After Battling PewDiePie’s Racist Rants, T-Series Becomes the First YouTube Channel to Surpass 100 Million Subscribers

After a bitter war with Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and his racist rants, T-Series has just made history.

Earlier this morning, Guinness World Records recognized the major Indian record label as the first to surpass 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

The world records reference company wrote,

This achievement beats record holder PewDiePie, a Swedish videogames reviewer known for his popularity and comedy sketches on the video site, as well as being the first YouTuber to reach 50 million subscribers.

The achievement also ends Kjellberg’s five-year reign as the self-proclaimed ‘King of YouTube.’

Over the last year, both T-Series and PewDiePie had remained locked in a bitter war for the 100 million subscriber milestone.  This included the release of two racist tracks from the Swedish YouTuber – ‘Bi—h Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations.’

In both tracks, PewDiePie slams the Indian record label’s history.  First launched in the 1980s, T-Series’ founder had admittedly sold pirated cassettes and videos of other Bollywood stars’ hits.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, and despite his rabid fanbase’s steadfast defense of the embattled YouTuber, these songs included defamatory, disparaging, insulting, and offensive lyrics against T-Series and all Indians.

In ‘Bi—h Lasagna,’ for example, Kjellberg lambasts the skin color of the Indian population.

I’m a blue eyes white dragon while you’re just dark magician (oof) / You got a fifth of the population in your nation but / I got nine-year-olds of worlds so hold your defecation (oops).

Slamming an entire country for a single company founded in India, he adds,

Sit the f—k down T-Series, I’m here to spill the real tea / You tryin’ to dethrone me from spot on number one / But you India, you lose, so best think you haven’t won / When I’m through with you we’re gonna be completely f—g done / ‘Cause we only just begun.

Unrepentant in his second ‘diss’ track against the Indian record label, PewDiePie proudly sings,

A congratulations to your corporation / Guess to beat one Swedish boy, you need a billion Asians… / I’m sure right now there’s nothing that you’re doing that’s illegal, yeah / I’m certain that you haven’t had collusions with the mafia… / For serious, Indian mafia, please don’t kill me, that’s a joke.

Both songs ultimately proved to be Kjellberg’s Achilles’ heel.

Shortly after the publication of ‘Congratulations,’ T-Series filed a complaint in court.  The Delhi High Court sided with the Indian label, ordering YouTube to remove access to both videos in the country.  This ultimately caused PewDiePie to lose subscribers while T-Series’ fan base exploded.


Featured image by Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg.

8 Responses

  1. Brian T

    Clickbait Hate headline and article.

    What is it with people like Daniel Sanchez? They’re a bunch of SJW Leftist craptivists who want to smear based on fake news and a laundry list of innuendo.

    Where are you aspiring to work, Sanchez? CNN or The Guardian? Didn’t CNN just have a bunch of layoffs? Craptivist SJW legacy media companies and the clickbait outrage turds they produce are circling the toilet bowl.

    The world is waking up to the fact that true HATE resides entirely with the Leftist Witch Hunters and Fake News merchants. What a sad life you must lead, trying to tear people down. You’re just another mentally ill NPC who doesn’t understand comedy or much of anything other than fomenting hate.

    • Mike P.

      The irony of Brian T accusing others of hate while himself using dehumanizing fascist rhetoric.


    • Anonymous

      I’m on the right politically, but I don’t get angry and bully people because of different views, I instead criticize them politely.

  2. XLR

    The content he made wasn’t racist, it was satirical at best unfunny at worst. The “You India, You lose” is derived from his “you laugh, you lose” segment so he wasn’t slamming an entire country. There were a lot of Indian people who were subbing to Pewds during this entire thing.

    He didn’t lose subs because of the complaint filed in court, the subscriptions slowed because he declared the “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” movement to be over after the Christchurch shooter used it in one of his videos before the attack, he disavowed the shooter and told everyone to stop saying it, you can clearly see the dip in subs since then on Social Blade.

    I in no way think Pews is perfect, but a corporation went crying to their court because a diss track got them hot an bothered during a time where a lot of Youtubers were making diss tracks was weak. T-Series was always going to pass Pewds, but he’s still the biggest Youtuber, T-Series is the largest YT aggregate, and the Youtube “Music” has the most subs.

    • I mock them

      So basically it took numerous “fake no less” controversies and the company manipulation of algorithms to promote it.

      Amazing how t series had to try so hard just to take down One Swede with so much resources and still comes of as weak lol

  3. Ben1s

    Pathetic journalism. The news and media in the USA are a complete joke, thanks for proving that yet again.

  4. Excelsior

    This is probably the worst Fake News article on PewDiePie that I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. The tracks were both satirical, the song pokes a little bit of fun at the culture-for instance, the defecation joke as it’s a proven fact that more Indian homes have WiFi than toilets. The Blue Eyes/Dark Magician joke wasn’t a poke at skin colour, it was a Yu-Gi-Oh reference, considering that one of the famous scenes is Dark Magician getting BTFO, and Blue Eyes is more powerful-Dark Magician also, y’know, has white skin, so great job on journalistic research. The accusations were also all given with screenshots in the Congratulations video to give them credence, so they aren’t just baseless accusations. If you take grievance with those claims, take them up with the original writers of the articles.

    Despite being what I suppose amounts to a journalist, you clearly have no grasp on the situation, nor do you have a basic understanding of the English language; at least, that’s what I have to assume when you can’t even use the term “racist” in the correct manner. The fact that you can even call yourself a journalist is an insult to every real journalist out there who reports the truth and researches properly, but hey, at least you can pat yourself on the back and keep telling yourself the lie that you can write competent articles.