iHeartMedia Chooses Nashville as Second HQ for iHeartRadio Digital

iHeartRadio Digital - Downtown Nashville
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iHeartRadio Digital - Downtown Nashville
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Photo Credit: Unsplash

iHeartMedia has announced the selection of Nashville as its second headquarters for its iHeartRadio digital team.

The new Nashville headquarters will expand the current New York-based digital team, and create a brand-new hub.

iHeartMedia chose Nashville partly because it’s one of America’s leading music scenes. But the city is also seeing rapid growth in the technology sector. The business growth and lower cost of living (at least compared to NY, LA, and SF) are also helping to attract talent to the city. That’s also making expansions easier on the business side, with real estate, construction costs, and labor costs lower.

Darren Davis, president of iHeartRadio, didn’t specifically mention the cost savings, but did wax on a number of other factors for selecting Nashville as a hub.

“Nashville’s technology ecosystem is thriving, and combined with the city’s rich history in music, entrepreneurial spirit and diverse culture, we believe this is the perfect location for us to extend our digital leadership and recruit highly-skilled and passionate candidates for our second iHeartRadio Digital headquarters.”

The iHeartRadio digital app now has over 135 million registered users, according to the company. It is available on over 250 different platforms and connected devices. The iHeartRadio service also features licensed partners in Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

iHeartMedia says more details about the Nashville HQ will be announced soon. The HQ is expected to open its doors in Q1 2020.

The new headquarters will also be the new hub for the iHeartRadio digital product teams located in New York, San Antonio, and Silicon Valley.

Ralph Shulz, President and CEO of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, welcomed iHeartMedia’s decision.

“We are excited about iHeartRadio’s expansion in the Nashville region. Music continues to be an integral part of our culture, community, and economy. iHeartRadio’s decision to focus their North American growth in Nashville is a testament to our vibrant music scene, our talented workforce, and a robust business climate.”

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  1. Tom Hendricks

    Never a protest song allowed on I HURT radio, instead they promote music instead of playing music people want. Changing this is also part of the music revolution that DMN is afraid to talk about.