Kid Rock’s Nashville Restaurant Receives Liquor License Suspension After COVID-19 Violations

Kid Rock Nashville restaurant
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Kid Rock Nashville restaurant
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Photo Credit: Instagram

Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk and Steakhouse received a five-day liquor license suspension after COVID-19 violations.

The Metropolitan Beer Permit Board issued the permit suspension after images of a packed bar appeared on Instagram. Other restaurants in the Nashville area that also received suspensions include Broadway Brewhouse and Nudie’s Honky Tonk.

“They were in violation of two points of the order that states bar areas must remain closed to the public,” an inspector confirms. “No interaction with the public is allowed, and alcohol can only be served at tables and booths.

A large sign at Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk and Steakhouse welcomed new patrons after reopening.

It was the first of more than a dozen bars and restaurants cited for not following reopening procedures. Right now, an active public health emergency order bans anyone in Davidson County from being seated or served at a public bar. Phase three of the reopening is slated to begin Monday, but many bars opened ahead of that date.

The maximum civil penalty for a first offense of violating a public health order is $1,000. Bar owners say they will seek a reduction of the fine through appeal. Any cited businesses have fourteen days to appeal to the courts.

The owner of the bar, Steve Smith, says he believes the reopening order makes no sense.

But images of the bar’s reopening show a packed crowd with no social distancing. Patrons are dancing on the floor close together, and alcohol is clearly being served to them. “The Nashville government is, like, communist. They’ve got us behind a Berlin Wall,” Smith is quoted in The Tennessean. “They’re doing everything they can to put us out of business.”

The state of Tennessee is currently moving through four phases of reopening its businesses to the public. Bonnaroo was postponed to September because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

8 Responses

  1. Trayvon

    Nashville’s mayor (John Cooper) encouraged BLM riots in violation of his stay-at-home order, yet he cites private business for trying to survive. Leftist piece of garbage who has driven Nashville into bankruptcy.

    • Trayvon

      Wrong. Mayor Cooper went to the Capitol steps with a bullhorn (after numerous council members told him not to) and riled up the crowd. Then, they rioted, looted downtown businesses, and burned the courthouse. He knew exactly what would happen.

      And, nimrod—DMN posts a political story; what is wrong with posting a political reply? Oh—I forgot—you are one of those enlightened progressives who support Marxism and silencing opposing speech. Got it.

      • Burt

        No, he encouraged protesting peacefully. The rioters and looters came from outside factions – probably both right and left wing – to stir things up and make idiots like you blame protesters. And you fell for it.

        • Trayvon

          Wrong. Those arrested were mostly from Nashville. Try again.

          And, council members warned him that his presence would incite violence, and he did it anyway.

  2. Burt

    You’re an idiot, Trayvon. Violence and looting will happen when criminals come out to piggyback on peaceful protests. That’s what happened. You don’t have any proof of your claim. You’re guessing based upon your bias and zero facts.

  3. Jason

    Burt, if it was just criminals, why aren’t any of them getting arrested? Only arrests I’ve seen are of white people, even though there were hardly any white looters.

    • Burt

      Then you haven’t really been looking. Arrests have been made of anyone, no matter their race, who commits crimes.

      • Jason

        Well I hope I am wrong. Many people feel that justice is not being served and a double standard has been applied while our beautiful cities and architecture and businesses are destroyed. Many people do not agree that the protests were “peaceful” and don’t agree the looting was “justified” by any standard. But if you don’t believe me that is okay, you will hear us loud and clear in November.