Lil Wayne Endorses Donald Trump Following a ‘Great Meeting’

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Photo Credit: Lil Wayne

Following a “great meeting,” Lil Wayne has backed Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Lil Wayne made the endorsement just hours ago, in a tweet accompanied by a photograph of him and the president. “Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus. Besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the Platinum Plan is going to give the community real ownership,” wrote the 38-year-old rapper. “He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”

The 45th president and the “Lollipop” artist met this afternoon, at the Trump National Doral Miami. At the time of this writing, Lil Wayne’s post – which Trump retweeted, amplifying its reach across Twitter – had garnered in excess of 46,000 replies, over 200,000 retweets, and more than 300,000 likes. And with just five days remaining until Election Day, a multitude of supporters and critics of the president are continuing to weigh in on the matter.

Ice Cube made headlines earlier this month after it came to light that he collaborated on the Platinum Plan that Lil Wayne referenced in his message. Responding to the controversy, Cube emphasized that he’d reached out to both the Biden and Trump camps to discuss his Contract With Black America, aside from reiterating that he hasn’t endorsed either candidate.

Although two weeks have passed since word of Ice Cube’s Platinum Plan work initially began circulating, the matter is still provoking discussion – and arguments. Ice Cube fired back at Louisiana Representative (and Biden campaign co-chair) Cedric Richmond for questioning his account of the talks, encouraging him to “please release the Zoom meeting.” (That Richmond also deemed Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America “an outline of things that should be done” likely added fuel to the fire.)

Two other rappers – one a legend of the genre, another a popular young talent – also made a splash with their recent Trump endorsements, particularly because both cited the Biden campaign’s proposed tax plan as their reason for supporting the incumbent this election. Beginning with the latter, 20-year-old Lil Pump shared a photograph of him and the president with his more than 17 million Instagram followers, in addition to criticizing the Democratic nominee in an Instagram Live video.

50 Cent, for his part, took aim at the Biden tax plan and backed Trump before recanting the endorsement following public criticism from Chelsea Handler. Making clear that he’s reversed his position, 50 Cent responded to the photo of Lil Wayne and President Trump by writing: “I WOULD HAVE NEVER TOOK THIS PICTURE.”

19 Responses

  1. Judas

    Well, if the brilliant and worldly Lil Wayne backs Trump, that’s a clear indicator he’s the guy for the job. Ha! Remember how Trump bashes Democrats for cozying up to Hollywood? Trump is no better. This reality show conman is also the biggest hypocrite. What a joke.

    • Angelito

      Yawn. Blacks are waking up and realizing that democrats have raped them for votes for decades.

      • Anonymous

        Weird, since Republicans are always gerrymandering and suppressing votes. How’s the weather in backwards land?

        • Angelito

          Beautiful, thank you. Just watched the Trump Pennsylvania rallies…amazing. Trump was epic and gives people hope. Great President.

          Meanwhile, democrats were smashing windows in Portland again last night.

          • Hank

            You’re living in a bizarro world. Trump is the reason America sucks ass right now. He tore it down so he could look good rebuilding it. Typical short man complex tyrant.

            FYI – it’s alt right groups smashing windows and causing chaos; not dems.

      • Judas

        It appears that you don’t understand how voting really works. People choose their own candidates; make their own choices. Nobody forces anyone to vote for a specific person or party. If, as you falsely claim, Democrats had been taking advantage of a specific race or group for decades, then it would be on that group to make changes with their ballots. After what you say are decades of abuses, why didn’t this happen? I know why. Because your claim is not true.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t it before 8 am in Moscow? And you’re drunk already? I know, the whole ending of daylight savings time has always been a confusing time in the old Soviet.

        • Angelito

          Yawn. How did the Russian hoax and Mueller work out?

          Now, you enemies of freedom cook up a fake coronavirus hoax?

          Die, commie puke.

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like someone needs to go for a nice drive in his F-150 and wave some Trump flags to “own the libs”. Feel better!

          • Umberto

            You forgot Marxists. That’s a word you normally use which you don’t understand. Might as well use them all.

  2. Angelito

    7 cars showed up for a Biden rally this weekend. Then, Kamal was escorted out of town by Trump supporters.

    Democrats are hated because they are Marxists who destroyed the economy with a fake pandemic. America knows it.

    • Jill

      Trump supporters are morons and bullies. That’s what your scenario revealed.

      Marxists. Sure. Try understanding what you’re talking about as opposed to repeating what you hear on Fox.

      • Dr. Faucibreath

        The criminal violent mobs are democrats, Antifa, and BLM. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters at rallies this weekend and not a single riot.

        Try again, fukwit. Liberals are hated scum and need to be annihilated.

        • Angelito

          Prayer patriots, Proud Boys, Boogaloos and more are alt right extremist groups. Get your facts straight. These domestic terrorist groups, which Trump won’t denounce, have claimed their chaos.

          BLM holds peaceful protests that these outside factions piggyback on for their own means – civil unrest.

          Antifa isn’t a group, you idiot. It’s an ideal – anti facism. Jesus, you’re stupid.

      • Dr. Faucibreath

        Yes, I mean ANNIHILATED or IMPRISONED. Leftist democrats are lying scum who will never stop unless by force.

        • Luke

          The left using force is a claim you cannot prove (and no, not your lame belief about antifa). But there are many cases of Trump supporters who have resorted to force and that is verifiable. You’re a fool.

  3. ben

    finaly USA decided to put their stinky trash cans out, that’s all matters , “you’re fired”

    it’s time for this moron to go back to oblivion, the place where he belongs