In the Wake of ‘Leaving Neverland’ Molestation Charges, Quincy Jones Abandons His Michael Jackson-Themed Concert

Earlier this year, Quincy Jones announced a surprise concert for Michael Jackson fans.

At his upcoming performance at London’s O2 Arena, an orchestra would perform three of the hit albums Jones co-produced with Jackson – Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad.

Jones, who closely collaborated with Jackson in the 80s, would also reveal previously unseen footage for the audience.  He would conduct the orchestra along with Jules Buckey.

Now, following the airing of the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, Jones has apparently backed away from exclusively promoting Jackson.

Quincy Jones moves away from Michael Jackson. Publicly, at least.

Shortly before tickets went on sale in February, Jones advertised the June 23rd event as a world exclusive concert.

A flyer sent out to fans read,

Quincy Jones Presents: Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad.

Three iconic albums performed back-to-back with live symphony orchestra.

Hosted and introduced live by Quincy Jones.  Plus, brand new film of Quincy talking about the making of the albums.

And very special guests artists performing live!  Conducted by Jules Buckley & Quincy Jones.”

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A new flyer recently sent out for the event has removed all references to Michael Jackson.  Shifting away from his professional relationship with the iconic pop singer, Jones has now dubbed the event Quincy Jones Presents Soundtrack of the 80s: Iconic Sounds & Defining Albums.

Jones will still perform works from Michael Jackson’s albums.  Posted on Twitter, however, the concert will now actively promote other works from the decade.

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The move has infuriated the late pop singer’s fans.  Demanding refunds, most have accused Jones of false advertising.

One fan wrote,

@seetickets.  Hello.  Due to false advertising, I want a refund to tickets for the Quincy Jones concert June 23 @ O2 Arena.  Bought in February, Ticketmaster [is] already refunding.

Others say they didn’t purchase tickets to see Jones perform other works from the 80s; only Michael Jackson’s works.

Hi… I bought tickets for ‘Q Presents Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, the iconic albums performed back-to-back.  Now the show has altered to a potpourri of 80s songs.  Not what I paid for.”

Jones has yet to issue an explanation for the sudden concert change.


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  1. Anonymous

    Quincy Jones is a pedophile. Tupac once said Quincy asked him if he can have sexual intercourse with him.

  2. Jo

    Is Tupac prepared to go on record that Quincy whom I have never met asked him for intercourse.
    Anyone can make up a juicy story as talk is cheap.If it’s TRUE then the world need to know to protect young and upcoming artists