Deezer Launches a Dedicated App For Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Format

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Music lovers, rejoice! Deezer, the popular music streaming service, has launched a new standalone app for Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format. The app, named ‘360 by Deezer’, is available for iOS and Android users and lets Deezer HiFi music subscribers experience Sony’s latest audio format.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format is designed to provide a uniquely immersive experience that feels like being in the audio booth. The technology tracks the position of each instrument or sound and creates an individual sound field for each element of the song, allowing the listener to feel as though they are in the middle of the performance. The new format is said to provide a three-dimensional audio experience that is much more engaging and immersive than traditional stereo sound.

One of the biggest advantages of the 360 Reality Audio format is that it can be enjoyed through normal headphones with no specialized hardware. This makes it accessible to a wider audience, as users don’t need to invest in expensive equipment to enjoy the superior sound quality.

However, 360 by Deezer requires a Deezer HiFi subscription to use. Right now, the library of songs available in the new format is limited, but Deezer says it will continue to grow. Currently, artists like Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Marvin Gaye, and Miles Davis are available in the 360 Reality Audio format. Deezer has also launched a new 360 playlist that highlights new releases in the format.

The 360 by Deezer app integrates seamlessly with the Deezer app, allowing users to toggle their favorite songs in 360 or merge regular tracks with the 360 Reality Audio counterpart. This means that users can still enjoy their existing music library in the new format without having to start from scratch.

Deezer and Sony are also teaming up to offer three months of free Deezer HiFi with the purchase of Sony headphones. Deezer is also offering its HiFi subscription at $14.99/month for those subscribers instead of the usual $19.99/month.

So far, Deezer has been the first major streaming service to embrace the new format. Neither Apple nor Spotify were listed as official launch partners, so it is up to the smaller services to promote 360 Reality Audio. Sony doesn’t have a streaming service of its own (unlike Apple) to support the new format, either.

Official launch partners for the new 360 Reality Audio format include Amazon Music HD, Deezer, Tidal, and The new Echo Studio should be able to playback the new format natively, which will help Amazon’s smart speaker domination.

The new format is obviously something that has to be heard to be judged. Deezer appears to be making this easy for its subscribers with dual app integrations. However, most people are looking to get rid of apps on their phones, not install more. This means that Deezer will have to work hard to convince users to download and use the new app, especially if they are already satisfied with their existing music streaming service.

In conclusion, the new 360 by Deezer app is a welcome addition to the music streaming world. The 360 Reality Audio format promises to provide a much more immersive listening experience, and it’s great to see Deezer taking the lead in promoting this new technology. While the library of songs available in the new format is currently limited, it’s expected to grow over time, making it an even more attractive option for music lovers. If you’re a Deezer HiFi subscriber, it’s definitely worth checking out the new app and experiencing the future of music for yourself.

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  1. Eilo

    October 29, 2019
    There should be an independent audit established on Spotify claims, as they on numerous occasions have lied and continually lie about Apple supposed indiscretions.