Second Stimulus Checks Estimated to Start Arriving on August 24th (Updated)

Second stimulus check delivery date remains uncertain
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Second stimulus check delivery date remains uncertain
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photo: Manfred Richter

Though negotiations for a new economic relief package are ongoing, politicians from both sides of the aisle have largely agreed that the legislation will encompass a second stimulus check. And while the distribution window for these once-off payments isn’t set in stone, they are estimated to begin arriving around August 24th.

+ Update, August 18-19th: Since the publication of this story, President Trump has extended federal unemployment insurance at $400/week, while also extending eviction moratoriums for millions of Americans.  The orders were issued following an extended impasse between Democrats and Republicans over second stimulus package details.

A second stimulus check must be approved by Congress, but more details on exact payment amounts, requirements, and timing remain elusive. At present, the initial projected delivery date of August 24th has been delayed at least into September, and possibly longer, given that Congress cannot agree on a package. At this stage, it’s unclear if Americans will even be receiving second stimulus checks given the Congressional deadlock.

The predicted 19-day-long wait for a second stimulus check — which would benefit everyone from gigging musicians to laid-off executives — would be the result of a better-organized, smoother, and quicker distribution process.

Approximately 160 million Americans received stimulus checks from the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, but logistical and organizational obstacles resulted in many recipients encountering substantial delays. Because more Americans’ banking information (for direct deposit) and mailing addresses are now on file, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects that it will be able to send away the second stimulus check two to three weeks after the corresponding bill becomes law.

The updated guidance from the IRS and Department of Treasury means that once a second stimulus check is approved, check deliveries to Americans will be far quicker.

Current indicators suggest that White House officials and congressional Democrats could reach an agreement for the second stimulus package by this Friday, when the Senate is scheduled to begin its August recess.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently stated that they may not be able to finalize the deal in time.  But running with this timetable, President Trump would presumably sign the legislation into law on or before Monday, August 10th.

Then, based upon the aforementioned two- or three-week-long distribution window, you could expect to receive a second stimulus check around August 24th.

Eligibility requirements for this second stimulus check are largely the same as those of the CARES Act’s $1,200 payments.

Individuals earning less than $75,000 per year will receive $1,200, and couples earning less than $150,000 per year will receive $2,400. For every $100 individuals and couples earn above these amounts annually, their stimulus checks will be reduced by $5.

The upcoming economic relief bill is not expected to deliver stimulus checks to individuals who take home $99,000 or more (and couples who earn $198,000 or more) per year.

Unlike the CARES Act’s stimulus check, however, the second stimulus check will include a $500-per-dependent (or larger) bonus regardless of age for up to three persons. (The Republican-controlled Senate’s HEALS Act would earmark a $500 payment for each dependent, whereas the Democrat-controlled House’s HEROES Act would encompass a $1,200 payment for each dependent.) Previously, the CARES Act limited dependent payments to those age 17 and younger – effectively excluding college-age and senior dependents.

Lastly, federal, state, and private debt collectors will be unable to seize the second stimulus check – with the exception of instances where recipients owe back child support.

More as this develops.

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  1. Teresa

    Im not understanding what is taking so long. Most people really need this money. It should not take so long. Its not such a difficult thing especially with so many people who are in dire straits.

    • Katrina Rogers

      I didn’t get the first check how do I go about getting that

    • Katrina Rogers

      I didn’t get the first check how do I go about getting that I didn’t get a response to my question what happened

      • Angelito

        Anything other than posting to this site will get you closer to that check.

    • Teresa Fassett

      So my family size is 5 of us. Myself I’m 100% Disabled I was Injured in Iraq in 2009. My Husband, Our 8 year old, 2 year old , and 16 year old daughters. I’m hoping we get the Stimulus Check to help provide for our daughter and 2 foster children whom we plan to Adopt within the next couple of months. They are all family . I don’t know if I’m suppose to get an additional check because of my Military Disabilities. If so I didn’t the first time.

    • Reba

      Now the president is doing nothing on his speech he is not making all he is doing is cutting democrats down we people are in dire need of some help!

      • Steve.

        He’s also screwing with Social Security by eliminating payroll taxes. McConnell say on the Democratic bill for 3 months before he decided to start doing anything and then blamed the Democrats. Remember that when you head to the polls in November.

    • Jamie

      Seriously it’s BS! Congress has $$$$$. We regular Americans REALLY need it! And because both sides have to BS and nit pick, it affects US!!

  2. Shelby

    Have some faith people, along with much needed patience!! My opinion…

    • Jamie

      Tell that to the people who are ready to get evicted, car repoed OR have NO JOB!!!

      • Steve

        If the GOP Senate would have passed the House bill, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

      • Tom

        No job, Is pushing it pretty far. There are jobs out there. The vast majority just want the extra money for being lazy and not having any dignity to go look for work. In my opinion stop whining. Try working at a hospital not even making enough to cover rent and utilities let alone food for your 2 kids, while lazy, whiny, pathetic people won’t get off there lazy butt, because you Democrat’s feel entitled to get more for doing not a samba thing. Oh and then you claim thanks to us health care, and 1st responders. WE deserved the additional $600.00 a week. Get a freaking life and grow up. Or please shut up and play with your playdo and color crayons.

        • Murf

          You know that is terrible for you to classify people for being lazy. What about all these people that are being evicted that have children. You are supposed to help your neighbor not talk done about people you don’t know. Democrat
          and Republicans and Independents etc. all have the same rights to get or not to get. That is our money give it to the people.
          Don’t pass judgement
          Karma can be a B****!!

          • J. Weck

            I know families are really hurting. And I have to wonder just how many bills that will cover. But also you have to feel bad for the landlords. Most of them have bills and families to feed!

        • Anonymous

          Typical republican response keep drinking the cool aid Tommy Boy!

  3. Zack zaccarelli

    It is about time they got their act together they don’t seem to be very concerned with the public I am sure they are still getting paid

  4. Sandra

    If I have moved and mail doesn’t get forwarded, where to report my new address?

  5. Sandy

    Everyone needs help, and really hurling insults doesn’t fix a thing. I’m disabled not lazy and everything except my money goes up. I got a 25.00 raise on SSDI and my rent went up 25.00 my electric went up 50.00 I can’t win. My son’s employer sees that they can hire 3 employees back and work them to death while just severing the remaining employees. So, basically unless you know for a fact that people are just being lazy be quiet. Otherwise you’re just being cruel.

  6. Jerri Plummer

    What’s taking so long is they don’t really give a shit about us that need this help desperately bad cause all of them r rich and don’t understand what its like to b in our shoelsl so they don’t give a fuck about getting this help to us faster or if we starve

  7. A Veteran

    They are so worried about the damn post office because if the election!!! They only give a shit about themselves and their votes. Screw the American people who are suffering and need those second checks!!! Its all bullshit! Trump lying about the checks being substantially more! Well now its zero! What about that Trump???!!!

  8. Jerr billings

    Well like myself people that owe childsupport doesn’t get it again and get further behind and will do without starve and will never get help when I really really need it