G-Dragon’s USB Album Leaks Red Ink All Over Your Hands

GDragon's USB Album Leaks Red Ink All Over Your Hands
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Big Bang’s G-Dragon just a released a USB stick album.  And it’s exploding!

Following the launch of G-Dragon’s latest album, Kwon Ji Yong, the Big Bang leader quickly courted controversy.  The Korean Music Content Industry Associated refused to accept the USB-only album.  Now, fans have also lodged complaints about the USB album, specifically that its red paint that comes off.

Korean copyright law states that any physical object containing music may be considered an album.  Yet, since G-Dragon’s USB contains just a link and a key code for fans to download the album, Gaon Chart rejected the work.

The Big Bang leader quickly responded to the controversy.  On his Instagram page, G-Dragon wrote,

“What’s The Problem?

“Is that it, if someone who you don’t even know decides that an artist’s work ‘is an album’ or ‘is not an album’?  These are the few songs that I’ve been able to reveal to the world after a long time of thought and deliberation.

“Every time I’m able to hold a new album that’s still in its plastic covering, it’s like a dream. ([Is it an] LP, tape, CD, USB file…etc.)  That’s not the point.

“The most important thing isn’t the external packaging or the attractive design, but the music, which can be listened to by anyone, anywhere, where my voice has been recorded: my songs.

“Through your ears, your eyes, your hands, your lips.  To be remembered forever in our hearts, unchanging over the course of time.

“Songs, though they may be short, that can be written into the pages of our lives.

“The great melodies and lyrics are everything.  Whatever else isn’t important.

While the Gaon Chart controversy continues, fans have now complained about the problematic USB album.  A G-Dragon fan in Japan shared a picture on Instagram showing that the USB’s red ink leaves stains and rubs off.


とりあえず脱皮?完了(笑) 触ると指が汚れちゃうからこのままじゃ人に貸したりできない?思い切って拭いたら簡単に色取れた(笑)メタルなのもいい感じ? #血まみれにみえるけど#血じゃないよ#USB触った手で他のところ触ると色移りする#白いところ多いから困る#ウエットティッシュで拭いただけw#簡単にシルバーになった#色落ち注意事項にも書いてあった#でもこれ程とは思わず#これから買う人是非気をつけてほしい#GD#GDRAGON#MOTTE#BIGBANG#지디#모태#권지용#kwonjiyong #개소리#SUPERSTAR#무제#신곡#神曲#GD新しいアルバム#usb#指が赤くなった#ディスる#中身は最高#여러분 조심하세요

Una publicación compartida de まい (@momococonuts) el

In Korea, fans have also taken to Facebook to complain about the red dye.

One fan said,

I think the point is to make the USB look like it has blood on it…  It suits the theme, ‘born’ too.  I doubt they made it like that by mistake with current technology.

While the controversy remains over the album’s listing in South Korea, G-Dragon has achieved a new record in the US.  In just one day, the Big Bang leader earned his best sales week in the States. Kwon Ji Yong debuted at No. 192 on the Billboard 200.  He moved more than 4,000 equivalent album units. This marks G-Dragon’s third entry on the Billboard 200.  One of a Kind debuted at No. 161 and Coup D’etat, Part 1 landed at No. 182.

The Big Bang leader also currently owns the top spot under Billboard’s World Albums.


Image by Toekki (Rokiei) (CC by 4.0)

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