Taylor Swift Cancels Her Entire 2020 Tour — Refunds Could Get Tricky, However

Taylor Swift 2020 Tour
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Taylor Swift is canceling the rest of her 2020 tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The singer shared the news through Twitter, saying: “I’m so sad I won’t be able to see you guys in concert this year, but I know this is the right decision.”

Taylor Swift canceling her 2020 tour should come as no surprise to those paying attention. Justin Bieber canceled his entire 45-date “Changes” Tour back in March. Tour dates for both have been canceled to accommodate shutdown orders. As for refunds, it really depends on where you purchased your tickets.

Those purchasing tickets directly through Ticketmaster are probably in luck.  Earlier, Ticketmaster quietly changed its refund policy to exclude events that are postponed or rescheduled. That’s technically what’s happening with both the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift 2020 tour – they’re being postponed until 2021. Under heavy pressure from fans and members of U.S. Congress, however, Ticketmaster is now making concessions to give buyers their money back.  That follows a similar move from AEG.

Those buying tickets from resellers could face an uphill battle if they want a refund, however.  Elsewhere, StubHub has a class-action lawsuit in progress against it for providing vouchers instead of cash refunds. StubHub says it’s impossible to offer immediate cash refunds to all buyers.

You can bet Ticketmaster is facing the same issue. Where StubHub moves around $5 billion in ticket sales each year, Ticketmaster exceeds $30 billion in yearly sales.  All of which makes Ticketmaster’s concession a painful about-face.

The Taylor Swift 2020 tour becomes the 2021 tour as live music shows are banned through the summer in many countries.

“Fighting COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge for our global community, and the safety and well-being of fans should always be the top priority,” Swift’s statement reads. “Health organizations and governments around the world have strongly discouraged large public gatherings for an undetermined period. With many events throughout the world already canceled, and upon direction from health officials to keep fans safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19, sadly the decision has been made to cancel all Taylor Swift live appearances and performances this year.”

Impacted tour dates include several shows in July in the U.S. and Brazil.

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  1. ben

    I just don’t get it… in a normal life, if you pay for a service or something else,
    and don’t get it, you are eligible for a refunded right? so, where’s the magic trick?
    TicketMaster and or some of these multi(m)billionnaires ain’t in financial trouble, right?
    did I miss something?

  2. ben

    whoops, typo… I should have had written TricketMaster actually

  3. Angelito

    Yeh good news is that a stupid Hollywood nimrod will not have a platform to vomit liberal propaganada!

    • Jake

      So, it’s about politics to you, not the actual issue? Your comments consistently don’t address any issue, but just spout ignorant vomit propaganda. Try posting something of substance and value for people to take you seriously.

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      Oh stfu…she has more class in her pinky than you do in your whole body.