A Second Stimulus Check Is Definitely Being Mailed, Republicans Say

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discussing details of a $1 trillion second stimulus bill with President Donald Trump this week.
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discussing details of a $1 trillion second stimulus bill with President Donald Trump this week.
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discussing details of a $1 trillion second stimulus bill with President Donald Trump this week.

Senate Republicans have stated that Americans will definitely be receiving a second stimulus check, though details remain forthcoming.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has confirmed that Americans will be receiving a second stimulus check, a statement that brings Senate Republicans in agreement with both House Democrats and U.S. President Donald Trump. McConnell’s statement offers a big win for a vast number of Americans, from gigging musicians to laid-off executives, many of whom already depleted their first stimulus payments and are struggling financially.

Earlier, McConnell was hesitant to commit to a second stimulus check, partly due to concerns over inflation and economic overheating.  But as coronavirus concerns continue to drag the economy, McConnell reached a consensus with Senate Republicans to issue additional stimulus bill relief. “We want another round of direct payments, direct payments to help American families keep driving our national comeback,” McConnell stated. The second stimulus check will be baked into the Senate’s broader, $1 trillion coronavirus relief package.

Earlier, President Trump assured that a second stimulus check would be mailed.  He even indicated that Americans should receive more than the previous $1,200 checks, though he cautioned that negotiations were underway. “I want the money getting to people to be larger, so they can spend it,” the President stated earlier this month from the White House grounds. “I want the money to get there quickly, in a non-complicated fashion.”

So what will the second stimulus check look like — and who will receive it?

At this stage, the answers to those questions remain unresolved. Earlier, McConnell was pushing for payments to Americans earning less than $40,000 annually, an income limit that would help the neediest group while stimulating the economy the most. That approach would allow the federal government to focus on keeping people out of poverty while aggressively moving money into the economy. At the $40,000 cap, those eligible for a second stimulus check would be those with the most serious personal finance challenges.

The amount of the check may also be less than $1,200, based on concerns that larger amounts could cause long-term economic problems.

The first stimulus check, approved under the Cares Act for $1,200, was previously mailed to Americans earning $75,000 or less, or for couples jointly earning $150,000 or less. Additionally, individuals earning up to $99,000 annually still received checks, albeit at lower amounts. That structure helped nearly 160 million Americans, though data now shows that many simply deposited their checks into savings accounts without spending them. The result was a small cushion for higher-income earners, but the American economy wasn’t stimulated by those saving the money.

Despite that data, Democrats in the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been pushing for far greater stimulus amounts.  But that has drawn continued concern from Republicans, including Trump.

In his earlier interview, Donald Trump also noted that the stimulus payments, when combined with unemployment benefits, created a disincentive to return to work.  “We had something where it gave you a disincentive to work last time — and there was still money going to people and helping people, and I was all for that, but I want to create a very great incentive to work,” Trump said.

On that point, McConnell indicated that the second stimulus package could include incentives for Americans who choose to return to work. Federal unemployment payments are also expected to continue, though likely at an amount lower than $600 per week.

Meanwhile, Republicans are also pushing for liability protection for businesses reopening, as well as federal funds for schools that reopen. Small businesses would also benefit from continued Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding, though it remains unclear how that program might be overhauled. Separately, Trump has been pushing aggressively for a payroll tax cut, a chop that would be extremely beneficial for businesses large and small.

Earlier, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated that final decisions over second stimulus checks would be finalized by July 31st.

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  1. Cathy Toole.

    Jointly we make over the $40k however though my husband has continued to work, both my daughter and I have not been able to work as we both work within an education system.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      The second stimulus check is not dependent on whether you are presently working, and the income levels have not been set yet. Stay tuned for more.

    • Jennifer Dolliver

      I believe they should stick to same guidelines as before.

  2. Mary Chavira

    I didn’t get nothing for my kids on the first stimulus check

  3. Mary Chavira

    I am raising my 3 kids and have cousty of my 2 grandchildren my husband had a child with my daughter and left I am disabled and can’t work need help please

  4. T. Massey

    How about the people on social security? Nothing has ever been said about us needing help? I was forced to retire 9 years early, full disability, wasn’t my choice! We need it just as much as they do, if not more!

  5. T. G. M.

    How about the people on social security? Nothing has ever been said about us needing help? I was forced to retire 9 years early, full disability, wasn’t my choice! We need it just as much as they do, if not more!

    • David Bailey

      I received a stimulus check the first round and everyone I know who received SSI or regular SS did too. You should check with the IRS

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    I think you’d qualify for a second stimulus check. But let’s see the exact details. hth

  7. Angelito

    People who are retired, on social security, should not receive a stimulus check. They don’t work. They don’t currently contribute to the tax base. They pay no employment taxes. They are generally on a fixed income. The extra money is just that – unnecessary. Send it to people who really need it.

    • Denise Pelletier

      Unnecessary you say!! Try living on a fixed income. We are all victims of this! Who are you to judge who gets it and who doesn’t. I paid taxes for 50 years! Have you?

      • Angelito

        Yes, I have paid taxes. Yes, unnecessary. It’s free money over and above what retired people deserve. Chances are, with the extended age people are living to, most older people have taken out more than they have put into the system.

        • Jerry

          I bet you would feel differently if you were retired on as, this to spark the economy due hard times for all.

        • Joy

          Angelito it’s not free money they r taking it free social Security so in in the year 2035 yours and mine We’re still alive will be reduced by 24%

        • Anonymous

          Parents probably supported you for 30 years sound like somebody that stayed home the whole life. You too will be a senior citizen one day ha ha Ha

      • Anonymous

        I have paid taxes for over 50 years. But with this virus and the fact that many things are necessary are hard to come by prices of food going up considerably and hard to come by it does put a hardship on many. Why should I and others who have paid taxes for many years be penalized.

      • Trudy

        Correct Denise! My in-laws have paid for all for over 70 years now they should benefit. I wonder if Angelico can say that? Will he be paying for 70 yrs to get no help! Medicaid and illegals get more help that our seniors! It’s not right!

    • Anonymous

      They have paid in all their life!! They deserve it as much as anyone else. How about all the people on unemployment not get $600 for nothing?

      • Al Jolson

        Not really. That’s a socialist way of thinking from the radical left.

      • Trudy

        How about the self employed who have gotten nothing for unemployment? My husband is a plumber and his business has virtually stopped. People didn’t want him in their home due to the virus. Work slowed so much! Those who do need help he goes and works then they say they can’t pay. We have debt for everyone else to have their issues fixed in him. Need a new hot water heater… he goes and does the job now they won’t pay. He now asks for $ upfront and they say they can’t so no job there. These were good customers that have now stuck him. We’ve paid for their mess. To go to court costs even more. And he gets no unemployment!

        • Merry

          Do good business smart. Money up front or no work. Consider bartering. As for unemployment, they are/were offering it for self-employed. You should check into it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that other people need it But could you live on 900.00 a month. And my husband pay taxes. And with the price of everything going up.

      • restless94110

        What I could live on is irrelevant, actually. Unlike many people, I have worked hard, invested and saved my money so I can afford to live how I want without the need for stimulus money. Why should my taxpayer dollars be used to prop up people who haven’t planned well, or made poor choices? You’ll say I’m harsh or heartless or rude, but I’m speaking the truth. Why do I get penalized?

        • Anonymous

          You need to stfu !!! Wait til youre old and earn the right to speak for yourself in the matter!!! Bet you won’t be saying this crap then!!!!

    • Kathy H Waco Tx

      I am drawing SS benefits but I also work full time because my meager SS benefit is to small to live on. And because of Covid-19 I lost my job with probably no chance of returning there. So please yell me again why you think people drawing SS BENEFIT should not receive stimulus payment. I am struggling to pay my bills and by food and I’m currently deferring my mortgage payments. I am hurting financially like all working class citizens through no fault of my own.

    • Shirley

      Says you…..we struggle surviving just like a lot of people so Boo to you☹️

    • Liz

      I make 760.00 on disability social security. It’s already difficult and then groceries have gone up to outrageous. Almost can’t afford meat anymore since it’s tripled now.Ive worked and enjoyed working and now I can’t I’m not lazy. I’m 62. Everything has gone up so much we can’t make it and there’s nothing we can do about.Some people have to decide do you eat or take your medicine. I’m thankful for what I have because I know some people are homeless living on the streets . So you don’t think we need anything?Who are you to decide who needs what. I think all the homeless need checks too!

    • Susan d long

      Excuse me!! A lot of us still pay into the tax system

    • Anonymous

      I am on Social Security and yes I still work t make ends meet. I can’t work but so many hours and I can assure you at age 64 it’s not enough to live on. My husband on distance and can’t work and not old enough to get Social Security we don’t make half of what others do so yes we deserve it also !

    • Deb

      Some people on Social Security do work because they don’t have a pension and may not be getting their full SS because they retired early. Stay out of their pocket!

    • Trudy Godown

      That is so false that they don’t need it. They still have household bills and my in-laws pay a lot for medicine. They are choosing between food medicine and bills. SS is not enough to live off of and they both are elderly and unable to work!!

    • Belinda

      It is absolutely needed by people on SS and SSI ! I live on 800 dollars a month and now because of being at high risk , I can’t even go out and try to work to boost that amount !

      • Al Jolson

        You obviously have a computer and Internet access. There are tons of jobs that you can do from home. Do some research and get to work.

    • Baldwish

      Are you kidding? Have you checked the amount of social security? We have worked, paid millions into the system and got nothing but, a 2k check for a whole month. People who don’t need it are very few, even if you saved it the first time, you probably need it by now. How much is your grocery & utility bill?

      • Al Jolson

        You have no paid millions into the system. Settle down, sparky. Most people take much more than they put in through medical, social security and other government programs.

    • Hugh

      Don’t send me on a guilt trip. I been working since I was 12 years old. I deserve just as much as the bums who want work and expect something for nothing !

    • Neva Lee

      Please I am on disability and to live on 838.00 per month is awful u need to try we do pay taxes on everything

    • Eva

      Are you for real saying this !? I mean excuse me please !!!!! How dare you say we don’t need this !!! You try and live on ss that never gets a cost of living increase ! You need to think before you speak ! And do your homework! God help you when you retire!!! Maybe all the money will be gone by then and you can cry alone!!! How selfish of you!!! You seem to think we live free and pay nothing !!!! People like you ,,,,, just hopeless!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You’re just plain stupid !!if you weren’t you’d know that a lot of people I. As pay taxes every year ! If you were smart you’d know not to blurt out foolishness statements like this ! How bout you reach retirement age first before you’re you butt talks ! That’s where it sounds like you’re speaking from anyway! I earned my retirement ! I paid my dues , now when you complete your tax paying dues at the age of 65 plus then comment. !!

    • Rhonda

      Quite ignorant of you young lady. I’m disabled and cannot work. It’s not my choice. I’m on a fixed income and it’s very difficult for me since my husband passed away 7 years ago. I’ve been working and paying taxes for over 45 years. You’re way out of line on this one!

    • TJF

      Are you kidding. Those retired people worked their whole lives and paid in their Share. They do deserve it as much or more than anyone else. And obviously you know no one on SS, most of them can hardly make it. Sone times they go without medicine and food cause they are on a limited income.
      Hope you never get old.

    • Ryan

      Those people on Social Security have paid enough in their lifetime. That’s the reason they are on Social Security is because they paid into it.

    • Patty

      I worked over 45 years of my life. The ss I is coming out of all I put in. If ya don’t know. Don’t speak

  8. Joanne

    If you’re making $43,000 a year would I get stimulus check?

  9. Diane

    I want to know why I can’t get this check being on ssi& Im living at the poverty level! I had to borrow money for food for me and for food for my service dog! Between my rent and bills how am I suppose to pay my friend back when I only get $814.25 a month and only $ 129.00 in food stamps!? I should be entitled to get a stimulus check!

    • Bonnie Glover

      I did not get one because my daughter claimed me on her taxes I hope I get one this time 802 dollars a month. I do not live with her now conceited me for this one

  10. Angelito

    Lots of sob stories here looking to take a handout. Socialism at it’s finest.

  11. Mickey

    You are all fighting about who get and who don’t well the point is if you get it prise the lord and be happy with what you got and if you don’t the lord will be looking out for you remember he is watching over us now if you don’t believe that a different story but tried and be happy with whatever you have and make the best if I know we are living hard time but have faith and god bless

  12. Al Jolson

    God helps those who help themselves. Instead of whining on an Internet messageboard, look for other ways to make ends meet other than taking a handout. You obviously have enough money to pay for Internet access, and have enough time to post comments. Jeez