Route 91 Festival May Return to Las Vegas Next Year

How many concertgoers would attend Route 91 Festival 2019?

Two years ago, a lone shooter staying at the Mandalay Bay hotel shot and killed 58 festivalgoers at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas.  Stephen Paddock, the 64-year gunman, also injured over 515 other attendees.  More than 20,000 people had attended the festival.

The event quickly became known as the worst shooting in US history.  Paddock had previously booked rooms at other hotels overlooking major festivals in preparation for the deadly massacre.  These include Lollapalooza and Life Is Beautiful.

Now, two years later, the Route 91 Festival may very well return to Las Vegas.

Reviving Route 91.

During a music industry conference, Julie Matway, Live Nation’s Chief Operating Officer of Country Nation, confirmed the event may return next year.

At XLive in Las Vegas, Matway reportedly said,

Route 91 Harvest here in Las Vegas is one of my kids.  I am looking forward to how and when we are going to bring that back.  We are working hard on that.  Hopefully, we will get it online for 2019.

The news received a round of applause.

The new Route 91 Festival won’t take place at the same location as the tragic shooting.  Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the event will take place at the Las Vegas Resorts Festival Grounds.  MGM Resorts owns both The Village – the site of the shooting – and Festival Grounds.  Other events have recently taken place at the site – iHeartRadio Music Festival’s Daytime Stage and Amazon World Services’ re:Invent conference.

Yet, the event still lacks official confirmation.  Live Nation’s President of Country Touring, Brian O’Connell, has remained tight-lipped about the news.

Should Route 91 Festival return next year, MGM will take extra measures to guarantee safety at the event.

A spokesperson said,

Security remains a top priority at all MGM Resorts properties, facilities, and entertainment venues, and our security team works tirelessly to protect the safety of our guests and employees.  We are constantly evaluating and refining our security procedures and work continuously with law enforcement and security experts to ensure major events – and every guest experience – remain safe and enjoyable for everyone.”


Featured image by Bill Debevc (CC by 2.0).