Americans Will Receive a $4,000 ‘Vacation Credit’ Under Trump Stimulus Proposal

Donald Trump discussing the upcoming 'Phase 4' stimulus plan at the White House, June 17th.
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Donald Trump discussing the upcoming 'Phase 4' stimulus plan at the White House, June 17th.
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Donald Trump discussing the upcoming ‘Phase 4’ stimulus plan at the White House, June 17th.

Americans would unilaterally receive a $4,000 ‘vacation credit’ for US-based airfare, lodging, restaurants, and other travel-related expenses under a recently-revealed Trump stimulus proposal. The credit, part of an estimated $2 trillion stimulus boost, may also apply to artists and musicians touring the United States.

The proposal, first discussed by Donald Trump during a White House Roundtable in May, is designed to encourage Americans to hop onto airplanes, stay at hotels, and enjoy vacations while enjoying a sizable credit on their taxes.  According to Forbes, the proposed ‘vacation credit’ would be up to $4,000, and apply to all US-based travel.  Trump sketched the proposal under the ‘Explore America’ moniker, though the White House has not yet expanded on any details.

The travel-focused credit could be a boon to touring musicians and performers, a group that has been unable to hit the road for months. Additionally, venue owners would also feel the lift alongside businesses in vacation hubs like New Orleans.

The travel credit is just one component of a broader ‘Phase 4’ stimulus boost, according Trump. The current proposal includes a range of economic boosters, including infrastructure and manufacturing investments. According to White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, a ‘buy American, hire American’ mantra would guide the upcoming stimulus injections.

At this stage, it’s unclear if the next phase will include a second, direct stimulus check, similar to the $1,200 check already mailed to approximately 159 million Americans.

But a direct check appears increasingly unlikely, given that employment numbers surged 17.7% in the last month as states start to reopen. Extensions of a $600 federal unemployment supplement are also unlikely.

+ Sorry, Americans — There’s No $2,000 Stimulus Check Coming

Still, Trump didn’t offer any details on upcoming stimulus checks, only pointing to something ‘very dramatic’ and ‘very good,’ while noting that the ‘economy is really starting to roll’.

Currently, about 12 million lower-income Americans have yet to receive their first stimulus check, principally because they have not filled out a designated form for non-filers or for those not registered to receive other forms of public assistance.

While COVID-related restrictions on crowded events are likely to continue for months, touring could resume as soon as September as more restrictions get lifted. Beyond that, more distanced gigs like outdoor drive-in theater shows are one area of experimentation — with Garth Brooks pushing the idea with a 300 drive-in theater ‘tour’.

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  1. Ken

    This motherfucker wants to kill everyone. Go ahead and travel to help businesses. At the same time, spread the virus. It’s no big deal. Meanwhile the economy is taking a further dive from all the relief spending – just printing money to dig a deeper hole. Stupid asshole. All you who support this clown are idiots.

    • Dr. Fauccibreath

      You obviously drank the scamdemic kool aid. This entire shutdown was a hoax, and the data now shows it did nothing but tank economies.

      Stupid sheeple. Here is your sign,

        • Dr. Fauccibreath

          Someone who worked in a micro lab at an LA hospital for 7 years. Saw every nasty bug there was out there, and this CV isn’t close to bad.

          The entire CV shutdown is political, not medical. If truth were told, only about 60k confirmed died from CV, not the 100K + that the politicians say. 725k people die in the US from heart attacks each year, but we did not shut down fast food. Bugs in hospitals (staph) each year kill thousands—but we do not shut down hospitals.

          If people objectively looked at the data, there is only one conclusion: the CV hysteria was manufactured for political purposes. Areas that placed no restrictions fared no worse than areas that did. Virtually 0% of young people died from CV, and at least 50% of young people did not have symptoms. The average age of a CV death was 78+.

          • Hates Trump

            Stop commenting lies about a truly horrific disease. My entire household got it and it was the sickest I have ever been in my life. It lasted a month. It took nearly 6 weeks to get my sense of smell and taste back and they’re still quite dull 2.5 months later. This disease is real and it is not a joke. We are lucky to have survived but you cannot sit there and say that it’s ok because most of the deaths are elderly people, they deserve safety as well.


        Bingo. The NEVER-TRUMPERS will always be driven by blind hate and small minded stupid lies by the Libatards.