XXXTentacion Refused to Beef Up Security Prior to His Death

A makeshift memorial for slain rapper XXXTentacion.
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A makeshift memorial for slain rapper XXXTentacion.
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A makeshift memorial for slain rapper XXXTentacion (photo: Samuel Kenwright CC 2.0)

XXXTentacion refused to add a security detail prior to his death, according to his attorney.  The rapper was completely unprotected during his recent assault.

XXXTentacion had absolutely no security protection when he was murdered earlier this week.  In fact, the rapper refused to add a security detail, carry a firearm, or take any serious security precautions prior to his murder.  “We talked about him needing security, that he was past the point of being a kid making melodies on a street corner,” X’s lawyer David Bogenschutz told South Florida’s Sun Sentinel.

The rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, may have viewed a full-blown flank of bodyguards as excessive.  XXXTentacion was increasingly approached by fans and snapped by admirers, but he wasn’t receiving death threats or engaging in threatening beefs.  Altercations occurred occasionally, but were not viewed as life-threatening.

By sharp contrast, rapper 6ix9ine, a friend of Onfroy’s, is routinely besieged by death threats from rival gangs.  6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, frequently performs and appears in public despite serious threats of violence or death.  In fact, 6ix9ine is known for aggravating rival gangs, and his music is far more aggressive than XXXTentacion’s emo-infused rhymes.

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Still, XXXTentacion had received some sporadic threats.  But his murder was largely unexpected, despite his surging popularity and profile.

In terms of lingering beefs, Onfroy’s most serious arguments seemed to involved Drake, Offest of Migos, and 600Breezy, who is currently incarcerated.

In fact, Onfroy’s recent homicide is believed to have been a robbery, not an attempt to settle any scores.  Just prior to his death, XXXTentacion is reported to have pulled thousands of dollars from a nearby bank.  The money may have been withdrawn to pay for a motorcycle, though Onfroy ultimately left the Riva Motorsports dealership empty-handed.

That meant the rapper had a bag full of cash, and was a juicy target for robbery.  According to Broward County police, the robbery resulted in a stolen Louis Vuitton bag with thousands in cash.

According to one eyewitness report from a Riva customer, Onfroy was accompanied by his uncle.  But the relative was completely unarmed and fled from the robbers.  XXXTentacion was recognized by the other patrons, but declined to take a photo with the fans before getting into his vehicle.

Earlier this week, police nabbed one suspect.

Police Make an Arrest in the XXXTentacion Murder Case

Dedrick Devonshay Williams, 22, may have pulled the trigger and ended Onfroy’s life.  Other suspects, including the driver of the black getaway SUV, remain at large.

Late last night, a YouTube video from a person claiming to be one of XXXTentacion’s murderers emerged.  The supposed killer appeared with a red rag covering his face, and loudly bragged about the killing.  The video has since been removed.

Separately, rappers Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo appear completely unrelated to the murder.  In the tense hours following Onfroy’s killing, both rappers were assaulted by hundreds of comments accusing them of the murder.  Just prior to the killing, both rappers suspiciously posed with a red mask.  According to Broward County police, XXXTentacion’s murderers were also donning a red mask.

It now appears that the rappers were completely uninvolved, despite the suspicious indicators.  Accordingly, Soldier Kidd has demanded an apology for the accusations.

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Other details are also emerging, including details about XXXTentacion’s unborn child.  It now appears that the rapper indeed fathered a child, with ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayela believed to be the mother.