House Votes to Give Americans a Second $1,200 Stimulus Check — Including Children

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On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a $3 trillion stimulus package, which, if approved by the Senate and signed into law in its current form, would provide a new round of $1,200 stimulus checks to Americans.

Abbreviated as the HEROES Act, the massive aid legislation (the largest stimulus bill in U.S. history, to be sure) proceeded through the House by a count of 208 to 199.  If approved, the bill would include another round of stimulus checks — $1,200 for a broad number of Americans, plus another $1,200 for every eligible dependent in the household (up to three).  Married couples would receive $2,400, for a maximum payout of $6,000 per eligible household.

The $1,200 payment would go to any single American making under $75,000, or $150,000 for married couples filing jointly.  Heads of households making $112,500 or lower also qualify.  Notably, this bill does not include the $2,000 stimulus payment proposed earlier.

The checks would also include independent contractors, a group that includes many musicians, artists, and industry professionals.  Earlier, independent contractors experienced difficulty claiming funds dispersed by the U.S. Government’s Paycheck Protection Program, as larger companies quickly gobbled up millions.

The vote’s relative closeness is indicative of disagreements not solely between Republicans and Democrats, but of a small divide within the latter party.

Despite being backed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the HEROES Act was voted down by 14 House Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declared the roughly 1,800-page-long HEROES Act “dead on arrival,” and it seems highly unlikely that the bill would receive the votes required to pass the Republican-controlled Senate – especially considering that some Democratic senators may opt to oppose the legislation.

The chief disagreements over the HEROES Act appear to stem not from the proposed stimulus checks, but from its other earmarks and stipulations. If passed, the bill would provide $200 billion in hazard pay to essential workers, $175 billion in housing aid to homeowners and renters, and $1 trillion to state and local governments, to name just some elements.

Additionally, the $600 weekly “unemployment bonus” that was passed as part of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act would be extended through the start of 2021. These payments, which are added onto the unemployment assistance of recipients’ respective states, are currently slated to be distributed through July’s end.

Though the HEROES Act is unlikely to pass the Senate, once again, many political experts believe that it will serve as the starting point for negotiations on an eventual fourth stimulus package.

Recent news pertaining to the novel coronavirus hasn’t been entirely negative. South Korean researchers have reported that those who test positive for COVID-19 a second time may be unable to spread it to others, besides potentially possessing immunity to the disease’s more serious symptoms and complications.

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  1. Mary

    Meanwhile, people are stru5to feed their family’s and although I wasent directly hit, people in the house with me lost jobs, that made me have to triple up, now I’m behind. So yall take your time while we sink further in the hole. I wish yall had to live on my income, struggle to pay the IRS from 2018, but no hurry guy’s.

    • DJ8

      I completely agree. While the political parties in D.C. are deciding what the average American family needs they need to walk a mile in their shoes while they eating their catered meals whole alot of hardworking Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

    • Steve

      Don’t know how else to get a comment out not involved in social media but I just wonder how long the American people well let the guy I voted for turn us into a third world country because that’s exactly what we look like right now he needs to go I surely don’t think Joe Biden is the answer but nobody else wants the job thank you for the platform

    • Jeffrey Young

      The Almighty God hears everything and supplies all needs.

    • Mary L. Dixon

      SomeSometimes things get ruff but I’m a firmbeliever that everything will work out for the good of them that loves the Lord.

    • Billie clark

      They should tell us who voted no on this bill as written. And then we can send them packing!

  2. Anonymous

    If Justin allows Joe Biden to use his music in this election I won’t ever by or listen to his music again!

    • Herp

      I’m sure he would crushed to hear that. Whatever.

    • Al Jolson

      The bill has no chance and is political grandstanding. What you need to do is scream at governors and mayors who continue lockdowns. They are the ones causing this pain. The response to CV is a hoax with one purpose: to hurt Trump in November.

      Yes, it is your governor or mayor who is reaming you for political game.

      • Jerry

        You either have zero common sense, or are just trying to get attention with your nonsense. How is making sure people stay safe a bad thing?

        • Al Jolson

          Get school. Read unbiased data. There is no CV threat.

          God lord, you are a lemming.

  3. Anonymous

    While the Senate plays their games like the money is coming out their pockets alot of families are struggling to make bill’s and buy food.

    • Al Jolson

      And, martial law lockdowns by governors are the real problem. Storm your capitol and reopen completely. The lockdowns are a political hoax.

      • Jerry

        Just goes to show that people are suck. The 100k dead would have skyrocketed had we not locked-down, you fucking moron. Every post you outdo yourself. You are really as dumb as a fucking bag of hammers. Go back under your rock.

  4. GRRR

    The rich people like Pelosi don’t care about how much our taxes will go UP later on to pay for the hand-outs they’re giving NOW. Think ahead- PEOPLE !!! ??.

    • Anonymous

      No, live now People!!! Under this low IQ administration we don’t have long on earth so we won’t have to worry about paying it back!

  5. Jill D (a nurse in Maine)

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of you!!! Then there’s also the nurses and other healthcare professionals that have continued to work on the front lines and risk our lives as well as our families. Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed and so very grateful that I have held onto my job but the folks who are collecting unemployment benefits and receiving the $600 bonus on top of it definitely need it to care for their loved ones. But doesn’t anyone agree that we should be receiving the $600/we in hazard pay??

    • Gayle S

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. I have wondered why everyone else gets money except the ones that are really on the front line and risking the most. My daughter-in-law is a nurse and after wearing the masks that they have to wear for 12 hours, she herself feels sick from inhaling her own breath. And that takes a toll on her health. She herself said that people around her are making more money per week with the unemployment than she makes helping on the front lines. There is definitely something very wrong here.

      • Cathy

        I agree that medical personnel and anyone that has continued to work in high risk environments. My husband is a courier, he has been picking up and delivering to hospitals including the blood to the labs for Covid19 testing. He is considered a private contractor so no back up for them. I am hoping that the hazard pay in the proposal will help the nurses, doctors, all hospital personnel.

    • Wendy Macon, Ga.

      What you are saying is so true! I’m not a nurse or doctor that specifically care for the patients in hospital but I work there, I’m in covid patients rooms everyday cleaning to make sure other’s have a clean environment to continue to be the heroes they are! I risk my life everyday around healthcare professionals & patients.. So I feel as a EVS workers we shouldn’t be forgotten either, because we risk our lives! We deserve stimulus assistance as well because we are heroes for what we do!

    • Jackye

      I believe that the doctors, nurses, grocery store workers truck drivers, any healthcare workers should receive more than 600.00. Those people have worked long hours and sacrificed being away from their families and put their life on the lines for all of the people of the United States. They deserve way more.♥️ Thank you!

    • Towgirl

      Yes ma’am I completely agree y’all deserve the 600. As hazard pay I just wanna say thank you for working the front lines and risking your life .

      • Anonymous

        Thank you and all frontline workers. May God Bless all of you and keep all of you safe.

    • Billie Clark

      I absolutely think you and all medical staff should receive hazard pay! Thank you for all that you do!

  6. Anomynoustic

    Did I hear right? Joe Biden is trying to get Monica lewinski to be his running mate.

    • J in Ohio

      Really…. He is trying to give them the White House again

    • Jeffrey Young

      You mean the intern in the blue dress. Yeah boy!!!!!

    • Billie Clark

      Seriously? What a bunch of bull crap!!

  7. J in Ohio

    I feel like they are not taking into consideration the avg American I am blessed to not have been directly hit by the situation but I know plenty that’s were. It made my job alot harder, and this extra money would help me out alot and it will also help more people than they realize. The people voting are rich they are getn paid regardless so it wont effect their lives at all either way but if it did this wouldnt be a topic of conversation.

  8. MV

    If i was an essential worker and was able to get unemployment i would sit my butt at home until the $600 was taken away. If you are an essential worker and making $12/hr x 40 hrs $480 your take home per week is not even as much as what the unemployed is getting for not having a job.

  9. Ruck

    Families that did not loose their job do not need this money, you should give it to the right people! Dont waist the money.

    • Angelito

      Jesus Christ learn to spell! If you get any additional money, spend it on education.

        • Angelito

          OK, not really. What I meant to say is that I like to molest puppies. I’m a real sicko.

  10. No name

    I wish they had to live like us with no income at all. While everyone on unemployment gets 2400 extra month on top od reg benifits they get. As i sit n wait for disability appeal board to make up their minds when ever they get arpumd to seeing my case as i suffer n my dogs suffer

  11. Deb

    I really do not understand why they think did they need to wait and see what will happen. There are so many of us that are unemployed right now including myself. And not receiving unemployment. Every bill that we have is late who is my husband working we are only able to keep our heads above water but that won’t even last another week our rent will be due are utility bills passed to check payment passed to you. There’s still a big sector of America that needs help now. Before we end up homeless and Libby get a tent

  12. Ms. Concern

    Hell I’m trying to figure out why in the hell unemployment have to get the most money every week 600 dollars on top of whatever they already getting plus a damn stimulus check and 500 for each child up to three kids that’s why they don’t want to go back to work because they getting all the damn money Is I’m the only one seeing this and now Nancy Pelosi try to give unemployment up to over a year this is wrong to other American people who are working been working the whole time Covid 19 started it’s not right unemployment needs to still end the 600 dollars a week in June or July of this year and go back to regular weekly pay Nancy Pelosi take that out your new (Bill) And I haven’t got not one check

  13. MV

    The $600 added extra should be used to hire temporary workers to take calls and review applications and get money out to the unemployed that hasn’t received or been approved for unemployment.

    • MV

      This $600 will just make the lazy lazier. People will be depending on the $600 after it is gone cause their lifestyle will change. The lower class will be corrupted into buying things that they originally couldn’t afford with their actual income and the creditors will be taking them for everything that they have and work for afterwords.

  14. Anonymous

    I feel Trump, has gotten everyone into this horrible situation and he should make sure that the next round of stimulus passes to help everyone in need. We are living like a third world country and it is so upsetting to see person after person die from this virus. I pray they help us homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet. Lord Help Us!!

  15. Monica

    I am not in the medical field, but for some reason my job is essential.. Meanwhile we haven’t received any hazard pay whatsoever… Then you have individuals receiving unemployment on top of the extra $600 weekly.. What’s the point in continuing to work if my job being essential doesn’t feel as if we as employees should receive hazard pay on top of confirmed Covid cases…The American people are barely making ends meet and our government wants to sit around and wait and wait and wait, because they’re getting paid regardless… More pay for individuals that are working through this pandemic.. Government, get off your you know what’s and put the financial assistance in the right hands.. It’s only going to get worse.. People are going to start robbing and looting if necessary to provide for their families.. Is that what you guys want? To think that I served this country. This is what Veterans like myself and other veterans get in returned?? Do your job and get off your asses, this is our America!!

  16. Justin

    Kids get $1200, too? They haven’t put into the system (same with retired people), so they both shouldn’t receive a benefit.

    • Tina

      Excuse hell out of me I’m on disability because of 4 brain aneurysms and I put alot into the system because I started working when I was 25 years old paying into the system My check is not a damn benefit I paid it for years Try living on disability I’d much rather be working but it’s not an option

      • Angelito

        Nothing against your health situation, but purely from a financial standpoint, you have taken more out of the system than you ever put in. This is the socialism of healthcare. Healthy people who take less from the system pay for those who take more.

        • Angelito

          The only way out of this is to support President Trump. MAGA!

          • Al Jolson

            Yeah, support him like you do those puppies you sick fuck. Trump is an idiot. Everyone knows he has dementia and is bending over taxpayers with his golf outings and required stays at Trump properties by his entire entourage. Millions and millions from taxpayers into Trump’s pockets and they cheer for him. Sheeple unite!

  17. Broke Rapper

    Give me all the money so I can buy Bitcoin!