‘Minor Issue’ Reported In Beyonce’s Twins Birth

No, not Beyonce's actual twins.
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Beyonce and husband Jay Z reportedly welcomed twins into the world on June 12th.  But unconfirmed reports suggest a ‘minor issue’ is keeping the pair in the hospital.

It’s easily the most anticipated birth of 2017.  Or, births.  But amidst the euphoria surrounding the birth of twins to Beyonce and Jay Z, a ‘minor issue’ has been reported.

Earlier, Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles spilled the beans on the couple’s happy moment.  It now appears that Beyonce gave birth to both a boy and girl on June 12th, though that date has not been confirmed.  The superstar singer is now believed to have delivered in a hospital, instead of in a home setting as previously thought.  Now, a gaggle of security personal have been spotted around a certain LA-based maternity ward.

Enter TMZ, which is now reporting details from the unnamed LA-based hospital.  Early this (Sunday) morning, TMZ pointed to a minor problem or issue keeping both Beyonce and the twins under supervision.  “We do not know the nature of the issue,” TMZ noted, but noted that everything is likely to be okay.

Of course, both Jay Z and Beyonce are undoubtedly working with top-notch doctors.  And it’s entirely possible that an abundance of caution and care are being over-applied in this situation.

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Earlier, questions were raised over Beyonce’s age.  The singer is now 35, which greatly increases the risk of pregnancy issues.  That’s a sensitive matter, and also raises some issues relating to the extreme spotlight created by the pair.  Celebrity is indeed a double-edged sword, though both entertainers have been doing their best to feed the beast on this pregnancy.

Separately, it’s unclear why Mathew Knowles revealed the pregnancy, and not the couple themselves.  Actually, maybe it was former president Barack Obama that truly let the cat of of the bag.  Perhaps some secrets are impossible to keep.

More details as they emerge.

Top image by Karen Warfel (CC0).  And no, those aren’t the actual twins!

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    Bey they are so cute and sorry about their minor issues… hope that they will get well soon…Bey love u