Someone Just Discovered an Unreleased Michael Jackson Album (Updated)

An unnamed personal friend gave a New York auction house an unreleased Michael Jackson album.

Updated (3:25 pm PT Thursday): Looks like the album has been pulled from the auction!  No word yet on why, though there is a ‘first sale doctrine’ that could prohibit the auction house from selling the disc.  Stay tuned.

Later this month, auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll will auction off a never-before-released Michael Jackson album.  The starting price?  $50,000.

The previously unreleased album appears as a blank disc.  Using a pen, the singer wrote the word “Bible” on top.

The album description on the New York auction house’s site reads,

“Michael Jackson’s personally owned copy of his final album consisting of 12 finished tracks, all with finished vocals.”

The auction house promises “master quality” tracks.  The unreleased album’s first three songs, ‘Monster,’ ‘Breaking News’, and ‘Stay,’ have appeared on the posthumous 2010 album, Michael.

But is it legit?  The album has received sharp criticism from fans and family members.  Some have even suggested that Sony used a Michael Jackson impersonator.  While alive, Michael Jackson staged a high-profile war against Sony Music Entertainment then-CEO, Tommy Motolla.

A personal friend and assistant to the late singer sourced the album to Gotta Have Rock and Roll.  The auction house describes the person as someone “whose family was very close to Michael for many years, traveling all over the world with him.”  The friend wished to remain anonymous.

The unreleased album is part of several personal items that Gotta Have Rock and Roll obtained for the auction.  Other Michael Jackson memorabilia include a personally-owned teddy bear, self-portraits, and an Oscar statuette.  Given to the singer by his children, the statuette reads, “Best Daddy in the World.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, organizers expect the final price of the album to reach $1 million.  Whoever wins the auction, however, will not own the rights to the music.

The auction will kick off on July 19 and will last until the 28th.  The minimum bid starts at $50,000.

The track listing reads,

  1. “Monster”
  2. “Breaking News”
  3. “Stay”
  4. “Keep Your Head Up”
  5. “Everything’s Just Fine”
  6. “Black Widow”
  7. “Burn Tonight”
  8. “All I Need”
  9. “Water”
  10. “Let Me Fall in Love”
  11. “Ready to Win”
  12. “Soldier Boy”

Image by celebrityabc (CC by 2.0)

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  1. David Smith

    ** Correction
    It’s not an unreleased album by Michael Jackson. Its an album by the impostor called Jason Malachi. All those songs are online.

    • Mary Abbas

      David, you might want to seek mental help for your delusions. Quincy Jones Claims He’s Owed $30 Million From Michael Jackson Recordings. Michael Jackson “Cascio Songs” CD Offered for Auction for Millions, Then Mysteriously Removed that were made at Cascio’s house while MJ & the kids stayed there.

      An auction house called Gotta Have Rock and Roll announced it was selling a master tape quality CD of songs obtained from a close friend of Jackson who was his personal assistant and had traveled he world with him. The tracklist on the CD made it clear these were the songs recorded in New Jersey in the fall of 2007 by Eddie Cascio at his parents’ home. Cascio had already recorded the songs with another artist. But when Jackson, his kids, and nanny came to stay at the Cascio home– his personal friends and surrogate family for years and years– Eddie persuaded Michael to re-rec0rd the vocals and turn the whole thing into a Michael Jackson album.

      • John Smith

        The mixes are from 2010, they were done posthumously. The CD was neither personally owned by MJ nor was it his “last album” – cheap lies by Frank Cascio.

        Simply compare the playtimes that were provided with the mixes that leaked online, there’s a chance of 0% they would all match.
        You can listen to all 12 mixes from the CD here (and many more places):

        The tracks 4, 5, 15 and 16 on that website are other versions (also from 2010) that are not on the CD, the uploader also mixes the descriptions for tracks 12 and 16 (the Burt Bacharach mix of “All I Need” is actually track 16).

      • Sam I am

        In another related story. MJs lawyer admit Quincy was stiffed and will be owed $$. Who didn’t MJ not stiff? He had a long history of doing so.

        The Prince of Bahrain

        MJ was a dirty thief and a fraud.

        • Some dude

          Ah, a fool you are. Instead of whining about mj, why don’t you whine about real scumbag musicians. R. Kelly, anyone?

    • John Smith

      This CD was a total scam, all 12 tracks have been online for years. They contain highly questionable vocals (many say, it’s not MJ) that have caused a pending lawsuit.The CD came from the most gullible seller ever, Frank Cascio. The auction house was even so dumb and accidentally revealed his name in the excuse statement when they needed to say something why it was removed. The truth is that they were uninformed about the mixes being done in 2010, posthumously, this rendering both “last album” and “personally owned by MJ” as evident lies which qualifies as fraud.

      Ironically enough, two actual gems from the studio, this time actually containing a whole Michael Jackson album and unheard material, can be found on eBay:

      • Anonymous

        I doubt what you posted is even remotely true. Do quit your job as a pretend lawyer though. You are not good at it.

      • Anonymous

        Who are these “many” you speak of? What a loony you sound like. If you didn’t buy that trash which you did not. How is it a scam? It’s not. You got no credibility. I’d believe Cascio over an obsessed rabid any day of the week.

    • Anonymous

      Why did you switch your name from David to John? You should spend time getting educated. The impostor would be “named” not “called. So you were at Cascio’s house and know MJ did not record any music? NOT!!

      No one is relying on you to correct the story that’s for sure. LMAO

      • Jacko smells in hell

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    • Manuel

      You got the links to the rest of Malachi’s songs (not the ones that appeared in the Michael album)

  2. John Smith

    To the person nicknamed “Anonymous”:
    This “David Smith” persona you were arguing with, is not me. You should have noticed that this “David Smith” was talking about an imposter.
    Instead of acting as a complete loony – which ironically is what you call a person you’ve been mixing up with another one – you can actually educate yourself – and stop the insults – about both the lawsuit against Cascio (read here:, case number: BC548468) for consumer fraud and do a simple Google search that would show you who those “many” are.

    • Steve Bucket

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    • Anonymous

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    • Jenny

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      • Anonymous

        Jenny, are you stupid? Michael Jackson was no pedophile. Just ask the FBI, who investigatedo him for ten years, and found no evidence.

    • Jacko smells in hell

      Holy unhinged troll. Get a life lunatic. No one is buying your bat shit crazy shit.

  3. Captain Underpants

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  4. Jenny

    Why not practice what you preach? Oh that’s right. Floons never do. They are the ultimate hypocrites.

  5. Anonymous

    So this new “MJ” CD it’s not actually Michael Jackson. It’s Jason Malachi. I already knew half of them weren’t MJ. I YouTubed “Michael Jackson”then the name of the song. Nothing came up. Then I put in Jason Malachi, with the same song title, and it came up. So, this is just another fake CD claiming to be Michael Jackson’s unreleased music. So don’t buy the CD. It’s just Jason Malachi. I’m not gonna buy it. A true MJ fan ( like myself ) wooden goes though songs are NOT him

    • Anonymous

      I meant to say at the ending only a true and Jay fan would know that it’s not him ( stupid autocorrect)

        • Willis

          You mean wacko jacko, right? His musac ain’t played anymore.

          • Some Dude

            +willis You believe every bullshit lie the media throws at you about Michael Jackson? How sad.
            And seriously? Musac? Learn to fucking spell, dingbat.

  6. just me

    I wish they would go in his vaults and release that music MJ’s throw away music is better then anything else out today.
    And stop selling his same music over and over again On different cd’s. If the Estate was really interested in sellive MJ’s songs like Bad sold (NOTHING Could top Thriller ever. 32 Times Platnum certified). But if they wanted to sell like Bad did PUT OUT HIS VAULT MUSIC

    • Willis

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    • Wacko is dead

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      • Some dude

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