lack of professionalism. I’m a writer too and it makes me feel so upset for this article. BTS is so good and better than most of K-Pop group nowadays. Honestly, most of your articles about BTS….really biased and hateful

  13. you again

    Not every thing needs to be have 50+ million views for it to be successful and good
    Rapmonster has always released solo tracks which has his own style which may not always fit with Bts’ music style (which again has lot of his input).
    Some one of his caliber does not need you to tell him what to do and and what not to.
    He is just being productive or may be even sharpening his skills and creativity.
    This collab did nothing but added a bit more to Bts’ already enormous popularity, which is good any day.
    Bts is at a level where they can easily release music without worrying too much about the outcome ( i don’t think they ever did).

    Rapmoster can release solos whenever and collaborate with whoever he wants.
    Please seriously stop writing these pathetic articles and making someone’s work look pitiful before someone will take serious action.

  14. stfu

    guys i think he knows that what he is doing is wrong and is just using click baits
    just dont comment any on his articles and repot it to bighit

  15. disappointed

    please stop leaving biased articles like this! 4 million views is not modest by any means, and Namjoon has no intention of leaving BTS: he is only pursuing solo work at the same time. please also stop only writing negative articles about BTS: it’s unprofessional and frankly does not give you a very good reputation, but then again, you seem like a bit of a troll, so I guess that’s what you’re going for. either way, I would watch what you say, because spreading hurtful rumors like this can hurt you and others a lot in the end


    SERIOUSLY? What do you have against BTS? All your articles about them are negative, and extremely bias. There is absolutely no reason to have anything against them at all. I’m proud of how many views Rap Monster has on this and the song was great. Be careful, because Big Hit can sue you. I really pity you Paul, sinking down to this level. You’re such a mystic scum.

  17. Anonymous

    I just want you to know that RM has no plans on leaving BTS. You keep making this articles that ain’t even true. About the collaboration of RM and Wale, if you only watch their videos and interviews, I guess you will find the rightful answer. Well, since I watched a recent interview of BTS, I just want to clarify things out. RM has no plans on leaving BTS. Based on their recent interview, RM mentioned that he loves listening to Wale’s Musics. Until one day, Wale offered RM for a collaboration. And as what RM said, he was like freaking out because he just used to listen at Wale’s music, and now, both of them has done a collaboration.

    ^^ That’s from a recent interview this March, just so you know. So I just wanted to know how the hell did Rap Monster’s collaboration with Wale makes it look like he’s going to leave BTS. SOOO, if you just want to spit out negative things about Rap Monster and BTS, well, I guess you shall stop right from this moment.

    • Stfu

      Dang! You’re right! Just saw a recent interview today April 3 from Front Row Live Ent. and Rap Monster did metion something about the collaboration. He did said that Wale even suggested to do a collaboration and that he (RM) loves Wale’s musics. That proves you wrong Paul!

  18. Kim Giu

    No, you and your whole career is what is a failure. You’re a sad, blinded person who wouldn’t even take the time to know and research for facts, instead go for the easy way of media slavery and stupidity. Good luck because you clearly need it.

  19. Anonymous + wtf

    I emailed bighit and reported this troll… hopefully they take care of him asap. Everyone else should report him to bighit too.

  20. lol

    lol this is pathetic, I’m sorry your life sucks so much that you use it to discourage other people

  21. Salty

    You say namjoon is nothing without Bts but your nothing without Bts you use them constantly for attention because your own career isn’t doing so well stop trying to use bts for their fame

  22. Ray

    You’re just looking for attention and you’ll get it when you recieve a warning from bighit to stop defamating bts or their members. I’ve already reported you.

  23. you'llBeinCYPHERpt.6

    Thanks for watching our guys. I think it’s just ‘START’ of Rap Monster to the Whole World he just start! ‘TIME WILL TELL’
    but now keep watching our guys boy someday you’ve to change your mind

  24. rose

    Just as i though. ARMY’s will really come here and defend our boys. Next time, please don’t ever click and read any article from “DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS”. Don’t click, read and comment!!!!

  25. Jerika

    What’s your problem?

    Have BTS done something to you? Why don’t you just not invest time on them if you only acknowledge their weaknesses and not their achievements.

    Very unprofessional dude. Get a life!

  26. ARMY

    Dear Digital Music News…please don’t write about something you didn’t understand.

  27. ARMY4evar

    So…I just want to say that Rap Monsters Mixtape was on the TOP50 list of best Hip-Hop Albums of 2015(He also was the first Korean ever in the list)!
    And by the way…HE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE BTS! (and his and the career of BTS is just at the Beginning…they will make it even bigger and better!) So don’t write about things you didn’t understand!;)

  28. Paul I wish you die quickly

    I hope you die freak including your entire family suffer the same faith as you. You are full of hatred and misery. Low life pathetic Paul.

    • HI

      We all are angry about this and other articles by DMN but leave his family alone!sry for my bad english… I’m also very angry about it! We can just say that all these articles are shit!

      • Re: HI

        Hi. Ok but I will not be sorry or regret what I posted. That Devil Paul deserve it.. All the demolition job and negative publicity he is doing against BTS is too much. He deserve all the bad Karma and hope someone can expose his true color or intention. He should be exposed and sued.


    You need them a lot more then they need you? Are you kidding me!? BTS need RapMon and RapMon need BTS…They are all one!RapMon doesn’t want to leave BTS!!! His solo carrer is just by the way!He make it bc he want it! And I think RapMon also would do great as an solist! He can do both … BTS and solo carrier…and btw …Rap Monster is the main lyrics writer of BTS! They need them too! So don’t talk shit about all my Bangtan babys bc they will make it big!

  30. Salty article, unprofessional journalist

    Another prove you’re just biased and negative towards bts.
    No other news websites writing about rapmon x wale collaboration as rapmon’s attempt to go solo, and what do you mean it’s a failure? Who are you to judge?
    This is obviously a rumour you started. You’re like immature journalist who don’t know how to write proper news as you didn’t even bother to do research.
    Just like what you’re hoping, a recognition, I sincerely hope bighit will respond to you soon.
    They’ll surely know about you in no time.

  31. HI!!!

    BTW … This is k-pop… it’s normal in this genre that other of a group make a solo career and are still in the group…they just make both…they all don’t want to leave their groups! Expectly BTS want to be together for a long time!

  32. Anonymous

    Again this guy is on trashing BTS. Seriously does he have anything to do. You know what it’s a miracle that this trash isn’t banned yet. And what keeps it floating is all the haters and antis who are also trash like you.

  33. DMN is shiteau

    sorry but didn’t you know that Rap Monsters Mixtape was on the TOP 50 list of best Hip-Hop Albums 2015…he was the first Korean on the list! And soon he will bring another Mixtape! So I think his solo career is good… sure BTS is more popular as an Group…but Rap Monster is 99% focosing on BTS and only 1% at his solo career!bc he loves what he do in BTS… he is the main lyrics writer and composer…he also had produced a lot of it! So I think BTS need Rap Monster as much Rap Monster need them! He don’t want to leave BTS! So please do better research and don’t write shit!

  34. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, I’m pretty disappointed in your responses here. Sorry that Rap Monster didn’t really cut it as a soloist, it was a bad idea. People want BTS, not Rap Monster. He’s not JT!

    I hate to break the bad news, but Rap Monster might have done the Wale cut just to test the waters on his solo prospects.

    It’s not a good idea.

    Please don’t shoot the messenger (again)…

    • HI:D

      Hi Paul… Wale asked Rap Monster for a collab… Wale was and is a favorite Rapper vor him…he does solo things before that…He realeased a Mixtape and it was on the TOP 50 list of the best Hip-Hop Albums of 2015… Rap Monster want to stay in BTS…I don’t know if you knew that but the chef of BTS pranked him and asked him that he have to choose his solo career or BTS…he choose very fast BTS!…And I think JT is not compareable to Rap Monster! Both do very diffrent Music…and Rap MOnster is just at the begining…I don’t like your article but it’t okay… just keep living within your means… Please be healthy and have a wonderful day! And sorry bae for the comment(and my english xD) but this is my meaning…bye:D

    • Stop Writing

      You’re actually disgusting do you know that? If you knew anything about this situation by first researching like an actual credible journalist you’d know how much RM respects Wale and how much of a fan he is. He didn’t do it “to test out a solo career” He did it because one of his musical idols asked him to collaborate with him because Wale was impressed with what he had seen RM do. Rapmon took this opportunity and his platform to make an honest, meaningful song and made sure he actually sat down with Wale to discuss the differences in problems they have faced, and called for change in the world. It’s a song with a message. How dare you even imply RM did it for his own selfishness means? You’re a disgusting human being and I’m glad you’re being reported because everything you write about bts is disgusting. Shame on the university that passed you on your journalism qualifications, if you have any in the first place (I doubt it).

    • A person

      Hey Paul, i don’t know why you always approach progress with absolute negativity. You claim that rap monster thinks he is better than bts but you don’t have any concrete proof of rap monster making those claims. In addition since you want to talk failure of solo attempts then i ask you, is 4 million views considered as failure? And on what terms? I see that you are probably a big bang fanboy, if that is the case then why don’t you talk about Daesung(dlite) solo attempts and how dday only has 1.7 million views. I don’t see this as failure because true musicians don’t chase after success, but change. It is ok to have your opinion but writing an article based on uneducated assumptions with no concrete proof of any kind is idiotic for a journalist. I am a writer as well and though i applaud your witty approach to gain views, it simply saddens me to see such a waste of talent wasted on writing bullshit. Thank you!

    • WTF

      Seriously, like dude, don’t you have better things to do then to try and write bad articles about BTS all day??! GET A LIFE!!
      Rap Monster only did a collab with Wale, and you would’ve known that if you had done your research properly!

    • !! MUST READ THIS !!

      he make solo mixtape song with wale not to earn money!! like u!btch! make this article!!
      그냥 듣다 CYPHER 4 BTCHES..,.

    • Lily

      Hi, thank you for successfully creating a click bait article that pisses of countless fans of the group you are talking about but still manages to achieve its goal of getting clicks. I hope no one else clicks on this article because I know that’s exactly what outrages headlines like this are made for. I do not think you understand how the kpop scene works. Many artist in kpop release solo projects and even albums but that does not mean he is ever planning to leave his group. Also I’m pretty sure that most of the clicks on that music video with Wale we’re for Rap monster. Anyway none of this matters because I’m pretty sure Rap monster, a youngman with an IQ of 148 who taught himself English will never read this article or care about what it says. I hope you have a lovely day,
      Also if any Army’s see this don’t let it make you mad. This article doesn’t matter.

    • I´m so freakin tired of this....

      What the hell is your problem….he doesn’t want to be like Justin Timberlake he left
      N´Sync, Rapmonster is gonna stay in BTS…you make this stupid article sound like
      he´s gonna leave BTS….but what I have seen lately you mostly target Rapmonster the leader are you trying to spread false rumors (that no one is going to listen to)…everytime I see these type of things I get so pissed off…..you act like a writer when your actually not….your so fake….you don´t provide real evidence, you don´t say the truth, you don´t research thoroughly…..you learn all this when your in school…its a wonder how you became a writer with all this crap that doesn’t make sense, you assume things that are not true and you only do this to get a rise out of people (or something)….I thought articles are trying to make themselves the best, and trying to make people like them, but this article is the shittiest its as bad as the BTS and the Exo Fan war that´s going on now……(I always say i´m a fan of another boy band and that boy band is EXO….i´m an EXO´L) (In BTS by the way
      J-Hope….Hobi Hobi Hobi (Say it fast it´s fun) Is my bias and my bias wreker is V )

      I was on youtube and I see this Chanyeol VS Rapmon rap….I was like ok hopefully I don´t see an argument in the comment section and then I see it…Army (NOt all which I love for that) was insulting Chanyeol because of his rapping…we all know that Rapmonster is better then Chanyeol, (I think Chanyeol is good actually listen to Promise there is so much feel in his rap, but I dont know if you guys can feel it), but do you guys really….you guys hate this Paul guy (I do too I commented on his Rapmonster copy and others I always say i´m a fan of another boy band), but to be honest some of the Army´s that start this fan war are no better then this fake writer….(I´m angry at Exo L´s too but I cant comment because I forgot my youtube sign in password…ooops)…..we get it chanyeol isn’t as good as rapmonster but do you guys really have to insult them, yes you guys are either trying to make BTS look good by saying (I read these and Army´s made these, not the exact way I put them I cut out some parts i´m just showing the parts that made me soooo mad because the other parts were irrelevant XP) ¨Ewww I litteraly had to listen to rapmonsters rap to clear my ears of chanyeol´s rap” or ¨Why do they do this Exo VS Bts rap thing, we all know that Bts is gonna win because the vocal line is better and dancing line is way more better¨ (Bruh exo´s vocal line is better no offense Army´s but everyone says so too BTS just needs to improve and then they could have a very good vocal line that could probably beat Exo, but who knows because Exo´s vocal libe is like Amazing I mean have you hear my bias wrecker Bacon (Baekhyun like omg El Dorado recommended listen to his high note)….and they´re dancing is better as well but the competition has nothing to with this….only rap….

      I would put more but I don´t want to bore you guys or only make it seem like i´m tying to bash BTS (I love them too)….but I dont care if I get hate for this I just want to end this stupid fanwar and also I dont mean to brag but (I do sorry)….I get to go to the BTS concert in L.A. this saturday XP….and for that why the hell are people starting fan wars…whether its BTS Army or the Exo L´s that started it first I don´t care…..but why are these fan wars starting in the first place I just want it to end…..this is getting annoying….

      Please try stopping this fanwar if you guys agree with me I really want it to stop…..and if you see an Exo´L say something ignore them, or say ¨Really you call yourself a fan of Exo when your only disrespecting they´re name….this is why we have these stupid fan wars¨ you could put the first part if you want but please help me try stopping it, because I cant (My youtube I dont remember the password and someone stole my phone i´m stupid I know, i´m using my school Chromebook actually) i´m gonna be a highschooler…..usually some of you people that hate Exo for no reason say that most of his fans are children or are acting like children and thats why they say bad things about BTS but i´m a kind of a child myself, but you dont see me hating on BTS starting any of these meaningless Wars you exo haters say hurtful things like they are so bad at rapping, they’re so fake and all those things but if they were fake they wouldnt work work theyre butts off when theyre fake, they wouldnt break theyre legs is they were fake, they wouldnt bleed if they were fake (Lay), they wouldnt shed tears if they were fake but they all did these things, they shed blood, sweat, and tears (LOL BTS)….(Love some of you that don´t bash Exo thank you sooo much XOXOXO Gossip Girl LOL)…

      I END NOW

    • Anonymous

      Lol I knew you would comment, didn’t I say so? you’re so needy for attention that you need to comment yourself. And have fun, because I (and a lot of other ARMYs) have already reported you to BIGHIT.

    • Rose

      You’re disappointed?! You’re scum; you have no right to be disappointed in anyone. You may not like BTS or Rap Monster and nobody is forcing you to. But as a journalist, you are responsible for the things you write. Publishing false bullshit you pulled out of your dirty, salty ass like this is just creating fodder for a huge lawsuit. I suggest you either fix your nasty tendency to be such a bitch and clean up your act or you’ll see just how frightening the consequences of cyber crime can be.
      “Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you.” -Suga, Cypher PT. 2

    • My L (@MyLakusa)

      Paul you really don’t know much about KPOP. Rap Monster is not trying to go solo. B.T.S. provides 98 percent of the revenue for Big Hit so as you say, Rap Monster is nothing without B.T.S., Big Hit is Nothing without B.T.S. which means they are not trying to make Rap Monster a solo artist. They are trying to get the group more well known in the U.S. market which doing collabs can assist in that. Second, the collab is a rap, many fans like B.T.S. because of their singing, not everyone has an interest in rap which leads to less views. Third, it is in English. All Korean artists who put out English songs get less views because KPOP fans are fans because the songs are in Korean. Many KPOP fans can’t stand ANYTHING that resembles American music and the songs that do will get less views. Comparing RM to JT is like comparing bread to watermelon. The fans aren’t hating on you because you think he has failed, they are hating because you don’t know what you are talking about. Before you talk about how the song is such a failure try researching. The fact that it has 4 million views is a miracle, not a failure. English songs by Kpop artists don’t fair well in the Kpop arena because the fans want Korean music. Also, the views on Kpop songs aren’t at 60 million because it’s popular with that many people. It’s at that number because KPOP fans will stream songs, have campaigns to stream the songs just to increase the views and they will do that even for a year just so their K-artist can have large number view. American fans don’t do that. Honestly, I’m pretty disappointed in YOUR reply. You really sound like a kid trying to take candy from a baby. It seems more like a comment from a jealous teen than a professional writer.

    • just stop

      Kpop idols do collabs with other musicians/do solo work all the time(exo, big bang, SNSD, 2ne1, fx, ect ect), it doesn’t mean theyre trying to be soloists at all. Namjoon breaking up the group is extremely unlikely honestly, if anything when their time comes it’ll be when most of the members agree they want to split; as the leader, and someone who cares about the other members, namjoon is just too group orientated to do something that selfish. And anyways it doesn’t make any sense, namjoon can do solo work and be with his group (as lots of idols do), dropping bts would be unnecessary and dumb. It seems like you know very little about the korean music industry and are just going off your knowledge of western music industries and applying it to korean musicians, given how you keep comparing to nsync…theyre totally different. You might actually know a thing or two is you even bothered with any sort of research that exceeds 10 minutes.

    • someonewhoisdonewithyourwhiteass

      BTS members make solo songs all the time, however, they would never consider leaving the group, I have been a fan for years and the one thing I know is that he would NEVER do that, honestly idk why you’re even writing about a K-pop group? the only reason some people know you is because you write shitty articles that make no sense and piss people off, BTS make money by working hard and having actual TALENT, unlike your dumbass who talks all this shit but I fucking bet you couldn’t say it to their face, because you’d look like an idiot saying all this shit about people you don’t even know, BTS is harmless so I don’t know why you have some vendetta against them but ain’t nobody got time for your pathetic ass, do some research before you speak, bye hoe.

  35. Army

    what the f**k is wrong with you? 😐
    If you don’t know how to write an article I suggest you to do something else-_-
    I don’t call a 4m views a failure

  36. Me

    What the fuck is wrong with this article??! Kinda immature for you to write this kind of stuff. Namjoon isn’t even trying to leave the group he just wanted to collab with Wale. He’s not trying to go solo or anything like that. You can’t say he “failed” when he is just collaborating with an artist he admires. Stupid article.

  37. Sophia

    Get yourself a life and stop gaining popularity because of humiliating other popular artists…i have no any intention to write longer, cuase you’re just not valuable enough for me to spend my valuable time – bye!

  38. Dolores

    Obviously you don’t have anything important to say that’s why you are trying to milk BTS lol,I didn’t even read this article just the ridiculous heading.




    /Looks at the mirror/
    “I won’t take ever take ya seriously bruh!”

  40. Some one better than you

    Not surprised anymore, taking into consideration all the hate articles this site has done about bts. I used to be pissed at first, u know when u wrote the earlier ones, but I find my self smiling every time I see digital music news on my google search. I’m like “oooh let’s see what this lamo cooked up this time” lol, yaknow, just for the laughs. Tysm btw, ur failed attempts are insanely hilarious. Let us take a moment to pity this loser, may ur dislocated brains resurface.

  41. Paul again xD

    You little annoying kid! xD okaaaay…You don’t know about what you are talkind bae 😉


    How u dare to say that about someone who putts more effort into one song, then someone like u who will probably never reach something big. You’re trying to get attention by telling lies about Bts, what is wrong with u? Rapmon choose Bts over a solo-career but it doesn’t mean, that he would be bad at being a solo artist. Even the way u wrote it pisses me off! Like how can u say that Bts doesn’t need him as much as he needs them? HE IS THEIR FUCKING LEADER U DUMBASS!!! BANGTAN SONYEONDAN IS A GROUP THAT MEANS, THAT THEY NEED EVERY MEMBER IN THIS GROUP! IF U WANNA TALK NONSENSE WRITE AN ARTICE ABOUT YOUR PITIFUL LIFE AND DON’T SHAME PEOPLE AND FOR THE SAKE OF WORLD PEACE, SAY THE TRUTH AND TRY TO BE HONEST! People like me are making me sick. But believe me, u just messed with the wrong fandom

  43. Paul Resnikoff

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think you guys are truly reading the article. This isn’t about ‘hating’ on anyone. It’s simply stating that Rap Monster doesn’t have a solo career without BTS.

    Perhaps his ego makes him think he’s bigger than BTS? Or that he made them? It happens all the time.

    Just giving a real, straight analysis from a business perspective.

    Still waiting for a constructive response. Thanks.

    • HeraLee

      Why do you think that RM thinks he’s bigger than BTS??? How did you come to this conclusion?

    • GET A LIFE!!!

      For your information, Rap monster never thought or said that he is bigger than BTS or greater than anyone in BTS. And seriously, a “Real, straight analysis from a business perspective” are you kidding me??! your not even using facts and a “business perspective”? I’ve only seen you write articles to bash BTS and that is certainly not from a business perspective, more of a personal perspective.

    • I cant believe you still write SAMPAH

      b*tch hold on, who are you to say that to Rap Monster “Perhaps his ego makes him think he’s bigger than BTS? Or that he made them? It happens all the time”. WHEN DID YOU HEAR HIS SAID, THAT HE BIGGER THAN BTS???? this article crap bullshit….OMG Paul you such a crap….

    • .

      imagine projecting your egotistical personality onto someone else out of jealously lmao can’t relate.

    • ding dong ur opinion is wrong

      This was a solo project. Not an attempt to break out of his group. There is a literal video that when given the option to go solo, Namjoon chooses BTS. This song had no promotion and was announced a day before it was released.

      For you to accuse Joonie of having a big ego proves that this was not “from a business perspective”. That statement, backed up with no facts, and with so much evidence of him saying that the group would be nothing without the others, proves a clear bias at least against Namjoon.

      Please do a bit of research and find out what the song is actually for before making hateful, misleading articles.

    • Really unfair article

      I read your article. I’m not Army. However I do admire RM. I like him. I think if he ever decides to go solo..he will do very well. Hes korean..not a US artist like JT. So that’s not an accurate comparison. It sounds as if his collab project did not have the same marketing promotion to promote his MV. So comparing a BTS MV with 10 times the marketing budget to his MV is also not an equal comparison. 4 million views in 10 days is not a failure at all. Ppl on here brought up valid points. He is a talented songwriter. Hes an original member and leader of BTS. Etc…I’m not going to rehash. But in all fairness..your article is misleading. Look at your title. And it’s pretty obvious your biased against him. That’s my unbiased opinion. If I were Army..I would be pretty insulted too. Especially your ending comment. RM needs BTS more than BTS needs RM. Very very untrue. I’m sorry you feel that way.

    • sfh.ace

      I believe that your claim for a “business perspective” is a complete excuse for this article. Your statements about his “ego” and the ending line of “you need them more than they need you” is completely overlooking the actions that he has taken. He is the leader of BTS, and all of the members not only acknowledge, but respect that fact. Not to mention, when confronted by his label, he replied that he would choose BTS over solo work without hesitation. Among several other reasons, the mixtape itself was not meant to be a gateway into solo work. It was meant as a message and an outlet for him to express his thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Before it was even conceived, it was always going to be a side project. Please check your facts before releasing such a biased article, the main point of which being that his music did not have the same “feel.” That is a personal opinion more than anything.

    • getagrip.com

      Bro, literally never has RM said he’s bigger than BTS, he’s very humble. Stop looking for attention from ARMY you fucking leech. He would do just fine without BTS. Grow up and stop hating on people who don’t even know you. They didn’t do anything to you, go somewhere else before we report you to BigHit for harassment. These slick articles are getting out of hand; this whole website is shady and you need to keep your damn mouth shut about BTS. We’re not stupid, we know what you’re doing. You’re a fucking liar if you say this isn’t hate.

  44. P O T A H O E

    Rap Monster is a great artist. i believe he can pursue as an awesome soloist but guess what? he chose to be with BTS instead of going solo. FYI, Jungkook even decline other company offers just to follow after RapMon. this totally proves how aspiring RapMon is even when he was just a trainee.

    you’re just too blind to see how amazing my man is.

    btw your article sucks :p

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Thanks for your response to that. I think that I totally disagree: just look in the US, where BTS is trying to expand. Fox called him ‘Rat Monster’! They didn’t even know who he was. It’s not like Justin Timberlake, who enjoyed massive, global name recognition for years before going solo. Not one news program would ever call him Jason Timberlake or something.

      I think BTS and Rap Monster are probably thinking the same thing, and probably rethinking their entire strategy here.

      • hater back offff....

        stop with your “straight analysis from a business perspective” and ” rethinking their entire strategy” bullshit
        no one cares and stop commenting back you are making no sense
        i wonder how do you sleep at night after spreading so much hate towards such amazing people
        btw i just reported you to bighit

      • Cha

        BTS and their President did not want to enter US Market. Do research first. The Global audience loved them in South Korea and is being recognized Globally because of what they bring as artist. This song with WALE is like a gift for the fans and it was free. And Wale asked for the collab first. It wasn’t because he was trying to go solo. BTS members including him do solo stuffS even before to explore their own talent and creativity and not just for solo fame. it’s obvious that you hate namjoon and that you are a BIAS ARTICLE WRITER.

      • Hopeyourealize

        Hello.. just for your info that this collaboration between rapmon and wale is not because he wants to go solo. It’s just for media social promotion and not for sale. That’s why they only sharing it on youtube & soundcloud. Rapmon has made a lot of mixtapes . Don’t you think you need to do a background check first before your write an article ? Please do it before make an article with just your opinion & assumption since that should be one of the ethic codes for a journalist.

      • Plz Read lol

        uhhh Paul? Not everyone is gonna know about BTS right away. I didn’t know about them until like half way through 2015. So if u expect everyone in the world (yes including fox) to know someone else right away, well I hate to break it to ya but not everyone is. Rap Monster is very talented. Same goes for all of BTS. Rap Monster doesn’t have an ego that says that he’s better than anyone or that he doesn’t need BTS and all those opinions of yours (srry if this is coming off mean but I just wanna input ma opinion (: ) oh and also… I called Justin Timberlake something totally different then what his name actually was (oops ma bad lol) but I wouldn’t go out and publish an article that bashes Rap Monster saying he wants to go solo. He doesn’t. No BTS member needs hate cuz they don’t deserve it. (And I swear if anyone comments on that….) BTS has come so far as a group. Ahem may I say that again… As. A. Group. (lol srry xD) yes they are very talented on their own as well but in my opinion, I’m pretty sure they don’t wanna split up quite yet. If u heard one interview, Jimin said that he never wants BTS to separate (and they all agreed may I add).
        So I’d suggest that you make sure u have ur research before u post another article. 😉 (as I said before, not trying to sound mean. It’s more of a constructive criticism… yah)
        Ok thx baiiii <3

      • MBerry

        I’m from the US. California to be exact. Shame on you. You’re so off base. Just because FOX misspronounded RMs name shows that they made a mistake. Obviously. Justin Timberlake..how can you even compare. Hes a US artist. Hes been around forever and hes not even popular anymore. BTS is global. They’re breaking into the US market and doing very well. I find your writing offensive, poorly written and your above response … ridiculous. BTS and RM dont need to re strategize at all. They’re doing just fine. You should rethink your hateful attitude. You’re showing a lot of people a very ugly ignorant side. I’m thinking you wrote that poorly researched and written article because you want attention. That’s pretty sad. You have to relay on hate and “gimmicks” to have your article read. I’m going to complain to this site. Your article is misleading. I hope BTS legal dept comes after you. Rm never intended to go solo. Ever. It was a collab..as stated on here in the comments a million times. I have nothing more to say to you. You’re pretty disgusting. Your writing is shit. You’re obviously jealous of BTS and RM. Hes young, talented, good looking and sucessful… and he didnt get that way by being hateful and misleading…like you. Go rethink yourself. I’m not even Army. I’m a music fan…and you’re sorry ass is out of line.

      • Garbage article

        Ohh wait… now I get it. I actually thought you were trying to write a half way unbiased professional article for a moment. You’re above comment didnt make any sense. You’re just a hater..probably really young too.. 15 or something? Wow. How sad you get to write such trash and shame on this site for letting you.

    • Paul is bae ( Cypher4)

      The members also said if they could be a other member of BTS they all wanted to be Rap Monster! btw he is the mian lyrics writer…so please read the lyrics of Cypher pt 3 and 4 🙂

  45. kucing

    he make this article so BTS Stan will click this and then its successful for click bait even me got his bait…

  46. constructive response

    Im beginning to wonder how old you are as a true journalist would not write an article like this. It comes across as very childish especially the “written while listening to” at the very end.Also who the hell are you to decide weather someone has a solo career or not as your certainly not a professional music journalist,although using the word journalist is a push with the articles you write.Unless you know BTS personally(which you dont) how do you know what their market strategy is,the collab with wale just came about it wasn’t planned.Although Rap Mon has released a mixtape and done a few other collabs he has never tried to do an actual solo album so your article is pointless and doesn’t prove anything as there is nothing to compare it to.Maybe you find it amusing to write articles such as these to trigger people and maybe get more views but all it shows is how unprofessional you are. You quite clearly don’t know how to write a well written and balanced article after doing some research on your chosen topic.Looking up youtube views does not count as research. If on the other hand this is your own personal opinion you should make that clear instead of making what you write sound like a fact.

  47. Paul Resnikoff

    How about this? I will directly respond to any well-constructed, rational responses to the actual issues and arguments raised in this article.

    Otherwise, please stop trolling DMN. Thanks.

    • Effie

      since you stated that ” I will directly respond to any well-constructed, rational responses to the actual issues and arguments raised in this article” i will then leave you a carefully constructed comment. i hope that you actually do take this into consideration.

      to preface my response, i’d advise that you please put better effort into understanding the dynamic of namjoon and bts, and the kpop scene in general. the issue with this article is that you made general assumptions that upon further research would be proven incorrect. within the article — which wasn’t bad in itself — you made three general points: lack of views on Change, lack of energy in the MV, and how namjoon could not make it solo.

      The lack of views on Change actually make sense! You see, in South Korea there are awards and titles for groups based off of their youtube views. Namjoon released the track “Change” for free on soundcloud, and therefore it will not be considered for these awards. Something that isn’t very well understood about Army is their determination to help their group succeed. If you simply checked twitter or tumblr you would see how religiously they stream BTS’s videos in order to get them nominated for awards. I recall numerous posts going around on Tumblr telling Armys to not only watch the MV’s multiple times a day to boost views, but to also look up the group on SK search engines such as Naver in order to make them more “popular” in the eyes of award shows like the mamas. Within Army there are very few casual fans. The fandom is very intense. So that’s the explanation for the groups views and for the views of Change. Since we have no award show to put Namjoon on, Army is for the most part calmly ((rather than militantly)) enjoying the track.

      I wonder if you read the lyrics. Hopefully you did, but there in itself is the explanation for the “lack of energy”. BTS as a whole has released similarly inspirational tracks, however they have never touched on such sensitive topics, such as the police violence against blacks in America. It’s a solemn subject and while the beat was in no way dull, I can hardly imagine them choreographing that or just turning it into another mindless banger. That’s for the lack of energy.

      Lastly for Namjoon making it solo. I don’t intend to argue that he could, because for that I have no strong opinion. Rather I argue against you making this the point of Change. In 2015 Namjoon released the mixtape RM for free over soundcloud. He has done this with Change and will likely do the same for the mixtape he has promised this year. While other rappers have released free mixtapes, this coming from Namjoon means something different. Again, recall that while similar, the korean and american rap scenes differ. Namjoon releases solo work with the sole intent to explore himself as a rapper. He has said on many occasions that he has no intention of pursuing a solo career. This was side work and was to be appreciated in that way.

      On Namjoon himself: I, an avid rap fan far before I was introduced to BTS, consider Namjoon a poetic rapper. While not quite to their level, he reminds me of rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Logic and Noname. Each of them write thoughtfully; nearly every track is done with deeply considered meaning. Their lyrics aren’t always simple, and in the way that you must study Walt Whitman or Robert Frost, you oft make a study of these rappers lyrics in order to grasp what really is being said. Reconsider your impression of rap. There is the subgenre of bangers and occasionally emotional songs, and then there is the subgenre of rap in which everything comes from true inspiration, from a place beyond themselves and rappers pay ode to the meaning of rap — Rhythm and Poetry. This isn’t the popular subgenre of rap! So even if he were aiming for a solo career — which he is not — he wouldn’t be looking for “Justin Timberlake fame”. They’re completely different artists. I would also, in passing like the address the comment you made on “his big ego”. Please take a moment out of your day to learn about Namjoon, perhaps watch an interview (preferably korean with eng subs because he still is slightly awkward in english). I only ask this because he is incredibly respectful and humble — to the point that your observation on his “ego” is somewhat humorous to me. Even despite the hatred he has received in the past for not reaching Korean beauty standards he has remained polite and kind to everyone, anti’s included.

      I will conclude this with an apology for the hate. I’m not happy with the article but you didn’t warrant the backlash. Army is very protective of Namjoon as he has suffered terrible slander in the past, but that doesn’t excuse the hatred and immaturity that you’ve been subjected to.

      • miffed

        Apparently “constructive criticism” to this guy means blindly positive, ass-kissing comments. XD

  48. FlufferX

    Considering this was a side solo colab project and not an attempt a solo career as he suggests in this article, his entire point is moot. The author might want to look up the definition of journalistic integrity. It seems he either has a beef with BTS, the fandom or Kpop in general or perhaps he’s just trolling for hits on his blog. Either way, most artists, Kpop or otherwise would be pretty freaking happy with 4m views in less than a week. It’s sad he feels he has to bring down others to get attention for himself.

  49. yanira hernandez bts fangurl

    well dam that is true people are stupid enough to say stupid shit like this writer did i agree 1000000000000%

  50. Smiley-BTS

    Throughout​ all of your articles you lack in factual evidence to your statements. As I’ve seen you base your statements on almost pure bias, I don’t know what you think, but I believe this will not work for you in the long run. Try to use more facts in your articles, this will help you.
    Now what I want to say (being an ARMY) is that you should probably stop altogether as it doesn’t give you a good reputation with anyone. The things you say would better work in a debate, rather than an article. I think a good idea is that you start a debate website, because that’s what you seem to be doing for.
    Oh! One last thing, Fuck off you basterd. Best your luck… Bud. 🙂

  51. MandyV

    How is a collaboration with a popular American artist that garnered 4 million views and was only released on the Big Hit YouTube channel and sound cloud a failure? And who said this was an attempt to go solo? And did you research how well received his mixtape was? Or Suga’s? Or any of the covers the other member’s have done – are they also attempts to go solo? It seems the writer of this article is just trying to use BTS’s name to get people to read his hatchet job of an article. It’s sad when ARMYs do better research then the ‘professionals’.

  52. chill out

    have some chill will you
    you need to have some positivity in your life
    go and listen to Bts and Rapmonster’s music with lyrics it will bring you peace and do you good

  53. Strolling by

    Just ignore him, he’s obviously looking for attention, and you guys are giving it to him. The best thing to do is just ignoring him.

  54. Paul is bae ( Cypher4)

    P L E A S E DO RESEARCH!!! And think before you write stuff like this 😉

  55. Paul is bae ( Cypher4)

    BTS is just at the beginning…JT was at first in America famous bc of the language and then in other countrys…Bts was at first in Korean famous and now they will make it in America…so ‘Rat Monster’ was just one mistake…Someday everybody will now about them! Please be healthy! 🙂

  56. strolling by 2

    only thing i like about this article is the comment section defending bts lol
    but seriously guys lets stop commenting ang giving him attention it will die on its own

  57. MIDDLE FINGER FOR PAUL BLAH BLAH... Dont ever write about BTS...they are too good for you

    I honeslty would never open DMN, cause they are just literally full of bulls*** with no proof and always talking about crap that makes no sence, it is clear that you are a hater and an anti-BTS…you always write bullcrap articles, and now you say he fails as a solo artist and that he needs BTS more than they need him…
    …First of all, its not even a comeback song or him trying to go solo, its just a song for the fans, ITS FREE YOU KNOW…its not like its an album, or whatsoever, its a free song you can listen to on Soundcloud…

    The name BTS is too damn good for you to write about, you dont deserve to write about BTS


    i made loads of typo cause i am soo pissed…please report this damned article to BigHit, i hope they can do something about them

  58. Axa M

    you idiot…yes ARMYs when i read this i was completely out of my min..4 million + views are a fail !!! you know what u are such a disgrace and a failure….
    you ill not even have 4 fans and u r comparing it with rap monster?? the person beloved by whole ARMY
    Our fandom is not weak you hear that !
    ARMYs will show u that and namjoon has never said that he wants to leave BTS he tried to do something on his own and idiots like u are disgracing it! but remember that this fandomthe ARMYs it is a very strong relationship between each other and our boys and YOU HATERS can never break it ….
    iknow that ARMYs like me will understand and stand against u bcause u know what u will pay back for insulting OUR BOYS ! OUR BANGTAN SONYEONDAN !
    i think thats enough u rat

  59. WAIT N WATCH !!!

    it is just beginning PAUL
    wait n watch what ARMYs can do
    u will pay back!!! u hear that

  60. Paul Resnikoff

    Thanks. But I think I’m already under attack.

    • stephanie

      maybe if you did a little more actual journalist research you’d realize that rap monster isn’t going solo, the BTS members are free to put out solo and collab tracks/mixtapes/covers but still put the group as their main priority. also, “failed”? the fact that you’re writing about him proves he’s winning.

      i’d advise you to take this article down before BTS fans ruin your joke of a career.

    • brain bts from kim namjoon


  61. Diana

    Did you forget that the majority of BTS songs was written by Rap monster? The dude can write songs in an hour or two and it’ll sound great. No way is he planning on going solo, where in the hell did Rap monster ever mentioned he was going to go Solo? The reason why most of the Army Fans were not present is based on their music liking, so if the music is nothing but rap, then they won’t go even if Rap mon is singing. Additionally, the song was in English and BTS is just now gaining international popularity so this could explain why not many ARMY fans showed up. BTS probably has more Korean fans than English fans. Third, not many ARMY fans are capable of attending the concert due to reasons and not everyone is fully aware when the song came out. The song has over 4 million views now, and while “Change” is not everyone’s cup of tea, it may be someone else’s cup of milk. This whole article has misconceptions that need to be reviewed.



  63. Sarah

    This is proof your career is dying. How old are you, Paul? As a grown man are you not embarrassed about the absolute cow shit you write? You can be sued for it. And I hope you will be. Even without the bashing, your articles are mediocre at best. Think high school journalism.

    You just..aren’t very smart, are you?

  64. Sarah

    Everyone stop giving him clicks and revenue for his lacking site. Make him find another career to pay for his meals.

  65. HeraLee

    Army, can you just ignore him? Is it so obvious that he’s trying to get your attention and you’re buying it. Please, use your brain, if you have one. Gosh…

  66. Sherry

    I would agree with this. I’ve been following BTS for awhile now and it seems as if he doesn’t have much support from fellow Army. He’s considered to problematic to support fully given his racist and colorist remarks in the past.

    • Nat

      Namjoon isn’t racist. He was ignorant in the past and as a result made offensive statements but those who pay attention see all the effort that he has made to improve since then. He’s grown a lot. Many are aware of that and though he might not be as popular as the other members as a result of not being conventionally “idol handsome”, lots of people love him. And it’s not like the rest of BTS were perfect, they’ve all said and done problematic things (Jin and Yoongi have said the n word while singing along to a song, Yoongi also made a colorist joke in 2015, etc), but they don’t get hate from fans like Namjoon. And Namjoon wasn’t trying to go solo, he’s very dedicated to BTS. The collab with Wale happened because Wale was very impressed with Namjoon’s cover of one of his songs. Namjoon is also recognized for his talent by many in the music industry. Like others have mentioned, his RM mixtape was ranked among the best hiphop albums of 2015. He gets recognized by other very well known and talented artists. There are many people who say that they became fans of BTS because of him. If he ever decided to go solo, he would defintely have a good amount of support, even if it doesn’t come from the regular army fangirl.

    • Anti Remover

      “I’ve been following BTS for a while” what a lie. If u have been following them u should know that Namjoon apologized for his mistakes before, and learned from it. And actually all of the members gets support from ARMYs to whatever they do, because If you’re an ARMY u can’t just love one member u have to love and support all the members, or else you’re just a fake fan! Before you tell lies make sure to get your facts straight first!

    • Anti Remover

      oh and Namjooon isn’t problematic, people like you are problematic!

  67. yooooo

    Listen hear you fucking cunts the fuck yall think this is, who said anything about

  68. A "rationale" response

    Rap Monster’s aim was to not go solo when he collaborated with Wale, and Wale suggested it first. If you’re gonna write an article, please do your research first, I’m pretty sure that’s the basics of being a writer.

    There was even a hidden camera where BigHit’s CEO asked Rap monster if he wanted to go solo (RM didn’t know there were camera’s), and he told the CEO that he would like to continue being a part of BTS. If you still need proof, here you go:

  69. Selena

    Damn bitch you keep thinkin that meanwhile you do nothing with that sad little insignificant life of yours and listen to the horrible noise you call music… namjoon did a solo fucking album meanwhile you were still sucking your daddy’s dick so get the fuck off your high horse you price of shit and go write about some Nicki minaj or drake bullshit

  70. Paul, Please look at this comment

    I just wanna say that this will be a constructive comment, although I am angry at the obvious underlying tone that you have against BTS.
    Anyways, let’s talk business.
    So, recently RM and Wale had a collab. A BTS fan sent Wale some BTS material, and Wale wanted to collab with them. So Wale contacts that fan and the fan contacts BTS (specifically RM). RM later contacts Wale to talk about collab plans, and they spend a couple weeks discussing and recording and stuff. Great.
    Now obviously, collabs are going to be less popular within fans because they aren’t the PURE BTS that they know. That’s just how it works. So fans that love bts and only bts won’t be interested in this WaleXRM stuff, it just happens to be that way. That happens to be the majority of the ARMY population due to the fact that most BTS fans are in Korea, Japan, and China, where American rappers like Wale aren’t nearly as famous. So there are less views and it’s overall less popular.
    A bunch of people here are saying how RM (rapmon’s mixtape) ranked in the top 50 hiphop albums or something, which is true, but it can’t really be compared due to the fact that RM (the mixtape) was mainly promoted in Korea. This single “Change” was promoted in America (Wale is quite famous is America).
    I’m trying to say as unbiased as possible, and it’s quite true that RM by himself wouldn’t stand anywhere near where BTS is right now, and that’s cause BTS is known not as “RM and the BOYS”. It stands as BTS, V, Jungkook, JImin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster. They’ve come all the way here as one and they still are. That’s what makes them so popular, their cohesiveness with each other and their fans.
    Now, you also say that ARMY and other Kpop lovers can’t assume that RM wasn’t trying to go solo. I agree, no one knows what RM is really thinking when he did that collab except for himself (maybe a few others he opened up to, idk). But Paul, you also can’t assume that it was an attempt either. Take this situation: you launched a new Digital Music News Radio station. It wasn’t that popular. You SAY that the purpose was to just humbly give music news over voice. If it’s true, it’s true. But if you had a underlying intent, like using that news radio station to become big rich and famous and sell your website and brand to buy a bigger house, no one else but you (and possible a few other people) would know that. People wouldn’t write articles about you that say “Resnikoff fails his attempt at a bigger house, proving he’s nothing without DMN Radio”. That’s ridiculous. That is why everyone is so flustered about your logic.
    I recommend that you try much harder to create quality content that supplements the success of groups like BTS. Clickbait frustrates people and that’s why you keep getting attacked. I see you’re the founder of DMN and you make articles every single day. Perhaps you should spend a couple days per article and make sure you use correct sources. Everything I said about RM and Wale collab is true, spoken by RM himself at the BillBoard interviews for BTS’ tour. You can watch it too.
    A better title for this article would be: “RM talks about his collaboration with Wale, what would he be like without BTS?” It’s much less clickbaity and hopefully less biased (that’s on you).
    Don’t be discouraged by attacks, because the only thing you can do now is to improve yourself more. You can’t force millions of BTS fans to change their mindset, so you’ll have to write in a way that they want to hear, that’s how you’ll get recognition. And that’s how you do business.

    P.S. This was written by PAUL THE PUSSY, pls respond, it took me a long time to write this

  71. Really Paul?

    Ok you dumb fuck it was never a solo it was simply a collab after he was asked by wale and obviously he accepted it. He’s said before that he doesn’t wanna go solo and has chose bts over solo without hesitation. You even wrote some bullshit article about how bts is copying bigbang’s hand cream even though bts had it a year before them as part of their official merchandise and it was a completely different design as well. You either really hate bts or are just thirsty for clicks and know how far antis reach and using it to your advantage. Im really tired of your bullshit paul i doubt you even know how to write a proper article. It doesn’t hurt to do a simple wikipedia search.

    • Really Paul?

      And the collab was done with no promotions do you have problems?

  72. Attempt at Constructive Criticism

    Okay, I will try to be as constructive as possible. So first of all, don’t put YOUR own opinion into the article. That honestly RUINS the entire thing in any scenario. Journalists are to write actual news articles rather than an opinion based short attack. If you personally do not like the group, don’t express it. Tell stories that may actually be real. Please do lose the negativity against BTS. That is what is ruining you. Accept people for who they are. If you have a purpose to destroy the reputation of someone that works so hard, don’t post it anywhere. Human Rights bro. Number two, don’t compare one person to another or post rumors. Again, basic Human Rights. You want respect? You treat others with the same. If opinions override your articles and you won’t get any at all. People are different, don’t compare them. You prefer American Pop Music? Fine. Don’t bring them into the table. This is about a Korean Pop Group that work so hard for the people that support them. Honestly, there is a lot wrong with the format of this article and there is no ethical value in this. This is plain bashing of Rap Monster. This is exactly what the music video is trying to go against. Try to change yourself instead of others would you?

  73. Anon

    I don’t mean to be that disrespectful, but this is the most disrespectful and idiotic article I have ever seen, and no I am not being biased, sorry. This didn’t need your sign of approval, okay? He makes millions writing music, and the thing is, he didn’t even sell that song, he did it to collab with a guy basically on a whim. Barely planned and made little to no profit on it, and he, being one of the oldest and more mature members, has a very limited fandom by himself, but that being because the three youngest members are more obsessed over more than the four oldest, but that doesn’t mean he is any less than the others. The reason those seven are a group today is because of him, all because of him alone. And he works so hard and all you give him is your uneducated, hurtful opinion. And if four million views immediately proved he is nothing, then I wish to see you self produce a song and post it and see how great you are. He has had no promotion for this song, which was a collaboration not a solo, and, again, did not earn profit from it. And after the fans watched the music video, they could have possibly gone to another video to learn the lyrics and used that or used SoundCloud to listen to it, where he posted it for free. Just please, don’t bring someone down about their music. That is something that he does for a living, something that is his passion. I don’t care if you’re an attention seeking journalist, but this is something big not only to him, but all of us. So stop trying to bring down people you can’t even reach. Thank you

  74. You're the most annoying journalist

    because spring day and not today were promoted.. change was not.. it wasn’t made to be a hit, it was made to tell a story..

  75. J

    F*ck you! Like your career will ever be as successful as Rap Mon’s. Your jealously is all to evident. Once again, F*UCK YOU!

  76. Thea

    Do you really need to write this article just to get attention of people? Well congratulations because you just annoyed the shit out of us! I bet you can’t even rap and compose music like he does! It doesn’t matter if the song is successful or not because at least he tried standing up on his own…If you are bringing him and the ARMYs down, we’ll bring you down with us too. We’re not asking you to like him so would you mind your own business and write articles worthy of your hate? Get a life bro! Oh wait…you don’t have a life.

    Just incase you do not know, he got an IQ of 148. Plus he has morals unlike you. Why not use your talent on creating bullshit articles on other things?

  77. queen

    So you’ve posted another negative article relating to BTS – again.

    Let’s talk about it.

    Let’s talk about why you’d do something like that. Let’s talk about money.

    What I’m saying is that writing sensationalist articles about BTS is giving you a lot of hits, Paul, which is generating more ad revenue, which means DMN makes more money. I understand. When you talk about BTS thousands of dedicated ARMYs flock to your site, which makes this previously no-name site popular. It also means you get more hate, but that doesn’t matter – you make more money.

    You also maybe might be a teeny tiny bit biased against K-pop in general. Or maybe just BTS in specific. You might be sour that BTS is getting more love than DMN. Or – and this is a big or – you just don’t like Korean music, and you want to write articles to express that dislike.

    However, no one really likes what you’re doing. Why write negative articles when you can write positive articles that can make everybody’s day better? Even if it’s for money it’s just not morally correct to write negative articles on someone just so you can afford to pay for rent. Ok, so you know you’re under hate, but have you ever bothered to ask you why?

    It’s because no one likes these articles. Maybe you know it. Maybe you just don’t care. Maybe you’re doing it for the money, and you’re also genuinely biased against K-pop.

    Why spread so much hate, Paul, when you can instead use your pen to make someone happier? To actually inform people about real facts, not ‘alternative facts’ e.g. the hand cream article or the fake records article?

    Paul, views aren’t everything, and ads aren’t everything. What is everything is the true intention behind this site – to inform people, not to persuade people or influence people. And maybe it’s about time to Change, as Rap Monster and Wale tell you to do, and do something that won’t get you the hatred of the thousands of ARMYs and the money?


    Don’t go assuming that RM has a huge ego. Don’t try to hide behind a ‘business perspective’ shield. Don’t try to describe RM as some weak rapper who can’t even stand on his own two feet. No one believes that bullshit.

    —-> Also, no one trusts Fox News anymore – it’s so biased and clueless 70% of the time. New York Times is a better source. Kindly provide a quote from there? That comment with that defensive argument quoting Fox News is moot.
    —–> Also, yes, you are under attack.
    ——> Please don’t try to compare RM to JT. It just shows you’re a fan of JT – biased. JT left the band, then started his solo career. BTS hasn’t disbanded. JT’s had so much time to develop and grow his fanbase. RM was just making music. Also, fun fact, RM’s a genius. IQ of 148, and smarter than you’ll ever be.
    ——> ARMY understands this article perfectly. Stop trying to play victim and saying that no one understands what you’re saying. We’re not dumb.
    ——> We’re not shooting the messenger. You aren’t a messenger. You mess with the message. Get out of here and stop deluding yourself. Paul, this is real life, not everyone loves what you do – in fact, no one really does, except for the haters and the antis (remember the time when they threatened RM? Threatened to kill Jimin recently? If you really want to write sensationalist articles, go for that. Just an idea.)

    • chastity

      you’re right! he should write about how an army impersonated an innocent person in attempts to frame and defame them. how disgusting!

  78. I cant believe Paul still write SAMPAH

    PAUL PAUL PAUL, Shame on you thats all….

  79. Question

    Genuine question here, what exactly is your problem with BTS? I know you talk about these positive articles but the negative to positive ratio on this website is kind of big. The articles you write are borderline defamation and slander, not journalism and you just come across like you genuinely hate this group of guys who have done absolutely nothing to you? Yes not all articles are going to be positive, but not all articles try to make someone look bad. Also, this was a song that was released on soundcloud for free, Wale asked Namjoon (that’s Rap Monster to you) for a collab. Namjoon doesn’t have a massive ego nor does he want to go solo, he chose BTS when given the choice. Realise what youre writing could be seen as harmful. Thanks.

  80. Andrea

    Honestly to whoever wrote this, Paul whatever, you so obviously showcased here how unprofessional you are. Why exactly do you have a job?

  81. Swag

    As Ms. Swift once said “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. [But Monnie’s] gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. [He’ll] shake it off. [He’ll] shake it off. Hoo hoo hoooooooooooooooooo.

    So stop wasting your time buddy. Cuz guess what???????



    Peaches and Creams?

    Wrong again.

    I’ll give you a hint. It starts with no one cares and ends with about your articles when you’re ignorant of the facts.

    Also did I mention? Karma is a bee. Bzzz bzzzz ? ? ?.

    Last but definitely not least, please look forward to yourself being mentioned in Cypher Part V.

    Bai bai. Have a decent day??

  82. Swag

    As Ms. Swift once said “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. [But Monnie’s] gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. [He’ll] shake it off. [He’ll] shake it off. Hoo hoo hoooooooooooooooooo.

    So stop wasting your time buddy. Cuz guess what???????



    Peaches and Creams?

    Wrong again.

    I’ll give you a hint. It starts with no one cares and ends with about your articles when you’re ignorant of the facts.

    Also did I mention? Karma is a bee. Bzzz bzzzz ? ? ?.

    Last but definitely not least, please look forward to yourself being mentioned in Cypher Part V.

    Bai bai. Have a decent day??


  83. niknok

    This is the shittiest article ive ever read get your facts straight my goodness. RAPMON is great okay. hes not leaving bts and never wanted to. stop spreading lies. also c ya in court bighit pls sue this bitch ass

  84. Paul Resnikoff

    I’m full of shit on a cracker. This article is a wanker. I’m writing this for clicks and ad views.

  85. Miaki

    Excuse me,wat is ur problem with BTS. Dnt post worthless articles to defame people.

  86. I´m so freakin tired of this....(reposting again)

    What the hell is your problem….he doesn’t want to be like Justin Timberlake he left N´Sync, Rapmonster is gonna stay in BTS…you make this stupid article sound like
    he´s gonna leave BTS….but what I have seen lately you mostly target Rapmonster the leader are you trying to spread false rumors (that no one is going to listen to)…every time I see these type of things I get so pissed off…..you act like a writer when your actually not….your so fake….you don´t provide real evidence, you don´t say the truth, you don´t research thoroughly…..you learn all this when your in school…its a wonder how you became a writer with all this crap that doesn’t make sense, you assume things that are not true and you only do this to get a rise out of people (or something)….I thought articles are trying to make themselves the best, and trying to make people like them, but this article is the shittiest….its as bad as the BTS and the Exo Fan war that´s going on now……

  87. Deska

    Woah seriously, this article is so mean. How could you say such a thing like that? You know nothing about BTS or rapmonster. Better shut the f up ya dude!!! Whoever written this article must be BTS anti-fan ??

  88. Loyal Kyungsoo Stan


  89. f uck you

    wow, trying to bring someone else’s career down when you don’t even have one yourself. disgusting.

  90. Protect BTS

    Paul stfu already? Your articles are trash lmaoo you’re the one that needs BTS? YOU making money off them by writing these hating ass shits.

  91. Mel

    all I can say is paul, you really sound like the bts antifans that we can find hiding behind twitter. your mind is so deranged you’re giving me goosebumps. I won’t be surprised if you’re the one who’s sending death threats to bts. your hate for bts shines through every articles you wrote. your mind aligns with how the antifans think so don’t bother justifying your articles. it will really give me peace of mind if the police or bighit investigate you too. one of these days I feel like you’ll join ISIS or any terrorist organization & bomb the whole world. sometimes I feel you’re feeling too sorry for your pathetic life that’s why you’re trying to bring down the successful ones. you feel under attack?? but you’re the one who’s attacking bts ever since. you’re playing victim but you’re really the suspect. you and your DMN have no credibility and integrity at all. remember, losers are the ones who hate the innocents.

  92. Rapmons wifey

    Kiss BTS’s Gucci you moron!!!! They are way more successful than you will ever be ??

  93. jen

    oh yes, “rapmon can’t survive without bts”. bruh he CREATED bts, but let’s not argue about that, since we all know that the boys won’t survive without each other because they’re a UNIT, a TEAM. not like you’d understand that, I doubt you even know what a friend means. and hopefully you can count, because 4 million views in 10 days is probably 4 million times more than the amount of views you’d get in 10 years.

    also, it seems like you wouldn’t survive without him, since the only thing you do is post these types of illogical fake articles to gain views and comments (negative comments, mind you), so please just get a life, PAUL, and stop trying to be an anti-fan, keyboard warrior, whatever, because it’s just gaining you a lot of hate and proving your irrelevance.

    p.s: whoever manages this website should maybe learn the difference between publicity and bad publicity. this type of attention isn’t going to help in the long run.


    PEOPLE STOP COMMENTING. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. If you see other articles only have 2/3 comments, bts related articles 200 comments.
    These is what they want. Lets not give money to these “people”.
    Lets just forget about these losers that dont care about working and writing good articles.

  95. Paul Resnikoff

    I hate to say this, but check back with me in 2-3 years. Rap Monster is probably thinking about his solo prospects. And the Wale collaboration is a great way to test the waters.

    I have more experience here (I’m not trying to be condescending, but it’s true). You’d be amazed about how huge egos can get when success comes knocking. It can rip groups apart.

    So, maybe I just saved Rap Monster from ripping apart BTS. Who knows.

    • FU PAUL


    • Too much you douchebag

      What are you: jealous that Rap Monster’s collab with Wale alone is more relevant than you as a person and your pathetic attempt at failed journalism put together? Don’t go strutting around as if you know anything; BTS was created due to Rap Monster. There is no way in hell that boy would or could do anything to tear BTS apart because he revolves around BTS just like they revolves around him. I suggest you do some actual research before posting such bullshit articles with even crappier arguments.
      PS: I just reported you to BigHit

    • A slight rant

      Okay, first of all, no one is going to be desperate enough to listen to this article. Apologies for my ‘rudeness’ but I think that it is warranted. I think it’s funny how you can ignore every single rational response and argument about why you’re wrong because there are numerous, but there are also numerous curses in your name, which I believe you wholeheartedly deserve. There are many rational arguments, and honestly, it’s kind of sad when some of the comments are better researched and formatted than your ‘article.’ If your goal was clickbait, then congratulations, you’ve got it. This article is highly based on speculation, and on a viewpoint of a close-minded individual who is highly biased. It’s actually quite sad. You’re very adamant about this ‘article’ and you’re sticking to your claims instead of sucking it up and admitting you’re wrong because, in all honesty, you are. If you think you have more ‘experience’ I wonder if it was in a sewer. Because, seriously, do you think that you know more about Rap Monster than someone who has been an avid fan and has provided many analyses? If you took the time to read some of the ‘rational’ responses that you said you would reply to(surprise surprise, you didn’t), the information that I’ll bet you were obviously unaware of would be more than self-explanatory. But do you acknowledge that? No. Instead, you stick to your biased points and claim that you know more than someone who has followed them for a very long time. I apologise for repeating myself, as well as the hate on your family because the only hate they deserve is bringing you into this world. Please reflect upon your pathetic existence.

    • Someone smarter than you XD

      Wow, thank you for saving a kpop group from splitting in three years. Do you enjoy getting attention this much? Man, you have to have no dignity to spew bullshit articles and still feel good about yourself. I wonder when you’ll go and start doing real journalism.

    • Someone with more experience dealing with kpop groups

      I wonder if you even understand how the kpop industry works. It’s not something unusual for bands to split after working for 6 to 7 years. Heck, millions of groups split after 2 years because they are not able to get recognition. Thing is, when they achieve a level of success they will not break up. It’s logical, why wuld you want out of something that gives you a lot of money? Having your own solo projects (when you are a korean pop idol) doesn’t mean you are parting from your group, if you want some examples you have both GDragon and Taeyang from BigBang, Taemin from Shinee, Taeyeon from SNSD and so on. It appeals to me that: either you don’t understand how the kpop industry works, because you may be under the impression that it’s the same as the western one, or you are just that hungry for clicks. I’d like to assume the former because I prefer not to think of people who are “writers” as being able to fall as low as to use clickbait.

    • yeet skeet

      Are you kidding me? He was doing the mixtape as a fun solo project. The other members supported him immensely. There is no way you can say that you have enough experience to talk about this as you have never been in their situation, never seen what goes on with them, and there is no way in hell RM would rip apart BTS.


      Haha are you joking ? I know this article is old but you’ve judged RM pretty quickly. RM has released his solo mix tape ‘Mono’ in 2018 and the response is huge! It got 9th position in US World Albums (Billboard) charts of 2018. Check it out on Wikipedia! And stop being so biased and unprofessional.
      And yeah forgot mentioning about your french horn hope you choke on it bish.

  96. Name

    Paul David Resnikoff,

    226 1St, Campbell, CA 95008
    (408) 374-6936

    Blake Resnikoff, Bruce M Resnikoff (60), Est E Resnikoff, Nicole A Resnikoff (24), Claudia Resnikoff (59), Jerome E Resnikoff, Lucille E Resnikoff

    Take screenshots of this comment and go wild, guys 🙂 I’ll post it on YT videos too, dw. Anyone have links to his facebook acc?

    • Name

      I wonder what kinds of things are allowed in the mail…

    • ?!

      Um, please don’t. That’s stooping lower than his level…

    • whali

      Are you retarded? This is quasi doxxing. The guy who wrote this is just a clicks-hungry whore, nota criminal



    *Starts singing BTS- Am I wrong*

    • My L (@MyLakusa)

      Yes, he is writing the negative articles because he knows it will generate a lot of traffic to his site. He replies because he wants to keep the interest and keep the comments going. Wicked but smart on his part. Big Hit isn’t going to get far trying to do anything against him. Freedom of speech is big in the U.S. and it doesn’t have to be words that you like.


    Paul Reskinoff’s Failed Attempt at Publishing Non K-pop Related Articles Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

  99. K

    Can’t believe I just waisted my time reading this bullshit.

  100. hdntd

    WHO TF ARE YOU TO TALK ABOUT THE LEADER THAT WAY? This lacks professionalism and is totally bias. You are soooo wrong in so many different ways. Rap Monster is talented asf and he is actually the reason BTS became a group. He produces and writes many of their songs and if you don’t call that talent you need help. Dude get a life and write decent articles before you get fired. Writing negative articles like this won’t help you get that far in life buddy.

  101. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, you’re welcome for helping to save Jimin’s life. And for keeping the group together for another 4-5 years. Just one thank you would suffice.

    • Matt

      If you haven’t noticed, someone has posted your address and the names and ages of your family. I suggest you stop writing these amateur, dog shit articles. Things are going too far.

    • Anonymous

      Do you fap to all these comments? It seems like you do.

    • yikes

      This is more disgusting than the article. There is no way in HELL that you had ANY impact on Jimin’s life. Bringing his health issues into this is petty and shows that you have nothing else to defend yourself with. Why should we thank you when they were and will continue to be completely fine without these biased articles? You trashed on RM, claim that you know what’s going to happen in their future, and then bring someone’s health problems into it to make yourself look better.

  102. Paul Resnikoff

    Oh, let’s not forget pointing out to the world that BTS beat the China performance ban!

    • rmcanfuckingramme

      kill urself u governor ratcliffes left toe lookin ass why do u get off to hating on this beautiful man i hope u slip in the shower n the ambulance service n paramedics get to laugh at ur tiny dick

  103. Paola

    Mr. Resnikof, as a respresentative of Digital Music News you are supposed to deliver news in a neutral way unless this is your personal blog which I don’t believe so. If you didn’t like the track that’s your opinion. Trash talking about a track by an artist in a group and compering to the whole group is like comparing your blogs to your workplace articles its just different. If Rap Monster wanted to bring the explosiveness of the group and that energy he would have the song with the group which that must mean he wanted to do something different. Bringing someone down by comparing him to the whole group ans saying that he won’t go anywhere further without them is just you saying what you want to say without knowing. Also, it would be better if you wrote articles in a more professional manners. Unless this is opinion bases and fortune teller site. I really like the music and appreciated the meaning behind the song. Why didn’t you focus more on that? Well it was not in your area of interest, of course. You can keep trying to bring everyone down but where do you stand as a person? Low I guess. Have a good day!

  104. Suck my toe

    Stop hating on BTS ugly rat. They don’t deserve to be written about like this and Namjon isn’t trying to do a solo career , All the members do solos time to time. Seriously this is a horrible article and so are all your other ones that involve bad things about BTS.

  105. Sapphire

    Dear author, just quit your job if you cannot appreciate music. “Change” is amazing and it contains good message for the listeners. Rapmon is not “nothing without BTS”. He and Yoongi are the reasons behind the establishment of Bangtan. If you wrote this just to get attentions, there you have ’em so please stop writing shits.

  106. You can't reply to this apparently, Paul

    Dear Paul,

    I see that your only past articles have been about BTS, particularly ones bashing them. Oh how I wonder why that is… maybe because that’s the only way you can get people to read your petty little articles. Ahh, maybe your hopes and dreams as a little kid of wanting to be a journalist got crushed when you realised how bad you were at writing? So you decide to take it out on someone you don’t even know and who is much more successful than you will ever be, right..?
    You continue to prove yourself as a mediocre and untalented journalist through your clear inability to research your selected topic and your obvious biased opinions on certain topics.
    You have a great talent at writing complete and utter bullshit, too bad you can’t start a successful careers with those skills, right?
    The people you’re bashing followed their dreams and achieved more than you can ever wish to accomplish in your (short) lifespan. An aspiring rapper, battling depression and self-doubt went on to become ONE of the best and most influential rappers known. Starting off from a small company was a great obstacle, but when you have talent, nothing can override it. Big dreams equal bigger realities. Hes still evolving, step-by-step hes making it to the top of the podium. First Korea , then Asia, then America, and now the rest of the world. Our wonderful leader Kim Namjoon has inspired many and left a huge impact on many people’s lives.

    As a person who disliked K-POP at the start and a person who only pays attention to talent, I whole heartedly can say that Kim Namjoon changed my perspective on things. You have absolutely no right to say what hes doing wrong and right since you will NEVER even get close to where he is right now.

    Also, saving Jimin’s life? That was ARMY’s hard work. Your petty little articles could never even garner enough publicity to save a dying cat on the road, let alone a rising idol.

    Saving BTS from Rap Monster? BTS wouldn’t even exist without Rap Monster. He was the only member left from the original line-up of rappers as the rest of the members joined after him. Having a big ego? Namjoon is one of the most humble idols I have ever seen. Loving and caring to all ARMYs all over the world. He would always deny compliments and praise, believing he is unworthy of it. Never has he ever had a big ego.

    Finally, Paul.

    You’re getting absolutely nowhere. Stop using Bangtan’s name for exposure, you’re not helping anyone here.

    A logical ARMY

    • A.R.M.Y > VLONEr

      Mmmmhm, Paul is just being extra and his actions are uncalled for.

      For example, he claims that Namjoon has 1/5 the energy of BTS.

      To be technical, it is actually 1/7 as there are 7 members in BTS, not 5. Each member contributes to the group in their own way, creating the powerful unified entity that they are. A single member doing solo activities does not imply that they are trying to challenge the group in any way. “Change” by Wale and Rap Monster is a good song, however the reason it garners less attention is irrelevant to Rap Monster “lacking energy”. Those particular BTS songs got more views because A.R.M.Y.’s worked hard to break records that would be revolutionary in K-pop history. Those BTS songs were competing against songs from other groups for awards from music shows, while “Change” was something done for what seems to be solely the art of it and the collaboration. RapMon has also said in an interview that it is his duty to bring BTS into the international world, as he is the only fluent English speaker and represents the group during English interviews.

      Please refer to this article: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/11/wale-says-something-is-in-motion-with-bts-rap-monster

      Since November 2016, Wale and RapMon had plans to collaborate. But the song was not put out until the hype for BTS’s new album lowered a bit and the tour began. It’s perfect timing because more curious new American fans and current fans can have another reason to love BTS. Not to mention that there is deep meaning in the song that they want to share with many people. “Change” and RapMon should not be viewed in a negative light.

      Here are the lyrics for “Change”: https://genius.com/Rap-monster-and-wale-change-lyrics

      There is a stanza in which Wale raps “BTS is the ARMY”. This song is not meant to make RapMon outshine the members, but rather to let him enjoy his craft while simultaneously representing BTS. And of course I’m sure each member of BTS realizes that they would not be where they are now without the effort of the whole group. Don’t make RapMon sound like an airhead because is actually very level-minded and takes good care of his fellow members. I wonder if you do the same, Paul.

      So, please Paul, I beg of you to enlighten yourself before you make such statements.

      – A.R.M.Y

      Written while listening to:
      Converse High – BTS
      Skit: Soulmate – BTS
      Mama – J-Hope
      We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2 – BTS
      Outro: Love is Not Over – BTS
      Let me Know – BTS

    • Anon

      Why tf is this article trending in the main page? I am a new ARMY and I was searching for a list of solo songs by each artist, and this article popped up in the first few headlines even though it is full of shit. Stop commenting guys, even if it’s just to defend bts. The more you keep commenting, the more it will trend in prominent pages of Google and get more readers. An article like this should be pushed down to somewhere it does not get the attention it is clearly trying to get through bashing RM, who happens to be an amazing rapper. BTS isn’t together because they would not work without each other, they are together because they are a family and this person did not get that point. So just stop commenting here , lets pay attention to otber articles who and let this post go under those articles which are actually appreciating each member of BTS for themselves.

  107. A.R.M.Y > VLONEr

    Guys, don’t worry! This kind of trash article will only bring BTS more popularity, and when people actually listen to their music and find out more about them, they will learn that BTS is a lot more authentic than what this guy reports and realize how baseless and inaccurate his articles about them are. Other than that, the only other people who will read this news are A.R.M.Y.’s, who are loyal to BTS and know better, so I believe there is little to no damage done really. Paul can be compared to the anti-fan from Twitter who just wants to gain minimal fame by putting BTS and its members, particularly Namjoon aka Rap Monster, in a negative light. He may get some clicks, but more than anything, BTS gets more love. Let’s all just remember that.

    – Proud BTS A.R.M.Y

    P.S. This guy’s online newspaper is hardly an ‘authority’ to the music industry, please. If he needs to go as low as to put out articles meant to soil BTS and their reputation, it’s obvious that there’s something that he and his team are lacking. They’re only soiling themselves. I personally would consider The Billboard as the place for authority in music news. Their articles are more accurate and unbiased. This place seems more like a blog rather than a news site.

    Also, in K-pop it is common for a group member to venture and do some solo activities. Being in a group does not necessarily restrict them to group activities. One of the members, Taehyung, even acts in a Korean drama called “Hwarang”. BTS is different because they all support each other in their endeavors. I believe that if the group disbanded, the members would not separate on a bad note. This is based on my following of BTS during the past few years. No one knows what will happen in the future as nothing can last forever, including Digital Music News. Please be careful next time with making assumptions based on the little information that you possess. There’s this thing called the World Wide Web, and I’m pretty sure you, Paul, would know how to utilize it correctly. Feel free to have an open mind and take a listen to some of BTS’s music.

    Anyway, nothing will stifle BTS’s success.

    Not even Uzi Vert.

    Written while listening to:
    EPILOGUE: Young Forever – BTS
    House of Cards – BTS
    Danger – BTS
    Not Today – BTS
    Coffee – BTS

    P.P.S. So I tried to connect my post to my Twitter but ended up at an error page from WordPress lol. #DigitalMusicBlog

    My Twitter is @pikaAJoy.

  108. A.R.M.Y. > VLONEr

    This is a reply to the person who’s comment was named “You can’t reply to this apparently, Paul” since this blog is coded so I guess replies don’t show up or something. It’s a good thing I copy and paste. 🙂

    Mmmmhm, Paul is just being extra and his actions are uncalled for.

    For example, he claims that Namjoon has 1/5 the energy of BTS.

    To be technical, it is actually 1/7 as there are 7 members in BTS, not 5. Each member contributes to the group in their own way, creating the powerful unified entity that they are. A single member doing solo activities does not imply that they are trying to challenge the group in any way. “Change” by Wale and Rap Monster is a good song, however the reason it garners less attention is irrelevant to Rap Monster “lacking energy”. Those particular BTS songs got more views because A.R.M.Y.’s worked hard to break records that would be revolutionary in K-pop history. Those BTS songs were competing against songs from other groups for awards from music shows, while “Change” was something done for what seems to be solely the art of it and the collaboration. RapMon has also said in an interview that it is his duty to bring BTS into the international world, as he is the only fluent English speaker and represents the group during English interviews.

    Please refer to this article: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/11/wale-says-something-is-in-motion-with-bts-rap-monster

    Since November 2016, Wale and RapMon had plans to collaborate. But the song was not put out until the hype for BTS’s new album lowered a bit and the tour began. It’s perfect timing because more curious new American fans and current fans can have another reason to love BTS. Not to mention that there is deep meaning in the song that they want to share with many people. “Change” and RapMon should not be viewed in a negative light.

    Here are the lyrics for “Change”: https://genius.com/Rap-monster-and-wale-change-lyrics

    There is a stanza in which Wale raps “BTS is the ARMY”. This song is not meant to make RapMon outshine the members, but rather to let him enjoy his craft while simultaneously representing BTS. And of course I’m sure each member of BTS realizes that they would not be where they are now without the effort of the whole group. Don’t make RapMon sound like an airhead because is actually very level-minded and takes good care of his fellow members. I wonder if you do the same, Paul.

    So, please Paul, I beg of you to enlighten yourself before you make such statements.

    – A.R.M.Y

    Written while listening to:
    Converse High – BTS
    Skit: Soulmate – BTS
    Mama – J-Hope
    We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2 – BTS
    Outro: Love is Not Over – BTS
    Let me Know – BTS

  109. LeniWillSlapYourUglyAss


  110. HA

    Damn your parents raised someone like you? Whew, damn I respect them for raising and being patient with such an immature brat. Good day.

  111. Disappointment

    If you’re gonna write some shit about Rap Monster and then all of a sudden comment down something positive about them, then DAMN! you must really have no realization of what to post and what NOT to post.

  112. Taetae is Life

    Paul, Please just stop writing articles about BTS. Don’t mess with ARMYs. This article is really quite rude to Namjoon, who works very hard and does his best at everything. That’s more than what I can say for you.

  113. Anonymous

    I would honestly expect the founder of a website to actually be able to write articles. Disappointed.

  114. Digital Music News is a Big Fat Phony

    Lol, all his articles got like 0 comments except for the ones about BTS. Looks like he’s nothing without BTS. I think he’s pretending to be Suzzy to argue with people, what a loser.

    • Get A Life Please

      Yup. He’s obviously got nothing better to do with his time other than sit all day and cook up crummy news stories. He is crap just like his taste in music.

  115. Keep your broke hate to yourself

    Please try to remember that BTS wouldn’t even exist without rap Monster ?

  116. .

    You’re literally reducing a fewer amount of views compared with the whole group’s songs down to the fact that it’s Namjoon’s song. You haven’t even taking into consideration the fact that they practically dropped the song out of no where, it’s completely in English rather than Korean & it’s also a different genre to the groups other songs. But hey, thanks for sharing your egotistical self & level of ignorance with us all, maybe try again harder next time.

  117. Nuri

    Are you hater,rapmon is very talented.bts without namjoon not BTS.

  118. AK

    Paul: 1 + 1 = 2

    ARMY: Are you fucking crazy, Paul?! What makes you think that 1 + 1 = 2?!

    Paul: I’m just saying that it’s a fact…

    ARMY: No, it’s not!!! 1 is so talented!! He started 2!!!

    Paul: …okay, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m just saying that as a solo artist —

    ARMY: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! 1 has so much talent!!!!

    • Rapmon's Big Feet

      He’s not going as a solo in this one. Even when he’s going solo, I think his performance was good. Take a listen to Do You.

    • F U

      I can’t do anything if you didn’t get 1st in school you dumb fuck

  119. Seriously?!

    Seriously? What the hell. You can’t say that about Rap Monster. He’s amazing and he IS something without BTS. They all are. They all are amazingly talented. You’re just being a bitch because if you actually listen to Rap Monsters songs then you would know that they’re amazing, this is his type of music he likes to compose and even if it is different from BTS’ style, and it doesn’t get a lot of views, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good music. Like seriously. if YOU don’t like his music that’s fine, but don’t go making this post saying that Rap Monster isn’t anything without BTS. They’re all something when they sing together and when they don’t.

  120. CYPHER is for you

    Man you’re parents, and ancestors must be deeply ashamed of having an unprofessional journalist like you. Wait, you’re a journalist right? What did you learn in school I wonder? Or are you really just jealous of bts that you want to ruin them so?

    You really need to listen to cypher A lot of lines are for you: “I work a hundred times harder than the bastards who do hiphop with keyboards.”
    “Bastards who can’t even give a single verse properly, they try to discuss rap and music”

  121. 이 바보야!

    You do know that BTS started around Rapmon right? And that he writes and composes most of bts songs? And that when put the test between choosing a solo career or bts, he chose bts in a heartbeat?

    No? You don’t?

    Do your research then!

    진짜 재수 없어! 개똥 같은 소리!

  122. Army

    This article is all wrong, BTS is nothing without Rapmonster not the other way around

  123. Azure

    Let’s just be the cool and ‘swag’ fandom we are and say “I Forgive you.” to this article and the person who wrote it. We should just get rid of the annoying name we have as a fandom and be a fandom BTS would be proud of having!

  124. Azure

    Let’s just be the cool and ‘swag’ fandom we are say ‘I Forgive You,’ to this article and its owner. I mean, we can just get rid of the annoying name we have as a fandom and instead be an awesome fandom BTS would be proud of having. So let’s reply all the hate with a simple, ‘You’ve got no Jams!’

  125. JI

    Yo man. Don’t be too biased especially when BTS is being recognized globally. GTFO if you don’t know about them.

  126. paul is my ultimate bias

    yeah you’re right paul
    but he does muchhh bigger than you tho
    at least you now him, he doesnt know what are u.
    so have a happy life and be a keyboardwarrior until afterlife my bias

  127. EXO-forever

    Dude, I’m not even a BTS fan. But damn. It seems you’ve got issues. This article of yours is just not the best. He is not nothing without his group. Each person contributed his quota to make the group what it is including him. You guys sometimes post useless things forgetting that you might find yourself in a similar situation someday. Then you will see where the power lies.

  128. try to get 10m in 10days then for your own music video

    delete this post! he does not even want to go solo. the music video is to show his collab only

  129. Hello there, nice to meet you (from your shit)

    You are a mistake. Your life is a mistake. Your mom has been smoking to much weed while giving birth to you.You should reconsider your life. Because damn the ignorance just hit the roof and is now flying off into space. But hey, don’t worry. No one gives a shit about you. cause you are still a sad strange little piece of bullshit.
    and please get help, call a psychiatric hospital and tell them that you lack too much brain cells to actually understand a single shit, even when your brain is shit.
    I wrote this because I don’t think you know that you need some actual help. Mental disfunction is not something you should be embarrassed about. Call the mental ward. State your problems. Go there. And come back as a sane person.peace

  130. Mary

    I really hate how biased armys are. Let me scratch that, you’re not a true army if you only support one member of the group. Plus Namjoon basically created bts, he’s the pone who wanted to debut as a group and came along the rest of the member. Not saying the others don’t matter but what I am saying is that he is the reason for bts.
    Strong power thank you

  131. Hmm

    So ur gonna say leader-mon aint shit without bts when he was the first member of bts and bts was created BECAUSE OF HIM. Mkay then. He writes and co-produces almost ALL of bts’s songs and u still say shit like this. Lmfao ur making a fool out of yourself. Without Joon bts would be bts. HES THE LEADER BUD. Your making a terrible mistake with all your shit misinformed articles about bts. Its clear you have a bias towards american music but that does NOT mean you have to bring down another style of music. Anyways with this whole “namjoon flopped” thing is such bs. Tell me when u make a well produced song and upload it to youtube. It would be a miracle if it surpassed 100 views.

  132. Pls stop

    By doing this your endangering yourself and the people in your family. The fandom has some really scary fans and wont hesitate to post personal information about you (there was someone who did this already). Im just saying this to warn you about some fans.

    Ps. This article is uninformed, lacking inforamtion, incredibly biased and is just plain lame. I dont get why you went our of your way to try and make Namjoon look bad? Anyways take it from a bts fan. Dont play with fire, you’ll only get burned.

  133. Learn ur stuff

    DO SOME RESEARCH! I specifically remember when rapmonster was asked the question “do u wanna go solo or be part of the group” and with out hesitation he said he wants to be with BTS! And before u go saying “it’s because he didn’t want to leave the fame” let me just say they weren’t even popular then and had to work SO hard to become wat they are now, and no rapmonster didn’t try and go solo, it’s a think they do, they make songs to show their own talent too because sometimes ur own talent doesn’t show when u r part of a group! And try and be professional! I have been learning about this in school and I even know that ur not meant to be biased in things like this! Who the hell even says “kid” in an article!?! Cuz if they do they are some unprofessional reporter! U don’t deserve to be called a reporter! Stop trying to become famous using BTS’s popularity it’s just sad!

  134. just saying

    i think, paul, what you need to understand, is that this article isn’t necessary. at all. kim namjoon has never *tried* going solo. he has only ever worked on solo *projects* (two completely different things) and yes, paul, he *has* been successful. i’m not even a huge bts fan. hell, i’m not even a big kpop fan, for that matter. i am, however, an avid american hip-hop/rap listener, and i have heard of rap monster on numerous occasions within the genre from american artists.

    spoiler alert: most artists who have heard of him only show admiration for him and express their desire for a collab when disscussing him.

    his mixtape, rm, was number 48 on the best hip hop albums of 2015, beating the both mixtape of drake and future and tech n9ne (who, mind you, is one of the best juggalo rappers and fastest rappers in the business; rm beat him, even though his flow isnt as fast) for that spot. he was (correct me if i’m wrong) the only foreigner to make the list (which is saying a lot, especially given some of the riffs between him and black culture in america during the early days for him).

    bts is a house name, in both america and korea (there is no doubt), but so is rap monster; there are numerous artists that have voiced their want to collab with him.

    so, as a pretty unbiased person who came across this article because of the pure outrage it caused, i’m here to tell you, paul, that if kim namjoon, a.k.a rap monster, did, in fact, decide to go solo, he would be one of the most successful mother fuckers out there. plain and simple.

  135. KYS

    ARMYS you know what we should do? Stop coming to these articles cuz this is just a way for this website to gain attention. Don’t you see? I have yet to see one article that this site published which actually praises our boys. This site is just trying to seek attention.

  136. Take this down

    No, honey. You got that wrong. BTS is nothing without Rap Monster. In fact, they were created thanks to him.

    So stop putting him down, this whole article is biased. Do your research before you come at us with this shit.

  137. Inspired_RM


  138. Angus

    just like your parents, my heart hurts when I see your articles c:

  139. SugaMon

    wtf is this shit? bitch get a fucking brain u talking bullshit, honestly

  140. Rain

    Jealousy is disgusting.
    Keep hating while BTS keeps reaching greater heights!

  141. Rinchen sherpa

    I don’t know the rhymes or reasons for why ‘change’ didn’t take off well in time and i’m not gonna justify it with excuses either . However, as a journalist (of some sort) , people would expect you to put forth a point from an objective view . Nobody gives a shit about what you think. People read articles to gain knowledge on what is happening and why,not to hear some idiot on a ranting spree . If you were a good journalist,you would’ve digged up on facts and given us the reason behind it or atleast give something to the audience to think about and try to put across a positive message . What is this style of writing? Who hired you? Get your act together .

  142. shadhanasution

    Your saying RAPMON failed? honey, he got millions of people watching him, while you can’t even STOP BTS (A 7 MEMBER GROUP) FROM SUCCEEDING AT LIFE, You should be embarrassed, and btw better back the f up Paul.




    bitch namjoon is not nothing without bts why are you so salty about him omg what do you think you are writing do you even know how to write a fucking article i suggest you to get a brain checkup before you write any fucking shit now go n f yourself cunt

  145. Pissed.

    How is it that I have read enough of your articles, so that the moment I saw that this was by you, I knew it was packed full of lies?

  146. Amy B

    When you have clue, please then write a descent are article. People always on the BTS band hating wagon. You don’t want the ARMY fandom on you. It would not be pretty. And Namjoon aka Rap Monster is an amazing artist. Every artist continues to hopefully grow with each new record and years of experience, but don’t discredit him. BTS (all seven members are mazing)!

  147. Alana R

    Yikes. I stumbled across this article somehow and I’m shocked by the lack of facts and professionalism. The headline itself is incorrect to begin with. RM was not attempting to “go solo.” He is an artist and creator and often produces his own music, besides the music he produces for the group. However, none of these were attempt to “go solo” but instead were artist expression. Change was a very good topic discussion, yet you only talked about its 4M views. Also, the last time I checked, 4M views is not a small amount. Obviously he is not a top artist, but again he is not an official solo artist. The art he chooses to produce outside of BTS is just that, art. That’s more views than many other small artists.

    Also, you miss the fandom culture that goes along with the other BTS videos. Often those videos are streamed heavily for the sake of awards and breaking records. But again, RM’s collaboration was not a single or title track. It was meant for discussion, deep thought, and enjoyment. Clearly you missed the point. Such a lazy piece. Next time try critiquing the content of the music itself.

  148. He will be successful cause he will have full support of ARMYs and BTS

    i just wanted to say that if Rap Monster wanted a solo career and he goes solo (which i dont think will happen cause their bond is too strong and they will stay with each other forever. Why? Cause they dont care about popularity. They arnt with each ither because of that. They are with each other because of the strong bond that they have formed with each other over the years. They basically think of each other as family. They had each others back and knows the value of relationships unlike some people.) we ARMYs will support him till the end. We are sure that the other BTS members would also support him. So if you think that rap mon Cant make a solo career without BTS then you are wrong. I bet the money that i dont have that if he started a solo career then the other members will be in the front row supporting him on his concerts cause thats how stong their bond is. Its never going to break.
    Haters gonna hate
    Players gonna play
    Get a life man
    Good luck.

  149. Fame hungry much

    Bangtan was formed around Rapmon
    Rapmon is the one leading them now
    He was offered a solo career.
    He turned it down.
    Without a second thought.
    In favour of staying with his team, with the boys.
    Some people don’t think about fame and self-promotion.
    They put the important things first.
    You should try it some time.

  150. Vanessa

    Namjoon doesn’t want to go solo! Who the fuck said he wanted to go solo!? Even Himan Bang asked if he wanted to go solo or stay in BTS n he immediately answered “BTS”! He loves his bros! He loves armys! He only made 1 mixtape but that doesn’t mean he was going or wanted to go solo! BTS helped him with that n he is so grateful for that! It’s hard for an underground/solo rapper in Korea cause the fans/people prefer boy/girl groups n it’s sad yes but that’s just how it is over there. . N he’s Korean n needs/wants to focus on Korean music but if an American artist wants to collab with him/BTS then cool! But BTS is a KOREAN GROUP! N they are not like PSY! He’s more silly/goofy/dumb with his music/music videos n thats what America likes, unfortunately, especially if it’s a different culture.

  151. Lana

    I agree that RM doesn’t have enough solo power, I don’t see him making it big in Korea solo nor internationally.

    Korea is very biased towards good looking people and RM doesn’t meet THEIR standards that’s why he’s one of the least popular there. Aside from that, even though he’s a good rapper he fits being in BTS more

    In BTS the only ones I can see doing good solo is either Suga or Jungkook
    V and Jin don’t have the vocals to go solo and Jhope’s very talented but even within BTS he is very overlooked

  152. Ameeya

    I live for triggered ARMY and BTS stans in comment sections of articles, tweets or videos whenever someone says something negative against BTS like everyone must love and worship them. Life doesn’t work that way, people. Y’all so entertaining, it’s funny. Listen up, I know you don’t want to hear this, but your BTS k-pop idols didn’t break into the western music industry. Ask people in the west about k-pop and I can guarantee you that most will either say “Gangnam Style” or “I don’t know anything about k-pop”. Like, I have nothing against k-pop, and they do have really talented artists that deserve much more success, yeah. But, y’all gotta understand that in the west most people don’t give a damn about k-pop and its artist. This is the west, and you know damn well that many westerns have all this stereotypes about Asians and unfortunately won’t give them a chance, no matter how many times you tell them to give it a listen at least. I wish that one day Asian artists can make it big in the western music industry, but y’all being delusional with your “BTS are world famous and everyone knows them” crap. And you don’t even have to come at me with this BBMA award they won. It’s FAN voted. You guys voted for this and did spam everyone, not the music industry deciding that BTS are so awesome and deserve this award. I mean, congrats for that award, but it honestly don’t mean much. And I know you hate hearing that, but please, for the love of God, accept the fact that some people don’t like this group and/or k-pop, and that negative opinions are part of the music industry and that not everyone is gonna praise your k-pop boys. That’s life.

  153. #


  154. Lina

    This whole site is full of articles with clickbait titles. Actually it’s pretty funny. Try harder next time.

  155. Solomon

    This is the first time i read an article with “0” praising comment lol u better get rid this

  156. Rapmon's Big Feet

    Tbh I came here just to read the comments, but also, paul you’re kind of a cunt.

  157. Adelina

    So take it from me, Paul. Don’t ditch out on your DIgital Music News yet! You need them a lot more than they need you because without them you would be unemployed due to youe lack of ability to form an unbiased, informed, and coherent article.

  158. RM who?

    Look at all the angry armpits :D. Can’t handle the truth?

    • EatShitAndDie

      Bitch plz. I think we both know you’re a no talent hater. It’s okay, no one knows who you are, but everyone knows who RM is. Also, if you didn’t know who RM or BTS was, you wouldn’t have commented, but even though you’re a hater, you still know who they are. Good job, tard-blossom.

    • shut up and die

      yeah bitch queen of dark armpits,, you hoe ain’t know the truth. get a life!


    you shouldn’t say stuff like that, every bangtan member is important, everyone play an important role for the develope of the songs, RM is a good rapper, each individual member has their own talent, an could be big if they want to do it on their own, however when they sing together they make something wonderful, so they should keep doing it as a group, not because they are nothing without the band, because they could do it, but bangtan music is perfect thanks to the convergence of its unique and diverse talents

  160. Anonym

    Wow, your article is so unprofessional. Instead of focusing on what the Mixtape really means, what the lyrics mean and everything you focus on what RM didn’t achieve with it. It’s very sad that you are hating on him like this. If we are honest, at the beginning none of the BTS members would have made it solo because they had little recognition, but I assure you that in time even if they were solo they would have been big, like they are now as a band. Articles like yours that are poorly written and with no real point at all, make me lose hope in real journalists and make me think how did you even become one? But anyways, wish you some enlightenment and that in the future you’ll be more careful with your words.

    • Anonymous

      I think the person who wrote this article didn’t do his/her research properly (lack of information). There’s no Bts without ‘namjoon’ or anyone else in the band.

    • Plz Search4 more info first

      I think the person who wrote this article didn’t do his/her research properly (lack of information). There’s no Bts without ‘namjoon’ or anyone else in the band.

  161. GetSomeHelp

    Paul Resnikoff, having read your article, all I can do is come to the conclusion that somehow RM personally hurt you. However, since he’s a nice person, it must be that you are jealous of his talent and must hate on him to feel better about yourself. RM’s solo was not an attempt to leave BTS, he just wanted to make his own music, and it’s great, perhaps you should trade in your ears if you think it’s anything less, yours are obviously not working. You should probably also stop writing about music when it’s so painfully apparent you have no talent for it.

  162. O

    Why the fuck am I just finding this now LOL! I know you probably learned from you stupid mistakes but RM wasn’t even thinking about going solo when he released this?! This is just something he wanted to do since he had the chance to do it… IDOLS have SOLO ACTIVITIES and it doesn’t mean they are going SOLO this isn’t westerner music you filthy commoner like what the fuCK? Times have changed and army have grown even stronger so, if he were to release a solo track mv again it will get millions of views in a few hours not that it matters, get lost.

  163. rmcanramme

    fuckin wit the acc fuck is this u old chef skinner from ratatouille lookin ass gimp. what on earth is this fucking article. never read so much absolutely monkey shite in my life. i hope ur left testicle explodes u fat farquhar headass

  164. Mnh

    That last sentence was the last fcking straw. Without RM BTS wouldn’t even exist let alone becoming the global sensation as they are now. I mean, Jungkook joined BTS because of him! The person who wrote this article probably knows nothing about BTS and only did because they thought they would ‘stand-out from the crowd’ and appear ‘analytical’ by showing obvious prejudice toward a BTS member.

  165. Paul Resnikoff is a fucking stupid thing.

    Shut the fuck up you dumb bitch, Paul. I’m not gonna be subscribing to this irrelevant shit.

  166. The Day

    It’s true, just like y’all say maknae line wouldn’t be shit without Namjoon, just know he needs BTS. He makes all of their speeches about himself or when he’s reviewing things, it’s going to be about what he did, what he contributed, etc. If you guys don’t see him as selfish (taking all the solo American collabs and rapping in English every time, even though he stresses that BTS don’t need English and would never make an English song. This just tells you he knows English would help them a lot and opens the doors for opportunities but he wants them for himself.) Call me someone who isn’t an army, but the definition of that doesn’t have to be someone who blindly loves all 7, it’s someone who supports BTS. Now I can support BTS, and still call out bullshit and a fake, and Namjoon, is surely using BTS. You’ll see when they get older and just reveal things, if they do. But if they don’t talk to certain members after a certain age, there you go.

    • LOL AT YOU

      Lol, how does it feel to have written a dumbass comment that was destined to be debunked just within a month?

    • replying to animals like you who dont have sense in life

      dont you know what family is? He’s really a good faker, isn’t he? HOE,, you just really out there calling yourself an ARMY and saying youre an OT7 stan with that mindset. A bitch just like you who never loved by their parents has no rights to say that, sorry for the words but RM never faked anything and used or will use BTS,,,,, you don’t know how precious they are. Ive been with them since 2013.. so basically youre just fooling around, only believing on what you think is true when in the first place you hella has no brain

  167. DAFUUUQ


  168. autumnleaves

    lol at the comment section. ARMY fandom is so sensitive and blind. I’m glad this article was published because it highlighted an important detail fans like to ignore. Each member of BTS is awesome but not all members have the potential to be successful soloists.

    • uwu

      I’m glad RM didn’t write on the same level as the comment denouncing him. Some blame each other, but he turned it into a MASTERPIECE. Just do your job, guys. Save time writing these comments and read his lyrics once more.

    • UWU

      I mean, This personal taste can’t be a logical indicator. like this comment How easy is it to just blame someone rather than discuss it in detail?

      Personal opinion is only personal. I think so if you want to think so for no reason.

      Just say “I HATE HIM.” That’s more logical lol
      Don’t blame others for making a reason to knock someone down.

    • Kim Namjoon

      Excuse me but you’re not someone intellectual nor do you know Shit everyone can do just fine on their own go check mono and how rm outdid their group before making judgements but bts is made of seven members and al them are important for their success you agreeing to a shittt article won’t a make a difference anyways so f off

    • Anonymous

      Thats sad because you’re a personal stan and is blind to the talent and potential that each of them provide nobody asked for for shitty opinion you Crazy asshole and also if you thought RM couldn’t do well as a soloist go check how successful mono is without any promotion!

    • Anonymous

      lol, autumnleaves, you’re one stupid person. let’s look at RM’s solos okay, blind anti? 🙂

  169. amos @abiigaiilrx

    Hi, had to come back in October 2018 just to tell you that while Mono by RM is currently topping charts, you’re still irrelevant. Have a nice day!! 🙂

  170. Anonymous

    To whoever wrote this article, the joke’s on you now. RM’s ‘Mono’is now in Billboard 200. Don’t underestimate and degrade people like that.

  171. RM is the best

    Came back here after Mono was released and is hitting number one all over the world on various charts. Lol. RM rules. He’s so talented and it seems everyone in the world agrees.

  172. Hello.

    Yeah, what is wrong with this reporter?! Why is he so intent on listing flaws he sees in BTS/Kpop? He’s probably just jealous that Kpop is so popular- that’s why he wants everyone to see what HE THINKS are flaws. He needs to get a life and understand that he wouldn’t be able to do what BTS did, and what did he say? That Namjoon is nothing without BTS? Uhh Hello Namjoon made BTS, He is their Glue. So reporter guy- QUIT YOUr JOB AND GIT A LIFE.

  173. Lazy Author

    The author was very unprofessional and wrote with essentially nothing but bias. It doesn’t matter if you want to ride off of RM’s success or not by putting his name in the title, but at least make it worthwhile if you do write about him. Thanks for putting a sour taste in my mouth.

  174. Friendly advice giver

    I’d like to give you some advice. This article sounds highly unprofessional. You write in an unsophisticated manner, and it bothers me.
    1) You started a sentence with “but”. Which, i’d like to point out, while it isn’t technically incorrect grammer, it is still in the writing community seen as unprofessional. As a supposed writer, i would think you would know that. Seeing as conjunctions are learnt in primary / elementary school.
    2) You write in a biased way. Through the whole article you are writing in your point of view. Why don’t you try to see all sides of the story? Whether what you are writing about is factual or completly opinionated you are still only writing what you believe. Try to see the fans point of view, not just you’re own. This is basic stuff i learned back in middle school when i wrote the school newspaper.
    3) Do a bit of research before you write. Every author has to do research before they write a book. Imagine a 8 year old kid trying to write a short story on brain waves and how they are different between female and male adults. It just doesn’t make sense. Did you know that RM “Do You” has 20M views? Or more specifically 20,798,025 views? While a personal favorite song, Tunnel Vision from Justin Timberlake has 15,704,431 views? Sure, Justin had songs that topped more than that, but he’s also made many more music videos than RM has. Also, let’s put it this way, RM released “Do You” 3 years ago, when BTS didn’t have as much fame, while Justin released “Tunnel Vision” 5 years ago, which was after NSYNC broke up, and after Justin got popularity from his group.
    4) Also, as for the whole “RM needing BTS more than BTS needs BTS” thing, you clearly didn’t know that the whole reason Jungkook, arguably one of the most popular members of BTS, only joined Bighit Entertainment because of RM. Jungkook was impressed by RM’s rapping skill so he ditched all the other entertainments that wanted him to join Bighit. (Also, i’d like to metion, JYP, one of the top three Korean entertainment companies was among those. So Jungkook completly dismissed JYP and joined a much, much lesser known company just because he was impressed by RM’s rap skills. That has to be something) Secondly, do you not know how many of BTS’ song were produced by RM? Over 100, he, out of all the BTS members, has produced the most songs. Do you know how many of the songs topped charts and won awards? A large portion.

    From writer to writer, take what i have written here and apply it to future articles. please.

    • Friendly advice giver

      Ah, it’s 2am and of course mistakes are a given.
      i meant “RM needing BTS more than BTS needs RM”
      I’m sorry that i’m human and make mistakes.

  175. #RM’s #mono is now officially THE Korean Album with the most #1s on iTunes ever!-World Music Awards

    RM’s album mono just called, she said check ya facts sishter

  176. Minnie

    Fuck this person fuck u okay bts needs rm and rm needs bts okay!! They need each other so shut your stinky mouth u know nothing about bts

  177. Anonymous

    I think you have no right to talk about RM and you have no idea how much he’s done for BTS as the leader. You have no knowledge about how much the boys love each other. And guess what? No one from BTS is gonna read your shitty article. You have no qualification to judge them and you have to get over your narcissistic attitude. No one cares about your advice, I pity your bleating.

    • Anonymous

      lmao you’re so dumb. look at RM’s mono stupid hater 🙂



  179. Anonymous

    Honestly, this article is hella rude. If you don’t have anything smart to say then don’t say anything at all, because this article is just dumb and disrespectful. Do us all a favour and stop trying to get attention through hating on bts.

  180. Anonymous

    Check your facts right, author. I mean, Namjoon isn’t nothing without BTS, dammit- BTS was created around him. He was the first and original member for BTS. There is no BTS without him, get it? Please at least get facts right if you’re gonna spread hate anyway.

  181. Anonymous

    Hello just thought I’d stop by two years later and inform you on Kim Namjoon’s success. Namjoon released his mixtape Mono in October of 2018. It charted number 2 on the Billboard US World Albums and was quoted by many companies such as Vulture and Billboard as “smooth bilingual”, ” moody bops”, and finally as “soothing to the touch.” RM just today caused the entire BTS fandom to go into mass hysteria with the intro Persona which is currently trending #2 on YouTube in the US and sits at 7.3 million views and 2.2 million likes. Sadly your biased article only brought fortune to Namjoon as he remains the leader of a group worth 3.6 billion dollars, and still remains a powerful and inspirational solo artist as well. Seeing how much attention he got with his mixtape he could make it big on his own, but he chose to stay with the group that made this all a reality and is remaining humble while also reminding fans to love themselves. Thank you for your input, but clearly he didn’t fail.

  182. anonymous

    This? This is NOT okay! It is understandable that the track “lacked the explosive energy” but you clearly have not listened to any of his other works or are a follower of his. Like it is fine to have an opinion. My opinion of this is article is that this is defamation of his character. This article was released in 2017 but his latest mix tape Mono and the newest trailer BTS released for Persona is CLEAR that he is fully capable of maintaining a solo career without the explosive energy of the rest of his group, it was his personal choice that the wanted to continue with BTS, RM is (apparently) nothing without BTS… but BTS is nothing without RM, or any of the other members. This article was clearly released to promote hate and any disdain towards RM and was clearly umwarented and you should be ashamed of yourself for creating this article

  183. Seriously!?

    he would be a good solo artist even he isn’t he’ll still be sucessful because of his intelligence have you seen his IQ he even said that if he didn’t join BTS he woul’ve had a job at a office but we don’t need your opinion because we know that RM will always be a good leader and not leave his group that easily they’re family and if one goes everyone goes its 7-1=0 in BTS

  184. Seriously!?

    he would be a good solo artist even he isn’t he’ll still be sucessful because of his intelligence have you seen his IQ he even said that if he didn’t join BTS he would’ve had a job at a office but we don’t need your opinion because we know that RM will always be a good leader and not leave his group that easily they’re family and if one goes everyone goes its 7-1=0 in BTS

  185. Do a proper research before writing

    RM is the one who creates the concept of BTS albums and writes most of the lyrics and also his name is on most of BTS music as a composer too. So, Bighit and other BTS members need RM as much as RM needs them.

  186. Nini

    I’m not Biased for Kim NamJoon “RM” but his work solo has been overly amazing, it just takes idiots who can’t really lay off the criticism and let them breathe. I’ve been following Kpop for a VERY long time and you can’t realise how hard they all work to even be where they are today. I love BTS and I’ve followed their hard work and their struggles, and people are just jealous of their talent and success.

    People who can’t get a life and are wasting their precious time badly judging ANY artist out there no matter if it is Kpop or any other culture music, get a better hobby. The idols give us entertainment, so if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  187. Anonymous

    You do realize there would be no BST without our boy RM, correct?????? So how does he need them more than they need him??? His solo work is actually amazing. I think you’re in the wrong line of work sweetie :/

  188. RM is great period..bias article

    FIRST OFF, its RM, not Rap Monster, and second none of them would be as successful solo as together, they all bring their own selves and combine to make BANGTAN! And today they are the most famous boy band, and ANY of them would do fine in the music industry alone, especially RM. And anyway, as RM says in the song Change…the world’s going to change 😉 so watch out. But here is the thing, THIS IS BIAS! Not facts, this is basically hate, so try posting something that people will be happy with and won’t get you in trouble and hate…ok 🙂 because look at all these comments. Making this article….big mistake.

  189. acapellaluv

    ▶▶THE END…..

  190. Come on, really?

    Actually, BTS really does need RM. His leadership and speaking skills have gotten them quite far. Not to mention that he is fluent in English as well as Korean.

  191. :)

    RM’s “mono” album has been doing well so this is completely irrelevant at this point. You sound like a toxic solo fan.

    Sure, RM does need BTS. But he can also have a successful solo career as RM, while also being RM of BTS. You’re downplaying his ability to be an artist and group member. Why can’t people be both these days?

    Please focus on your faves rather than bringing down other people just because you don’t like them.

    + Your article would have never been boosted without using Kim Namjoon and BTS’s name. I would have never learned your name either without you making such outrageous claims. So it’s quite bold of you to say to RM “You’re gonna need BTS more than they need you.”
    Please apply that to yourself.

    I hope this comment finds you well, and that you’ve changed your opinion and point of view of life.

    – just an ARMY

  192. ????

    The author of this article is a complete asshole..it’s so biased and you can tell he is a hater..if you’re going to whine about a worldwide icon..at least do it right..jeez such a petty baby

  193. Alextherealalien

    The fact that anyone would think that Namjoon (RM) would choose a solo career over BTS is honestly so funny. We know for a fact Namjoon has chosen his group over a solo career with no hesitation at all in a hidden camera prank. This article also focuses on a single song that had no promotion and in turn, little profit or success. This writer completely ignored the success of Namjoon’s earlier mixtape, RM, released in 2015. Though it’s far from the best hit in terms of the members’ mixtapes, it shows his talent and potential as a solo artist. RM was later joined by mono, however, mono wasn’t released at the time so we can’t judge them on that.

  194. Hannah

    Now back to the basic question: “Would the golden maknae be in BTS if there wasn’t RM in it?”. Here is also a question: “Would BTS be as big and as famous like now if there wasn’t a genius, fluent in English, great leader?. Seriously..this is such a bad article LOL. Do your research more!

  195. E14005

    I find this article quite humorous because namjoon is a very intelligent man and a great leader too. He’s so great that if he wasnt in bts Some members wouldn’t even have been there. For example Jungkook, he was given many many business cards and decided to pick BigHit Ent. Why? Because of namjoon.


  196. Your article sucks worse than you

    Do you realize that RM has written and produced almost all of BTS’ songs? One of the reasons that ‘Change’ didn’t get much recognition is because some people in this fandom are biased. You can see this inequality in the views of fancams of the individual members. RM doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  197. bish why u hatin on NamJoon??

    Says the 39-year-old sitting on there’re fat ass hating on something they only dream off.???????????

  198. Ddaeng!

    while ur hating on Namjoon, he’s only getting richer and more successful. this article is pure biased bullshit lol

  199. AnnoyedPerson

    He’s not trying to be a solo artist. He never was. Being part of a group does not limit you to group activities. He can release solo activities and have 0 intention of leaving the group. Same with Suga’s and Hobi’s mixtapes, and Jungkook’s solo English covers. ?‍♀️

  200. F U


  201. hey, "pretty boii who thinks he knows music", fuck u.

    get cho fake ass up and and go to the nearest volcano and throw urself inside.


  202. uh oh stinky!

    we all damn well know u are using their names to gain views.

    u be cowering under their influence.

    oh, and grandma says u can’t live in her basement anymore.

    pack dem boxes and move the fuck along, bitch.

    one day if u don’t stop, i will literally fite u.

  203. cuz i'll be in love maze

    “So take it from me, kid. Don’t ditch out on your Bangtan Boys just yet, Rap Monster! You need them a lot more than they need you.”

    ummmm…. that’s a little too much don’t you think? RM has never had intentions of going solo and the members can have solo projects while still being in the group. He plays a huge role as their leader (and some might say spokesperson xD) and even participates in the making of their songs. This is utter disrespect to him and the band as a whole, and of course to ARMY.

  204. mothercrow

    i know this is years later but if RM really wanted to go, Solo, he could. Anyone of the members could but they don’t. They just released a solo song here and their or a MIxtape just because this is what they love to do but they keep most of their attention on group work. RM hand many solo tracks before Change. they may not be breaking records like the full group but if a member made a real attempt to go solo the fans would support them the same way they do the whole group. Maybe next time really look into things before you write. Also never underestimate the power of ARMY or any Kpop fandom. We support our Artists to the end and back.

  205. an og fan

    I used to work for a “rival” company of ****** in SK and since I was a fan of *** I’d ask my friends there about them. ******* has a very bad reputation and for a reason. Th e other members are dissatisfied with his treatment but won’t speak up publicly. Also, ******* is not as nice and smart as he seems.
    4 of the members have complained about him in the past but achieved nothing. ******* receives preferential treatment and promoted himself without asking the others for 1 reason only and might’ve threatened that he’ll stop doing that thing that is keeping him in the good graces if he doesn’t get a lot of lines/screentime.
    The rest wanted to get a full time translator because ******* wouldn’t let them talk in English interviews and would answer questions on behalf of the others which finally happened in 2020.
    ******* warned 2 of the members because they were too close for his liking and tried to meddle in their relationship because “it’s bad for the band”.
    ******* is one of the 3 people who decide the line distribution and it really shows. 1 member was very unhappy but tried to be the bigger person and that’s why he could hardly be heard on many songs until the last 2 years.
    Sorry for the censoring。

  206. Haters gon' hate

    This article is biased. Namjoon would he a great soloist, but he chose to join BTS. A good group has people who are funny, kind, helpful, and peopl what are not scared to be who they are. Namjoon has all these qualities to the maximum. He is perfect for any role. He didn’t want to be alone, and I don’t blame him. Jimin hated being alone hand drank because of it. But BTS helped him. He chose to be with BTS because he knew that together. They could make it.

    If you didn’t like thos comment, then oh well. Haters gon’ hate.
    I also hope this made sense ?

  207. Jasmin

    This article is extremely biased and disgusting. It lacks any sense of professionalism and is completely irrelevant. If you believe that Rap Monster is not successful enough to be a solo artist I believe you should look in the mirror and think hard and well whether you could go as far as him. I am not a stan of BTS personally, but you should at least acknowledge and respect the work ethic of these artists as it is clearly something you do not have. Rap Monster continuously works for his fan base and stays relevant without being problematic. It would be very much appreciated that if you consider to write a useless article like this one, you choose not to instead.

  208. Jasmin

    This article is extremely biased and disgusting. It lacks any sense of professionalism and is completely irrelevant. If you believe that Rap Monster is not successful enough to be a solo artist I believe you should look in the mirror and think hard and well whether you could go as far as him. I am not a stan of BTS personally, but you should at least acknowledge and respect the work ethic of these artists as it is clearly something you do not have. Rap Monster continuously works for his fan base and stays relevant without being problematic. It would be very much appreciated that if you consider to write a useless article like this one, you choose not to instead.

  209. Neelia

    You call yourself an authority when no it comes to music????. You don’t have a iota of knowledge about what you wrote about. Stick to your French horn.

  210. Calu

    #RM iTunes 2020
    Mixtape mono has 92 #1?
    With this, Namjoon keeps the record as the Korean Soloist with the Most #1 for an Album on iTunes.

    King Namjoon making history since forever✨?

  211. Calu

    #RM iTunes 2020
    Mixtape mono has 92 #1?
    With this, Namjoon keeps the record as the Korean Soloist with the Most #1 for an Album on iTunes.

    King Namjoon making history since forever✨?

  212. plz_stop_the_hate

    Alright I don’t like to cause drama or stuff but im pissed about this. According to google BTS made history november 2017 mind you RM is the leader
    DNA their first MV to reach 1B views was made september 17 2017 and this article was made in March 2017… not to mention namjoon has over 26 solos/covers which most have gained more than 10 million views an are still to this day growing big, also RM has wrote if im not wrong more than 90 songs, yet you have the audacity to come say hes nothing without his dear band members I am honestly dissapointed to the max alright its an opinion I get it but please make your research if you are going open that toxic mouth of yours the boys dont need to be dealing with you and I hope non of them ever see this crap you wrote.

  213. Yo haters gon' hate why don't you delete yo article

    Preetty much sums up all the CORRECT ARMY’S in the comment section.

  214. NJ

    Although ‘spring day’ and most of the songs of BTS are composed by NAMJOON ?