Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Documentary Receives International Distribution

Despite fan outrage, the Sundance Film Festival will still screen the controversial Michael Jackson documentary.  Now, it’s getting distributed worldwide.

Following the successful airing of six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, the Sundance Film Festival suddenly added a new world premiere.

Produced and directed by Dan Reed, Leaving Neverland centers around sexual abuse allegations against the late King of Pop.

Two victims, now in their 30s, will describe their alleged relationship with Michael Jackson.  James Safechuck and Wade Robson claim that when they were young boys aged 10 and 7, respectively, the late pop singer started a relationship with them and their families.  Then, once he had gained their trust, the King of Pop sexually molested them.

Both claim that it took them years to come to terms with what happened.

Speaking out against the airing of the controversial documentary, the Michael Jackson estate said,

This is yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck have both testified under oath that Michael never did anything inappropriate toward them.  This so-called ‘documentary’ is just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations.

Maintaining the late pop star’s innocence, the estate says that Jackson maintained friendships — and nothing more.

Speaking on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Macaulay Culkin described his close relationship with Jackson as “so normal and mundane.”

It’s almost easy to try and say it was ‘weird’ or whatever, but it wasn’t, because it made sense.  It’s one of my friendships that people question, only because of the fact that he was the most famous person in the world.

The child star also added Jackson “wanted to make sure I wasn’t alone.”

The film festival has recently addressed adamant fan protests to pull the documentary.

It has come to our attention that some of you may have received messages or social media posts from Michael Jackson fans who would like us to pull the screening of Leaving Neverland.

“Sundance Institute supports artists in enabling them to fully tell bold, independent stories, stories on topics which can be provocative or challenging.

“We look forward to audiences at the Festival seeing these films and judging the work for themselves, and discussing it afterwards.

Now, the documentary will air internationally, thanks to a new deal.

According to a new report, Kew Media Distribution has secured the international distribution rights – except in the UK and the US – to the two-part documentary.

The documentary features interviews with the victim’s mothers, wives, and siblings.  Leaving Neverland reportedly paints a portrait of “sustained abuse” and explores “the complicated feelings” both men had.

Speaking on the decision to air the documentary worldwide, Jonathan Ford, Executive Vice President of Sales at Kew Media, explained that the company remains dedicated to “providing strong and emotive programming to Kew Media Distribution’s roster of clients around the world.”

The 2019 Sundance Film Festival will start on January 24th.  HBO and Channel 4 will air the two-part documentary this spring.



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  1. Brad Penn

    I have COMPLETELY lost respect for Sundance Film Festival. They really have lowered the bar to tabloid media level. This has nothing to do with art or investigative journalism anymore since Leaving Neverland is not based on FACTS. Anyone who cares to do a little fact checking themelves will know that Wade Robson is lying. Wade has been BRAGGING about being FRIENDS with Michael Jackson for years, all the way until 2012. There are SEVERAL interviews where he is praising Michael, telling us what a “good person” he is, how KIND he is and how much he admires him and how much he has learned from him. Never ONCE has he had anything bad to say about Michael. He DEFENDED Michael IN COURT UNDER OATH in 2005 and SWORE IN COURT that Michael DID NOT touch him. He was an ADULT then, not an “innocent, impressionable child” when he testified in court. He married in 2005, he was fully capable of making his own decisions. He wrote a long dedication to Michael after Michael died in the book called “OPUS” and wrote about how much he will miss Michael and mentioned how he and his wife had been spending time with Michael and his kids inLas Vegas in 2008. He e-mailed Michael Jackson’s nephew in 2009 and asked for tickets and parking passes to Michael’s memorial at the Staples center. He also thanked Michael at the end credits of his short film Within in 2007 and thanked Michael for letting him use his Neverland Ranch for the filming. He also wanted to work on Michael Jackson’s ONE in Las vegas in 2011, buut wasn’t chosen as the choreographer or director for the show. “Coincidentally” after that he changed his story and came out with the ridicilous allegations. His and Jimmy Safechuck’s (who by the way ALSO told PLICE INVESTIGATORS that HE WAS NOT abused by Michael Jackson…EVER!) claims were dismissed by a judge. Since they weren’t able to make money out of Michael Jackson that way, they decided to take an advantage of the #metoo movement and make money through a documentary based on false claims. The REAL VICTIM here is Michael Jackson. Or how many sexual abuse victims you know who keeo telling EVERYONE that they are FRIENDS with that person and talk highly of them for al their lives and EVEN AS ADULTS still WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THEM and go have barbques with them like Wade said he did in 2008 in Las Vegas when he was hanging out with Michael and his children. How many sexual abuse victims PRAISE their abusers just MONTHS before they start claiming they were abused AS A CHILD by that person????? And how many child abuse victims like to DANCE to the music made by their claimed abuser? Wade kept dancing to Michael’s music until 2012 and he also wanted to work on a tribute for Michael. In fact, he danced with Janet Jackson at an MTV tribute HONORING Michael. But even AFTER that he wanted to work on MJ tributes. Also, Wade Robson said that it wasn’t “repressed memory”, that he ALWAYS remembered and knew exactly what Michael did to him but he didn’t “realize it was wrong”. Let’s not forget that he TESTIFIED IN COURT AS AN ADULT in 20015 during a TRIAL that was ABOUT child abuse claims. There is NO WAY you can NOT KNOW that an adult having “anal sex” (as Wade claims) WiTH A CHILD is WRONG when you are an ADULT YOURSELF TESTIFYING UNDER OATH IN COURT!!! Wade keeps contradicting himself and talking himself to a corner because he is LYING. It is SHOCKING to me that SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL would lower the bar so low and allow this kind of slanderous tabloid journalism into the festival and would support something where no one has done any FACT CHECKING first! Real journalism and news reporting has died a painful death and has been replaced by fake news. I will keep my eyes on anyone who is supporting or sponsoring “Leaving Neverland” so that I know who to BOYCOTT in the future. Sundance Film Festival has lost all my respect, so has HBO. ichael Jackson fans are not “outraged” because we are fans, but because this is clear INJUSTICE towards him. Michael Jackson fans know all the facts and details better than anyone else and can quote court documets to anyone who is willing to hear. There has not been ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE EVER that proved that Michael did ANYTHING. The FBI investigated him for TEN YEARS and found NOTHING. He was proven to be INNOCENT IN THE COURT OF LAW of ALL ALLEGATIONS (and they incuded the Chandler case as well because the judge allowed it) and he was found NOT GUILTY. ENOUGH OF THESE FALSE CLAIMS ALREADY!! Let the man REST IN PEACE!!! Why don’t all of these people dedicate their time and effort to something that would actually make the world a BETTER PLACE?! But….MIchael Jackson’s name is the only name in the world that will sell and make money, which is why peope keep using it and try to take an advantage of it even when he is dead. It’s a shame that peple who Michael considered his friend stab him in the back for miney when he is dead. It makes me especially sad for Michael’s children and his mother and the rest of his family because they are the ones who have to endure the constat slander and defamation of Michael Jackson.

    • Anonymous

      You have written the exact truth. Thank you so much.
      I am an MJ fan and I know all the facts.
      I won’t even see this documentary.
      Let sundance and HBO go to hell.
      I wish HBO gets shut.

      • Jacko was a pedo

        No truth every comes from you foolish fanatic who can’t spell nor type in a normal way. Jacko’s victims got a standing ovation. You can’t afford to see the doc and you really don’t count anyway. Troll4life.

    • Harel

      Thank you for your true & smart words. Michael Jackson is innocent. It’s very painful people are trying to hurt his name after all he contributed to children all over the world.

      • Jacko was a pedo

        He is dead, he’s not in the present illiterate one. MJ paid 23 million in hush money. He abused boys. Period. He also abused drugs.

    • Jacko was a pedo

      Snooze from a gripless fanatic who was too lazy to protest. Your junk was and will always be debunked. Slither back to vindihate.

    • Mary Abass is deranged

      Sundance don’t give a rats behind about you. You’re just the average POS pedo lover only a dead one could attract. By the way. lame lunatic. MJ abused his own purchased kids. Go suck on some propofol, moron. You are the very reason they secruity. have

    • Shane

      What tabloid trash you wrote there. Floon fantasy at it’s finest. When he was abusing drugs and propofol which is illegal. Where were those neglected kids while he was knocking himself out for days at a time?

    • Mj was a pedo

      BP you are a major brain dead rabid in the Netherlands. Get bent and please get a life already. Your delusions don’t count.

  2. takwon

    yo michael jackson is the best pop person ever yo thriller moonwalk lean and dab

  3. Laura

    Objectivity demands consideration to both sides of an issue. Leaving Neverland is a one-sided vendetta from two disgruntled men intent on a handsome payout. Read this before making a judgment: http://www.joevogel.net/

    • Jacko was a pedo!

      What a bunch of hogwash that is. Do you like junkies too because that is exactly what he was besides a kiddy diddler. Notice how you foolish fanatics didn’t bother to show up at Sundance. Why is that?

  4. Anonymous

    Anything for money!!! INNOCENT!!!!! LEAVE MICHAEL JACKSON ALONE!!!????

    • Bobmoo

      We spit on his wall daily. Why are you not there? spat, spat More of Jacko’s victims are coming out. Diddled German boys in Vegas that MJ got banned from the Mirage Hotel.

  5. s.harrington

    michael jackson is free!!and these guys are haunted by their lies.

  6. Mary Abass is deranged

    Sundance don’t care about you losers4life.

    • Shane got Shame

      You can go die with all those fake proof Shane a.k.a. Shame on You