TIDAL Rolls Out Its ‘MQA’ Option for Hi-Fi Subscribers on Android

TIDAL Hi-Fi subscribers will finally have access to ‘MQA’ streaming.

Two years ago, TIDAL, Jay-Z’s high-end streaming music service, quietly unveiled a new feature.

Partnering with British company MQA, the streaming service pushed a high-fidelity tier by the same name (MQA stands for ‘Master Quality Authenticated’).  A recently developed format, MQA delivers deep-range, hi-res audio in a small, streaming package.

Then, last year, the Merlin Network struck a deal with MQA.  Certified by the RIAA, the high-fidelity firm had also signed deals with major labels – Sony, Warner, and Universal Music Group.

Yet, one key problem remains – high-quality audio streaming still hasn’t convinced consumers.  To this day, TIDAL remains one of the most-ignored streaming music platforms.

Price may play a major factor.  Tidal costs $9.99, the same as other streamers.  Its Hi-Fi service costs $19.99.  Despite MQA now being offered by hardware partners – Onkuo, Technics, Bluesound, Meridian, and Pioneer, among others – consumers often can’t tell the difference between a high-quality audio file and a standard one.

Now, in an effort to attract more consumers to its service, TIDAL has confirmed a new feature.

MQA for Android.

Tidal Hi-Fi subscribers on Android now have the ability to listen to ‘Master’ quality recordings.

In the latest update, Jay-Z’s streaming music service quietly bundled the MQA decoder.  Previously, only desktop apps could use the option.

Speaking about the decision to finally enable the feature on Android, Lior Tibon, Tidal’s COO, explained,

This is a major advancement for the audiophile community and Tidal’s HiFi members.  As our platform evolves, our partnership with MQA continues to expand and cements our position as a leader in the High-Fidelity audio space.

Mike Jbara, MQA’s CEO, added,

We know that most music fans are choosing to stream on their phones.  MQA’s view is that you should have the best quality sound regardless of where you’re listening.  We’re delighted that, through our ongoing collaboration with Tidal, access to master quality audio is now expanding across mobile.