Paradigm Laid Off Its Music Agents When the Chips Were Down — Those Agents Just Started a Paradigm Competitor

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In March, Digital Music News was first to report that Paradigm had slashed its music-agency ranks due to the economic strain and live-event disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some of these dismissed professionals have banded together to form a competing agency.

Five former Paradigm agents, as well as several new hires, detailed to the new organization to Digital Music News this morning. Maintaining offices in Los Angeles and New York, the aptly named TBA has already cultivated a roster including Grammy-winning rock band The War on Drugs, The Midnight, Orion Sun, and a list of other successful acts.

In a clear reference to the collective tenures at Paradigm, TBA boasts an “established, experienced foundation in touring and live events.” Similarly, the just-launched agency “provides artists an alternative to both big, corporate agencies and small, boutique shops,” with an emphasis on affording clients the resources and support of the former as well as the artistic sensitivity of the latter.

TBA co-founder Avery McTaggart elaborated upon these points: “We are adaptable, we are efficient, we match the creativity of our clientele—in ways truly unlike any existing agency. … We don’t want to be a corporate, faceless entity, and know that’s not a requirement to operate at the highest level.”

Plus, another of TBA’s execs, Marshall Betts, indicated that his agency is uniquely situated to respond and adapt to the novel coronavirus pandemic – a stark contrast to many other firms, which have joined Paradigm in making substantial staff cuts. “Now is the perfect time to create a new agency for the new music business,” said Betts. “Creating new deals, and working on the evolving role of an agent with promoters and managers is something that will change over the next few years and we’re in a perfect position to be a leader in that field.”

Already jumping in is Paul Tollett, Coachella’s co-founder and the longtime president of Goldenvoice. “This team has consistently delivered great moments for Coachella and Goldenvoice over the years,” Tollett said. “So we will be harvesting their roster for gems in the future.”

At the time of this writing, Paradigm hadn’t publicly responded to the debut of TBA. Previously, DMN covered the shocking $2 million lawsuit filed against the Beverly Hills-based agency on the heels of its mass layoffs. And in late May, CEO Sam Gores denied that he was selling Paradigm’s music division, while vaguely alluding to “unique opportunities” that lie ahead.

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  1. JBneon

    Multi-billions are generated by creators/songwriters/musicians. They should have a choice of touring and live event production in which to choose from. Competition is good for lowering costs to keep $$$ in the hands of creators/songwriters.