Over 12 Million People Watched Astronomical – The Travis Scott Fortnite Concert

Travis Scott Fortnite
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Travis Scott Fortnite
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Photo Credit: Epic Games

The Travis Scott virtual concert in Fortnite set a record for most concurrent viewers – over 12 million players watched it live.

Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, says the Astronomical concert set an “all-time record.” The previous record of 10.7 million concurrent players was achieved during Marshmello’s DJ set.

It’s worth noting that the 12.3 million number only accounts for actual in-game players. Plenty of people tuned in to watch the concert through another player’s eyes on Twitch and YouTube. The total viewership will grow in the coming days as the event has an encore performance.

The Travis Scott Fortnite concert is like a mini world tour with multiple dates this week. There are even individual event-themed items for players to earn this week. Astronomical is playing five different concerts inside Fortnite, so if you missed the first, you’re not out of luck.

Travis Scott Fortnite Astronomical Tour

  • April 24 – 7 PM EST
  • April 25 – 12 AM EST, 11 AM EST, 6 PM EST

Players who attend any of the above concert dates get a free glider and two loading screens. Epic also has some exclusive premium skins available for players to buy. Those include a Travis Scott skin as well as Travis Scott-themed cosmetics.

Completing the Travis Scott challenges in-game grant a spray, banner, loading screen, and emote. The skins and cosmetics will likely disappear from the Epic Store once the concert event is over.

It’s kind of strange that more artists and entertainers haven’t embraced Fornite during the pandemic. Marshmello’s DJ set last year proved that millions of gamers would log-in to catch a special event. Even now, players are downloading Fortnite to prep for the Astronomical encore.

It’s unclear if Travis Scott is getting a cut from the premium skins sold, but it’s likely. Fortnite’s baked in promotional potential will likely be harnessed again before 2020 is out.

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  1. Joe

    Everyone is home. Of course the numbers are going to be higher. If we were able to go out and do things. It would have been more like 1.2 million people.