Report: 62% of Festivalgoers Want Music Festivals to Cut Down on Waste, Yet a Large Percentage Abandon Their Tents at Events

Report: 62% of Festivalgoers Want Music Festivals to Cut Down on Waste Reduction, Yet Most Abandon Their Tents at Events
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Report: 62% of Festivalgoers Want Music Festivals to Cut Down on Waste Reduction, Yet Most Abandon Their Tents at Events
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Warrington Music Festival in the UK.

Ticketmaster UK has unveiled its State of Play report.

In its latest annual study, the live promoter focused on music festivals across the UK.

Drawing on ten years of ticket data and surveying over 4,000 festivalgoers, Ticketmaster found 62% remain concerned about waste reduction initiatives at music festivals.  To cut down on sexual harassment and crime, 61% said they wanted improved security at events.  57% said they want music festivals and live gigs to be “eco-friendly.”  53% want a greater variety of events and activities, 50% want to have “unique experiences,” and 48% said they want events to feature more “communal [and] chill spaces.”

Speaking about festival sustainability and the environment, the live promoter wrote,

Many have already implemented green initiatives such as offering locally sourced and organic foods, rewarding those who arrive via low carbon emission routes or putting ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ efforts into play.

But despite festivalgoers’ desire for more environmentally friendly music festivals, 25% of all respondents admitted to sometimes leaving their tents behind, thus polluting the environment.  13% said they always abandon their tents at events.

So, why does this happen?  Most people, says Ticketmaster, believe organizers will simply recycle the abandoned tents.

Breaking down gender diversity in the 2019 State of Play: Festivals report, 49% believe diversity has improved.  47% of all respondents believe organizers have the sole responsibility of ensuring festival line-ups “are as diverse as possible.”  29% agree that music events don’t have enough diversity.

Yet, despite their desire to see more diversity, 42% admitted they don’t consider a gender-balanced line-up when choosing which festivals and gigs to attend.

Analyzing the habits of festivalgoers, Ticketmaster found more males than females attend music gigs, 52% to 47%.  The average age of attendees stands at 37.

Breaking that number down, 6% of those aged 65 and over attend music gigs, 8% are aged 55-63, 16% are aged 45-54, 20% are aged between 35 and 44, a whopping 26% – the largest age group – are aged 25-34, 15% are aged between 20 and 24, and 9% are 16 to 19.

17% of British festivalgoers come from London.  Just 2% come from Northern Ireland.

61% of all festivalgoers also attend music festivals with friends.  38% go with their significant other.  10% participate with their children, and 9% go with their siblings.

55% of all respondents also said they usually attend festivals and music gigs with 2 to 4 friends.  18% attend with 5 to 9 people they know.  15% typically go with just 1 person.  8% go alone.

Breaking down the reasons for attending music festivals, 31% said they do so for the “experience.”  29% attend to hear their favorite music, 25% go to socialize, and 15% attend to “escape” reality.

You can view the complete report here.


Featured image by Luke Addison (CC by 2.0).

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